From: (Dennis McClain-Furmanski)
Date: 30 Mar 1995 03:33:17 GMT

PASS the PIPE and the SACRED AMMUNITION yetoids, I have SEEN the END,
and it is old, wrinkled, smelly and BANKRUPT!

I have just spent hours listening to the outcome of the current path
of the health care industry and by DOBBS' LILY WHITE BVD'S you better
hope you die before you get old. In fact, you better hope you NEVER
make enough money to pay taxes twenty years from now or it'll take
gonna be MORE of them than there are of you.

Figure: the fastest growing population is those over 85.
Figure: CURRENTLY, half of what a person uses in health care is used
in the last year of life.
Figure: every year a person lives past 80, they consume 15% MORE EACH
YEAR in health care. You live to 90, you use 4 times as much as you
did at 80 and you were GULPING DOWN HUGE STEAMING GOBS of your
childrens' incomes THEN.


Because people makes lots of money from taking care of sick and dying
people. And they have YOU suckered into believing it's an ETHICAL
NECESSITY, that you're a HORRID DEMON for telling them to go kick off.
All the while THEY'RE THE VAMPIRES that drain your SLACK, your WALLET,
your FUTURE.

Figure again: every patient supports 1.5 people who DO NOT CONTRIBUTE

They want YOU to finance this life-extension shit. But! THE CON
REFUSES! They KNOW what a monstrosity of wasted money it is, and THEY

Why does it have to cost so much?

Because the CON has set up entire legions of bureaucrotchrot
adminimonsters to come MAKE SURE you take good care of these people or
they put YOU in jail. These peoples' jobs DEPEND on finding fault with
your behavior. If they fail, they lose THEIR sugar tit, with which
THEY TOO have to someone strive to stave off both the immense drain on
their income AND their CON taught fear of their final years.

The answer?

NEVER GET INSURANCE. Cost THEM as much as you can.
NEVER BURDEN YOUR FAMILY. If you get old and feeble, either go die in
freedom, or become a sole-survivor indigent.
NEVER CONTRIBUTE TO SOCIAL SECURITY. If you're around Stang's and my
age, 40, you MIGHT get in on the tail end of the breakdown of this
pyramid scam. But PROBABLY NOT. Any younger, you'll pay through the
nose until it goes bloated belly up and dies, taking YOUR MONEY with
it, and leaving you without the promised medical salvation from the
inevitable death of your body, or the money to pay for even the
simplest pain medication to allow you to try to appreciate one more
day in only muted agony before the credits roll.

It's a rough fucking world out there, and no social program is going
to change that, particularly one that contributes to the roughness by

You'd better pray to "Bob" that the X-ists get here before the
ambulance does, kiddies, or you better be ready to fight the life
suckers off with automatic weapons. In fact, that sounds like a decent
way to go.

It's gonna take an apocalypse or a complete social upheaval to back
out of THIS one, because they have the majority of the world convinced
they HAVE to do this, yet the THIS they have to do is self-destructing
in slow motion before the world's eyes like a pus filled, virus
infested Hindenberg IV bag, jammed into the very arteries of YOUR

DON'T EVEN bother to try to convince me this isn't so. This is the
word from someone TRAINED to be at the TOP of the pyramid scam,
chillun's. I'm COLLUJ GRAJUDATED to be Head Vampire, and have had this
shit dumped into me in slightly more politic but no less frightening
terms for a long time now by the people who know this business best.
The people who taught me are JUST AS SCARED AND OUTRAGED. It's only
those sitting pretty atop the pyramid at the moment who have any hint
of the coolness of the ignorant about them. This IS the fucking way it
is, and this is only the barest whiff of the unholy stench rising from
the putrefied mass grave of YOUR FUTURE. I have been SPECIFICALLY
TAUGHT to perpetuate this madness.

And if you think politics can save the day, OK fine, and the hyenas
run down and kill those animals themselves, and the lions don't REALLY
like to eat meat.

Having completed a graduate degree in the field most likely to ensure
complete failure of the system which contains the few freedoms we have
left, I know what I must now do. I am ethically and morally bound to
EXPOSE and SUBVERT this system, to try to ensure that my children will
NOT spend their lives paying for the prolonged death of someone. I
must see to it that this thing is FATALLY CRIPPLED from both INSIDE
and OUT.

I urge each and every one of you to REFUSE to participate in any and
all ways you can in supporting the current money sucking sumphole that
health care has become. IT MUST FALL, and the sooner the better,
because TOO LATE IS ALMOST HERE. If you don't kill it NOW, it will
kill you SLOWLY, PAINFULLY and LEGALLY very, very soon. You should USE IT
and USE IT until it DRIES UP AND DIES. Make it cost as much as possible,
and make sure you're entirely unable to pay for it. RUN THE WHOLE FUCKING

Yeah, there will then be some that have to go without. So? There
already is. Don't want to hear RATIONING, do you? Newsflash; there's
been rationing ALL ALONG, ever since there was only ONE medicine man
and TWO sick tribes members, and he decided to help the one that could
contribute to the tribe the most. So what the hell are they going to
do without? Only that which they've been TRAINED to NEED. They will
do as well without it as with it. The only problem will be the
cognitive dissonance they have to deal with when what they get
conflicts with what they've been trained to want, AND THAT WON'T HURT

DO NOT BELIEVE that the doctors caused it. They only grabbed ahold of
the brass ring held out to them, as any normal greedy human would
have, so that the CONspiracy could grab all the GOLD ones for
themselves. That gold is transmutated out of YOUR bodily fluids and
your futures. The SAME SICK FUCKS that have ruined damn near every
things else are to blame, and they are the ones trained to turn the
whole world into THEIR corporate resources. AND I AM SCHOOLED IN THE
PATHOLOGICAL ART OF STEALING IT. I KNOW how to get a decent physician
who fully believes in the Hippocratic oath to SELL HIS MOTHER ON THE
STREET and EAT BABIES in order to get their Holy Order Of Managed Care
System Approval.

Guess what? They never once figured on a SubGenius making it all the
way through their disease ridden life-sucking school. May they take
for their motto, once they have FELT the destruction I heap upon them
with the help of "Bob", "We Fucked Up" because by Dobbs, they damn
sure have.

The judgement is nigh, fellow Yetisyn, you can be judged, or you can
rip the fucking doors off the court room, storm the bench, and HANG
THE BASTARDS before they can complete their task of cultural
elimination. For my part, I will be shoving their blue crosses and
blue shields up their bloated blue corpses, while I dance in the fire.


This Yeti has howled his defiance. Let all they who feel the draw of
the mountains of Tibet reply in kind in their Yetisouls, and SMITE THE

[While I certainly hope you appreciate the entertainment value of this rant,
please be assured that I am as serious as cancer about this.]

(@ @)\DynaSoar\___, Yetii Genetii Research InstiToot
ll ll SubGenius Church of Scienfictiontology
Clench of The One True Pipe Dream, Terran Occupation Forces
DynaSoar, Tibetian Rantarian, Chaplain -
'Praise "0100 0010 0110 1111 0110 0010"' -- MWOWM

-- The Doctor is on.

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