Slack It or Shut It, Sir-Ma'am

From: (Mation)
Date: 6 May 1995 23:07:14 -0400

Carving the Landscape.

Pooches Froth in a Main Mixer. The Church of the SubGenius WILL sell
out...but NOT by putting the names of famous people on the backs of their
now "out of print" books. The SubGenii, the TRUE SubGenii, will be FORCED
DOWN THE COLLECTIVE THROATS of the ConMedia and it's minions of
pap-suckers! As the world becomes more "fucked", a NEED for a more
balanced (or UnBalanced) Uber-sense (put sideways ":" over the "u")
composed of Hate, Enlargement, Sensitivity, Slapstick, Fear and
Endarkenment ALL TOGETHER will be IN DEMAND!

Yea, even wimpering simp PINK-HEADS will need a token SubGenius
demi-god icon to BLISS OVER! Stang will be a successful feature film
Zoogz will sell MILLIONS of records and will choose from the finest
groupies the world over...if he doesn't already, Janor will be interviewed
for 3 straight hours on Letterman, while everyone yuks it up over "those
Crazy SubGenius Guys. Hell, maybe even Indian Rope Burn will have a hit
single called "Techno-Boredom" or somethin'.

But whatever, this action should NOT be forced. Let the CON come to
you--take up the battle ON YOUR OWN FIELD!!! Your OWN TERMS!!!

Spread Seed!

Slack It or Shut It!


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