From: nixonfiste@aol.com (NixonFiste)
Date: 9 Jan 1995 1

Even now the hamster-brained remote-babble-repeating ("sPEAKING iN
unevil horde of lawyers, housewives, and other viscous meat-machine
pinkboy automated war-
machine servants of the lower evils come for us, but we are prepared.

They cross the threshold where they wish, feasting on excess and
listening in to the
smell of the death of the world of the spawn of the Yeti of Atlantis and
beyonde, with there
$20,000 stereo headphone devices they purchased from the conspiracy
company store, and they
rejoice in their places as cogs in the hunger machine because it strips
them of the indignity of an
actual identity within the world and they follow the voices they hear,
whatever they say and even
if they have to start making things up as they go because the creatures
that control them have
grown tired of these same old playthings and they go on another senseless
(but not in a good
sense) killing-spree and what are we to do but sit back and watch and
enjoy the show, and is that
all that bad, anyway, that they don't really see anything beyond the
habittrail walls, or even see
the walls themselves but they scurry through the tunnels wherever they
lead and they never, oh,
no, never try to turn where they aren't supposed to except to run me or
some other hapless
mutant foot-soldier pedestrian down in their fancy, shiny new cars, and
won't they be surprised
when the rat bites back and they're evil little dinosaur-soul powered toy
gets trashed before the
awesome might of my immense psychic powers and my little junk .32 that
they don't know that I
have and if the cops don't stop following me they're gonna find out, too.

Or, maybe, I'll just have another Diet Coke(tm).

Disclaimer: The above does not reflect upon my thoughts or
opinions, only those of the parasitic alien THING that is
even now gnawing at my brain.

C. Maikisch, ACKTHPPPT! Pope Nixon Fiste, KFC
3 Dr. / Ops. Dr. Special Sirkumstances
We don't blame you for thinking it's all our fault.

Some of the more environmentally aware dinosaurs were worried about the
consequences of an accident with the new Iridium enriched fusion reactor.
"If it goes off only the cockroaches and mammals will survive..." they said.
---- Derek Tearne


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