Real Rant (Not Nice)

From: (Dennis McClain-Furmanski)
Date: 19 Feb 1995

This one's not pretty, kids. Oh, it's a rant alright,
but it's more along the lines of Chapter 2 in Rev. X.
It ties together a few ends that were put in print, but
not made use of at the time. That's what I intend to do
here. So, this has an agenda -- I give you that up front
so you can move on to the next message if you don't want
to get any of this on you.

I also give you up front that the Rev. at the front of my
name pre-dates my SubG involvement. It's a real one, as in
performing marriages and such. Considering the damage done
to that title by hate-money-power mongers who pervert it to
their own ends at the expense of hapless dupes who can't
seem to survive without an ectoplasmic teat to suck on, I
hesitate to use it. But I will use it here, so you'll know
that I'm being up-front as I can about it all. If you can't
see how I can be this, and SubG at the same time, reread
what I said and then go study Chapter 2 of Rev. X again.
And if you decide this makes me fair flame bait, then you'll
never get it, and you're likely making a big fucking
mistake. I have it on good authority that kicking ass is
a good way to change a mind. Yeshua ben-Miriam didn't just
taunt the money changers, and he didn't invite them to
reconsider their opinion -- he stomped the ever-loving shit
out of them. I hold this action in high esteem. I emulate
it at every chance. Fucking with me gives me a chance to
exercise it. You want flame-bait, read this whole thing.
there's more than enough here to satisfy anyone.

That said, let's take a fucking peek at the world around
us, shall we? You'd best leave your rose-colored shades on,
bub, because some of this shit splatters when I STOMP in it.

You've seen the latest electro-spooges on the net, the calls
to action regarding the proposed bills which may infringe on
your freedom to download jerk-off pictures. And a few months
back it was the Digital Telephony Bill. Which passed faster
than castor oil through a kid, by the way, or didn't you
even bother to note what actually HAPPENS in the world you
profess to protect from the evil e-mail stealers?

Hell, it's EASY to pass along some bytes and think you've
done a good fucking boy-scout deed. Maybe you even actually
SENT and e-mail fax or *gasp* CALLED some gummint robot and
stated an opinion. Well, maybe it's not all that important.

So what the fuck IS important?

How about forced sterilization of 25% of all the women who
go to the doctor, no matter WHAT their problem was, done
without their knowledge or consent?

How about a company that gets permission to use well water
on your land, and when you try to stop them because your
well goes dry they get the gummint to condemn your land,
prevent you from repairing the damage to your house -- walls
falling down and roofs caving in -- caused by their
dynamiting? And fucking SHOOTING -- not FLAMING with E-MAIL
but real fucking LEAD BULLETS -- at the people who attempt
to bring you food and water and firewood to keep from

How'd it be living in a place with a 170 per 100,000
population murder rate. Hell, Gary, Indiana won this
year's prize as the deadliest city in the US, with
an 89 per 100K. The above figure was from 1973 through
1975, averaged; twenty years ago, and almost twice as
high. And the fucking law does ZERO about any of it?

Try to suck that in. You can hardly process that shit.
It's too far out there for even the pink network news,
even the pinker yet pseudo-news shows.

And we're not talking ancient history here. Some of
this is *almost* twenty five years old, and some of it is
going on TO FUCKING DAY.

Maybe you can relate better to a particular case.
How about this scenario?

You're staying with friends, camping out on their farm,
when a track belonging to someone you know comes
barrelling onto the land. Right behind it is two cars.
They stop on the land, but a hundred yards away, and out
of each comes a guy with a gun. Bullets start flying,
children and old people are crying and running. You and
your friends have your own weapons, because after all this
is YOUR land and you're allowed to have them and hunt there.
So you stand there and protect yourself. And the two guys
from the cars get hit. Then that truck drives right up to
them, shots are fired, and it drives off.

Soon, the entire area is surrounded by all manner of cops,
and knowing the history they have of blaming anything they
can on you and your friends who don't have a chance in hell
of protecting yourself from a crooked so-called 'justice'
system, you know full well you have to run. Months later,
hundreds of miles later, they find you. They've already
caught your friends, and for once the 'justice' system
worked the way it's supposed to, and by the evidence,
they were cleared of having done anything wrong.

But you, you ran. You gave them time to rethink their
effort. You gave them time to tamper with the evidence.
You gave them time to coerce people who were nowhere
near the scene to testify that YOU pulled the trigger
on the two guys. You gave them cause to single you out,
because you were bold enough to be photographed in
another, unrelated action in which you and your friends
forcefully, and fully armed, but without a shot, took over
a church on land that belongs to you. No, you dumbshit,
you gave them time to construct a fictional case against
you, and classify those documents which proved your
friends' innocence, and could prove yours, but you
CAN'T GET TO THEM, and FUCK the Freedom of Information

Break it to yourself slowly. Get yourself a copy of the
movie "Thunderheart". Watch it closely. The story is
fictionalized, but much of it is based in fact. In fact,
the main character being pursued is one of the 'friends'
mentioned who were cleared of any wrong doing. Figure,
if this guys cares so much about what happened and
what it happening to perform in a movie which does its best
to break through the layers of pink and actually TELL a
REAL STORY, then just maybe there's something worth knowing

Now take that back, and get a copy of "Incident at Oglala:
The Leonard Peltier Story". Watch that. At least twice.
And keep in mind that this is NOT a drama or adventure
movie, despite the fact you probably found it in one of
those sections of the video store. This is a GOD DAMN
DOCUMENTARY. Most of it is indisputable truth. That which
is supposition is presented as such.

On February 6, 1975, Leonard Peltier was arrested for the
murder of two FBI agents. The FBI has stated that they
cannot prove WHO pulled the trigger. It has been proven
that the sole "witness" whose testimony was used to
convict him, was a retarded woman who didn't know him,
wasn't near him, and was FORCED by the FBI to say what
she said. He has been in prison, and convicted of a crime
he didn't commit -- COULD NOT have committed -- and is
there to this day.

I can't forget this date, because it was the day my first
child was born. In the time this man has been imprisoned
illegally, by the very forces you pay taxes to protect you,
my son has had time to grow into an adult.

Fine, he's an indian. A Native American if you want to be
correct about it. Yeah, we all know they got a raw deal
what with the Trails of Tears and the reservations and
Manhattan Island (heh, but wasn't it just TITS they took
a pile of beads and blankets for MANHATTAN!)

Tilt your head back and swallow, kiddies, he was a fucking
American just like you. He was "protected" by the same
laws, and when the CON saw fit to circumvent these because
they were pissed off and wanted SOMEONE, ANYONE to pay, they
did that right out IN THE OPEN, where ANYONE COULD SEE, with
full knowledge they were LYING, that there was PROOF they
were lying, that there was PROOF that they hid or destroyed
IN COURT, that ALL THIS was full knowledge, and yet THEY
KEEP HIM LOCKED UP. And nobody can stop them.

Now watch Incident at Oglala again, and know that can be
you. They can do this to ANYONE.

Scary? You bet. Reason to not draw attention to yourself?
Fuck that -- they can do it for NO reason if they want.
Figure it, they did it because people protected themselves
on their own land after being fired upon by people they
didn't know, who simply attacked them and their families.
These are supposed to be reasons to JUSTIFY protecting
yourself. If they can fuck you over for this, they can
fuck you over for NOTHING AT ALL. You'd be lucky to be
allowed to have your friends and relatives KNOW you
were dead, instead of just disappeared.

If anyone had reason and evidence by which it could be
shown that the CON has overstepped their bounds and
need to be SKEWERED, ROASTED and EATEN on the steps
of the Capitol, it's Native Americans. But don't for
a second think that because they are they and you're
not that it's any different. They have only suffered
more, and more openly, under the same SICK FUCKS who
control you and your life. You're just less likely to
notice because you've never had a culture, language,
history, a fucking COUNTRY that they didn't SPOON
FEED you. You have nothing to take away that they
didn't give you to begin with, making you worth
LESS to them. You're safe, because you ain't worth
a second fucking thought. But you're in even MORE
danger, because if you ever DID start to cause their
shorts to chafe, they'd have even LESS trouble making
you go whoopsie and covering their tracks, unless they
just didn't feel like covering it up and they WOULDN'T
HAVE TO. They could PISS on your GRAVE daily, and only
they would even know where it was.

Now that I've opened the shit sack, let me see if I can
hand you the draw strings to pull it closed. And just
maybe give you some ideas on whose porch to leave it on,
light it and ring the doorbell. And maybe, just maybe,
give you cause to actually think there may be something
you can actually DO or at least BELIEVE that'll clear
some of the smell.

Take a look back in your Book of the SubGenius. Back
where Stang mentions the Pipe. He touches on a story,
the White Buffalo Woman. This is a real story, with
real, important meaning to millions of people, and
just may have some relevance to your own life.

(Sur-fucking-prise. Stang didn't JUST make this shit
up from his twisted mind. Some of it means something.
Some of it is important. You figure out which.)

A couple thousand years ago, a couple of guys were out
hunting. They saw a white buffalo, but before they
could kill it, it turned into a woman in white buck
skin. She approached them, and told them she would appear
to their whole tribe to give them an important gift.

They returned and told the story, and soon she appeared
walking into their village. She stayed for some time, and
she gave them a pipe as a gift. She explained that the
pipe was to be kept always, and that it was the sign of
the combined forces of the four elements. She left them, but
said that she would return at another time, appearing as a
white buffalo, and that this would signal the time of the
coming together of the four races. (How a tribe residing
in what is now the Dakota states knew of the races of black,
white, and yellow people, a couple thousand years ago, is
left as an exercise for the imagination.)

About sixty years ago, the man who is the current holder of
the pipe given by White Buffalo Woman (the same pipe) had
a vision, in which she said she would be returning soon,
and would appear on the farm of a white man, and that this
would indeed be the sign of the time of the coming together
of the races. To show that this was meant for all peoples,
the buffalo calf would change through all the colors of the
four races as it grew.

Last fall, on a farm in Janesville, Wisconsin, a white
buffalo was born. Not an albino, because it had black
eyes and hooves. Just pure white fur.

Within days, many Native spiritual leaders came, and
in seeing the calf, recognized this as the fulfillment
of the word of White Buffalo Woman. The keeper of the
sacred pipe among them, they divined through whatever
means is appropriate to them and their beliefs, that
this was their Word Made Flesh.

To 5 million people, last August was the equivalent
to the second coming of Christ.

Chew on that for a few minutes. It's not exaggeration.

Since then, the calf has in fact darkened, going from
white to red to brown, and soon to be black, fulfilling
the prophecy.

So what the fuck is some Euro-white preacher guy going on
about some Indian story for Chrissakes? I mean, that doesn't
have anything to do with me, with the books, with the SubG.
The SubG is just a joke. Right?

"Right, right, right?" -- Nenslo

If the SubG hasn't managed to RIP you out of the
envelope, to force you to SEE across the lines of
the cattle pen, then yeah, it's just a joke.
Snicker, giggle, guffaw. Pay no attention to that man
behind the curtain, he's just "Bob's" straight man.

In part, the fulfillment of the prophecy was that the
Red race would at last be allowed into the House of Glass,
which was where the representatives of all countries met
to try to discuss and solve the world's problems.

A few months ago Thomas Banyaca, spiritual leader of the Six
Nations, and of the Hopi, the spiritual caretakers of the
Red race, spoke before the United Nations. This is something
that they have been trying to do since it was called the
League of Nations, and were never allowed. But he spoke to
them as the spiritual leader of the entire Red race at the
invitation of the President, invited even though it was
known full well he would have plenty negative to say. And
he did. But speak he did, and in so doing represented the
beginning of the UN's Decade of Indigenous Peoples.

Now, that's maybe a bit far flung for you all. Maybe it's
better to wait for the saucers in 1998. Kids, X-day has
already happened for a bunch of folks. It may not mean
much to you, but that doesn't mean it doesn't mean anything.

Now, I'm not going to ask you to make a pilgrimage to
Janesville, because that probably wouldn't mean anything
to you. So lets try to stick close to home, like where
you sit. Let's try to stick to the job of trying to
keep the CON from coming in and stealing YOU much less
your Slack, and locking you up or killing you for NO

Leonard Peltier's case is up for review for executive
clemency by President Clinton. Why not take a step across
those lines you've been shown and make an effort for
someone on the other side, before they are you.

Here's an easy one. Call the White House at 202-456-1111,
and tell them you support executive clemency for Leonard
Peltier. It'll take a minute or two. At day rates it'll
cost you less than a dollar.

You can accomplish this through e-mail by sending it to Put Leonard Peltier in the
subject line. Ask for clemency for Leonard Peltier.

If you send e-mail, you'll get an auto-reply message
with info about the White House system. Among the stuff
is a fax number. You can crank up your fax modem and send
a similar message to the fax number they have. That'll cost
you less than the price of a postage stamp if you send it at

You can join the Leonard Peltier Defense Committee. E-mail
me for your closest group.

If there's not one near you, you can start one. The best way
to do this is to contact the Leonard Peltier Defense
Committee, 913-842-5774 voice, 913-842-5796 fax.

You can subscribe to the newspaper of the LPDC, Spirit of
Crazy Horse, by sending $10 to the LPDC office at PO Box
583, Lawrence, KS, 66044. 6 issues per year.

You can get the CD from Rage Against The Machine, and
listen to the words. The one they made into a video for
MTV. That guy with the moustache behind the bars is
Leonard. It's about him.

Other than that, you can start to learn that the Red race
is something more than the remains of an impediment to
"Manifest Destiny", or a terrible horror story to stir the
Righteous Indignation and give you a quick case of racial
guilt. Find out where they are and GO THERE. Go talk to the
elders and try to figure out how a decimated race that has
been subjugated, enslaved and subjected to out and out
genocide can NOT HATE all white people. It blows the fucking
mind to think they still welcome us here on Turtle Island,
they wish to live WITH us, they still fucking send their
children to die in the same fucking wars started by the
people who nearly extinguished them and they VOLUNTEER
for duty in the white man's killing machine because they
believe it's the RIGHT THING.

They have lived through more shit than you've ever seen
in all the Hollywood crap you've ingested, and yet they
can maintain an even keel while the storm STILL to THIS
DAY rages around them. They have a basis in reality that
you can't begin to comprehend in your wildest dreams, but
you *can* learn to appreciate.

You can play all day with "Bob". Hell, I do it more than
most. But some time you have to go home for dinner and
actually LIVE in this world, "Bob", 'Frop, saucers,
Slack, X-ists or no. It ain't a pretty place and it's
getting uglier by the minute. Someday you'll have to face
that fact and either come to grips with the fact that you
had as much to do with it as any other CONspiracy dupe
because YOU LET IT HAPPEN. Or you can fight what may well
be a losing battle, so that in your last instant before the
lights go out you can look back and think "At least I
fucking TRIED." That may be all you'll ever get out of it.
If all you ever get is the knowledge that you didn't just
puss out and let the same gobs of shit roll over you as
rolled over everyone else before, you won't feel like a
complete failure.

Or just possibly there's an outside chance that you will
be able to help make a real difference, and things can and
will be improved. You'll never find out if this is possible
unless you try. And believe me, the only failure in life is
the failure to try. The failure to accomplish even though
you tried is almost as good as success. You can believe for
a while that you'll never have to face yourself and what
you've done or not done. But sooner or later you'll take
stock of yourself and your past. YOU will read your OWN
book of your life at some point. What you write in it now
is what you will read then.

I've given you just one instance of something you can do.
Feel free to choose a different one. "Bob" knows there's
plenty to choose from. But GET OFF YER ASS and DO
SOMETHING. It's your fucking world. The CON is not
invincible. It is rotten at the core and that can be
exploited. Or it can be merely the basis for your lifestyle.

Now look what I've done, I've gone and preached, and that's
something I NEVER do. I'm a minister, in that I minister to
those in need. Some others are trained to save peoples'
souls. Me, I just keep busy hauling their ass out of Hell,
and let them find their own way to whatever salvation they
decide they want. I have literally dedicated my life, ALL
of it, to doing something that might make a difference.
If I have to face myself at the end, I'm going to put on
my best Jack Nicholson voice and use the quote out of
"One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest", 'At least I tried. At
least I did that.'

Look. One planet is all you get. One life at a time is the
only chance you get to participate. Doing nothing to improve
it is the same as fucking it up on purpose, or maybe even
worse because you might have had a GOOD IDEA or done a GOOD
THING that WORKED. And you would have fucking wasted it.

So you get plenty of giggles out of the books. Great. But
there's some other stuff in there that should have by now
twisted a little knob in your head and made you think that
something is out of fucking whack. If you didn't catch that
part, try again. There's enough in there to make the Pope
want to Kick the fucking Sisters. And when you find it,
open your eyes and look around you. If you can't see it
all around you, then "Bob" help you, YOU'RE IT.

Just fucking DO something, will you? You don't have to
devote your whole life to it. I did, but I did it because
that's what it took for me to be able to live with the
conscience I have, and because I happen to believe that
I can make a LOT of difference, but only if I live it.
You just do what you can. Do whatever fills that hole
you uncovered when you learned there was Something Going
On. Twenty years ago some of us figured this out. Too
few of us could think of any way to change it that worked.
Most of us gave up. Some didn't. Mostly we did nothing
but point out the fact that things were fucked up near
to no repair. And pretty much we blew our chance to fix
things, all except those few of us that refuse to quit
trying. And I'll take a stab here and just GUESS that
Stang is among those. But, yeah, mostly we blew it. You
could use that for a reason to blow it too. Go ahead.

And then you can look YOUR children in the face some
day, and be at a complete loss as to WHY you left them
such a FUCKED UP WORLD. Or you can let them see that
you tried to do something, even if it was wrong, and
that even though you fucked up, YOU TRIED.

Me, I intend to be something my children are proud of,
even if they don't understand. So far, it looks like
it worked. And so far, I'm happy to say, it's not only
rubbed off, but they've gone on to become even BETTER
than the example I've tried to set. That one fact has
let me know more than anything else that I'm doing the
right thing for me and mine, and for our world.

You do as you please, for whatever reasons you want.

We now return you to your life. Try to enjoy it.

Rev. Dennis McClain-Furmanski, you got a fucking problem with that?


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