I crack myself up.

From: ac118@lafn.org (Matthew Carey)

Yeah, I crack myself up. That's what my sister always tells me, anyhow.

I posted this in response to a Quayle for Prez rant on
alt.fan.rush-limbaugh. I thought it was pretty amusing, so I've decided
to share.
In a previous article, ac118@lafn.org (Matthew Carey) says:

>Yes indeed. A vote for Dan Q**yl* is a vote not only for traditional
>family values but a vote for good old American Entertainment Value. I
>have voted consistently for Republicans, Right Wingers and other assorted
>Demagogues since I was eighteen years of age, simply because they make
>for better targets for satire.
>You can make fun of Billy Clinton all you want, but it will never be as
>funny as the jokes you can make about George Bush's pure evilness and
>Ronald Reagan's sheer oafistry.
>Yeah, bring back the reign of Republicanism. They're all the same
>anyhow, so we might as well elect the clowniest.
>And by the way, I noticed that you spelled Danny's name wrong every
>single time. Is this because you can't spell or is it because you are in
>on the Secret Dan Q**yl* Killbot Conspiracy?
>Well, if you're in on the Con, you're gonna have to turn that thing off
>for a second if you want to campaign for the little prepster on the
>internet. And when you do the five horsemen of TOTAL CRAZINESS are gonna
>Bring on your AFA posterboy. Bring on your bass-ackwards-masked Spanish
>Inquisition style politicking. The ghost of the Boston Tea Party is
>ready fer yeh. We got something up our sleeves which will SIMPLY BLOW
>You'll never guess. And even if you could, you could NEVER BE PREPARED
>for the wrath that the Religious-Anarchist Party has been massing since
>the October Surprise.

>Rips on. Rev. Matthew A. Carey Rips off.
> Vision Temple -- Tarzana, Calif.
> -- Q**yl*/North '96 --

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