Nenslo Sermonette

From: NENSLO <>
Date: Thu, 6 Apr 1995

Stang, you just tell that goodhearted wife of yours that she is SO DAMN LUCKY to have somebody around the house working for HER FUTURE! Okay, you may not be raking in the medium-sized bucks all the SOULLESS DROOPS all around you are getting, but what does she think you're going to live on when you're in your sixties? Social security? Her pension? Lissen, babe, you should say to her, lissen babe if I can just tough it out here for a couple of decades I'm going to be a GRAND OLD MAN OF AMERICAN CULTURE, just like that cranky ugly old geek CRUMB is now!

Damn it, man they are going to make a movie about you, too, they'll wheel you onto any number of dumbass comedy shows to just sit and mumble any old thing at all just like Burroughs, IF YOUR WIFE WILL ONLY LET YOU DO THE WORK YOU NEED TO DO NOW TO MAKE THAT HAPPEN.

L. God Dammit, what does she want you to be, a half-success now and a pensioner in your old age? NO WAY! Better to be a pitiful failure as a husband (LIKE ME) now, on the chance that if you can only LIVE LONG ENOUGH, and keep cranking out TOTALLY GLORIOUS ARTWORK for years and years, by the time the world takes its head out of its ass and REALIZES WHAT A DAMN BRILLIANT CREATIVE FORCE YOU ARE you will have BOXES AND BOXES OF CRAP IN YOUR ATTIC AND BASEMENT AND OUT BACK IN THE SHED WHICH THE SUCKERS WILL CLIMB ALL OVER EACH OTHER TO GIVE YOU MONEY. For.

Mrs. Stang, you LET THAT MAN ALONE. You are doing YOUR job, and I know you do it really well, and he is doing HIS job. He just has to wait a while to get paid. HE'LL BE GETTING PAID LONG AFTER YOU HAVE STOPPED GETTING PAID. You BOTH have to work together to make this happen. NOBODY EVER HAS ENOUGH MONEY, I know Mrs. Nenslo and I sure don't, and it may be hard to get by sometimes, and hard to get used to scraping by when you'd rather just relax, but believe me, IT'S ALL GOING TO BE WORTH IT SOME DAY.
Now, Ivan didn't come whining to me about you being mean to him or anything, he just said things were kind of tough sometimes and you were getting kind of fed up with not having enough money coming in. Believe me, it's EXACTLY THE SAME THING HERE. But just look at what Ivan has been doing and see it as the groundwork for your better future. Mrs. Nenslo and I aren't rich but we know that someday somebody is going to realize that this old guy has a house full of TOTALLY UNBELIEVABLE ART and they are going to pay me whatever I want to ask. If Ivan can just keep doing the work he loves, the work he is REALLY GOOD AT, he's going to be able to hand you a ticket to ride on the gravytrain through your declining years, WHEN YOU WILL REALLY BE ABLE TO APPRECIATE IT!

If you two really love each other you have to stand by each other and help each other to do the things you each LOVE to do, even if you don't understand or approve. The fact that Ivan can have a chance to be creative and try to give something to the world in his own way is REALLY IMPORTANT TO US ALL.

You kids play nice now.


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