One World Pink

From: (karl mamer)
Date: 6 Jan 1995

The "Normals" ... as WE all know ... are working on forging a one world
government. One world. One currency. And ... MAYBE ... one giant pink
planet. They'll strip away the beauracrats, the life-time city hall jobs,
different school boards and competing operating systems. They'll bring
"peace" to the Pepsi-Coke wars, Avis-Hertz wars. They'll give us a beer
that tastes good and is less filling. They'll give us trips to Mars and
cold fusion and internet that is easy, easy, easy to use and FREE or so
cheap that you won't care that it is not free. They'll end human suffering
as we know it: ......... giving EVERYONE a number and a membership card to
a Grocery Warehouse chain and a low-interest AmMasterVISA card that will
never be refused for purchases that are too "small".

Sure ........... this sounds great. But, you've got to ask yourself, is
this good for Bob? Is this good for me, a Subgenius? WHERE'S THE SLACK?!?

There is, of course, no slack in a ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT .............. a
reborn ROME RULED BY THE SINGLE GREAT BEAST. It'll probably be Paul
McCartney (George Harrison is the only Beatle with Slack). A single world
government ... of course ... CAN EASILY REPEL JHVH-1's invasion from space.

A world united against the coming invasion, the rapture of the non-normals,
and other wicked/neat/CNN-friendly stuff that JHVH-1 has planned, is not in
Bob's great, encompassing/easy-credit, loving/hating "plan" for us all. A
subgenius's power flows from the great beaucracy. The confusion ... the
lack of quality ... the uncertainty that faces us all the moment we step
out our door, binds the Subgenius universe together. The subgenius lives
between the cracks of "this" chaotic, "normal" world. The subgenius ADDS to
the confusion. The confusion IS good. The confusion is Bob. The confusion
opens doors. The confusion makes people read pamphlets and order videos. A
Subgenius invented the info-mercial. The confusion opens the wallet and the
soul. It is good. Good for Bob. What is not confusion is not of Bob.


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