Re: Circus of Dr. Lao

From: (Rev. Ivan Stang)
Subject: Re: Circus of Dr. Lao
Date: 10 Apr 1995

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(John Laviolette) wrote:

> Aw, Hell.
> I'm gone for a week, and alt.slack seems dead. Where is everyone?
> Stang? Nenslo? Philo? Dad? ANYONE?
> What happened while I was gone?

You lucky son of a bitch. I was gone for a week, and when I came back
there were 700 posts. SHEEEEE-it. Some guys get all the luck.

Where'd this Re:Circus of Dr. Lao come from? Did I LUCK OUT and actually
MISS a few posts? Reason I ask is, THE CIRCUS OF DR. LAO is one of my very
favorite books, and the George Pal movie of it, THE SEVEN FACES OF DR.LAO,
is, while a pathetic coloring-book version of the novel, still one of the
more "bulldada" "SubGenius" child-enlightening movies ever made. Were it
required viewing in all 2nd-grade public school classes, all war, death
and taxes would CEASE.

In the year it was made, 3 Stooges Syndication Kid's Show Host on Channel
11 here in Dallas, Icky Twerp (PRAISE ICKY TWERP!!!), displayed the
stop-motion model of the Loch Ness Monster from that film and attempted to
explain stop-motion animation to his child audience, including me, and a
year later I was animating clay dinosaurs on a $10 Kodak Brownie FunSaver
8mm movie camera. And I would wake up from dreams of a world in which one
could go to ANY STORE and pick up ENTIRE MAGAZINES devoted to HOW THE
SPECIAL EFFECTS WERE DONE in all these wonderful monster movies, a world
were GIVENS... I'd wake up from those dreams saying to myself, "SHIT!!
Why'd I have to wake up? It'll NEVER HAPPEN." Well... if something that
seemed so impossible to me as a vast industry based on monster movie
special effects could come to be, WHAT NEXT?? TIME TRAVEL? Will the
climax of REPO MAN be someday seen as a LAUGHABLE EXPOSITION OF THE
OBVIOUS? "UFOs are... you got it... TIME MACHINES!"

It was all right in front of our faces the whole time.

And you want to know what's really hideous? For my entire childhood I
practically worshipped Ray Harryhausen, the master of stop-motion
animation -- hell, I DID worship Ray Harryhausen -- and now I've had
enough conversations with him to be disappointed that he's "stuck in the

Now is that jaded, or what?

The Future REALLY DID start in 1973. And it's already OLD. BUMMER!!

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