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From: John Tzimisces <tzimisces@cueball.demon.co.uk>
Subject: Re: Recommended Reading
Date: 12 May 1995 16:49:36 +0100
Organization: The Cueball

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[rant against Modemac deleted]

> But that just PROVES what a raging BUFFOON I am, doesn't it?

[more ranting removed]

Yes. The following comes from Scott Pakin's complaint generator: I think
it explains why. And even better I ONLY HAD TO TYPE YOUR NAME, MY FRIEND
- the rest is automatic.

Your only chum in alt.slack,
John Tzimisces


I would like to complain about a detestable criminal. For starters,
Orton Nenslo makes it his job to draw nymphomaniacs and child porn
stars. I believe it needs to be taken into account that he is
completely full of shit. In my effort to uncover his prejudices, I will
need to call attention to the problem of his perfidiousness. When you
least expect it, his opinions will turn me, a typically mild-mannered
person, into a mad vat of vigilantism. Couldn't you figure that out for
yourself, Nenslo? His claims will portray obstinate monsters as
children any day now. I do not wish to endorse diabolism, but rather
that to illustrate that I would sooner eat puke than become one of
Nenslo's minions. His desire to toy with our opinions is
incontrovertible evidence that he harbors some yellow-bellied grudges.

Would we, as thinking people, believe writers who tried to tell us we're
all petulant? I say "no." Nenslo's tactics constitute one of the many
conduits of faddism in our culture. This screams of the old belief that
money-grubbing devil-worshippers like him are merely unstable and
disagreeable nebbishes.

If Nenslo thinks I'm too diabolic to tell you a little bit about him and
his bloodthirsty actions, he's sadly mistaken. I have taken the liberty
of letting him know that I once had a nightmare in which he was free to
leave in a wake of mischievous reaction. I wish he had. What I want to
document now is that his brand of extremism is irrelevant here or
anywhere else. By this, I mean that Nenslo has become increasingly
unprofessional ever since childhood. It's a well-known fact that
self-centered confused-types like him don't have a clue. For the moment
I will concentrate on the fact that he frequently progresses into
displays of authority he doesn't have. I truly do not intend this to be
in any way misinterpreted as a personal attack on Nenslo. Nenslo, you
are welcome to get off my back this time and stay off.

He is wrong. His criticisms will cause more harm than good. As I
mentioned before, nobody seems to realize that these kinds of nerdy
cynical cretins should be dealt with immediately. The continuing
deliberate misunderstandings of some of his condescending leeches merely
underscore this point. Does Nenslo really know anything about the
theories he claims to support? No, he doesn't. He and his cronies are
hideously deviant puppets. I am quite certain that he has shown he's
not afraid to be mean-spirited.

I don't think it would be unfair to say that militant louts like him
tend to conveniently ignore the key issues of this or any other
situation. Imagine a world in which Nenslo could spawn delusions
whenever he felt like it! Is his raging anything other than puerile
narcissism? There are situations where certain remarks are appropriate
and there are situations where they are not. This is not to say that he
could think for himself even if he tried. It is merely to point out
that he is off his rocker.

Like other shabby naive-types, Nenslo will certainly replace love and
understanding with Marxism and isolationism. It is ridiculous that we
have to be faced by such smart alecks whose asinine beliefs should be
treated with apathy. It is apparent to me that all he does is inspire
drugged-out philosophies. To him, acting like an inconsiderate
perverted-type is a lot of fun. Nenslo should just quit whining about
everything. The world would be better off if he had never been born. I
feel that the portrayal of slime in our culture is partially responsible
for his values. It probably sounds like I'm being devious, but it's a
sad world where the worst types of brutish fogeys you'll ever see have
the power to force us to tailor our views just to suit their wild whims.

Nenslo blames others for his nit-picky deeds. What this underlines, I
think, is that he is devoid of all social conscience. He would love to
see me tear off all my clothes and run naked down the street. His
cliches are well-known to us all. Nenslo can't discuss anything without
talking about classicism. Doesn't he realize that I am not making a
generalization when I say that he treats postmodernist uncontrollable
liberals as objects? Anyone who is the least bit knowledgeable about
his feckless background would know that all of his doctrines are
paralogistic. Consider this - he apparently wants to use us to fulfil
his crass mission.

He has a long, cynicism-infested history of attempts to plague our
minds. Nevertheless, Nenslo never seems to listen to anyone else's
positions and reasoning. Before you declare me daft, let me assert that
we can't let him cause riots in the streets. Nenslo, does the word
"unexceptional" mean anything to you? It should.

If I may be permitted to make an observation, I don't see how he can be
so obscenely boring. If it weren't for amateur proletarians he would
have no friends. Moreover, there is an implicit assumption here that
the comparison between him and mindless ignoramuses is remarkable. It
may be coincidence that Nenslo's writings conjure up dirt against his
fellow human beings. It may be coincidence that they foster despotism
at every opportunity. And it may be coincidence that they increase
society's cycle of hostility and violence. But that's a lot of
coincidence! We can see the damage that is done when Nenslo tries to
influence the attitudes of others towards any environment or activity.

Like I said, if he is allowed to bombard us with insults, the
implications will be widespread. My intention here is not just to
address a number of important issues, but also to comment on his
statements. Nenslo seems completely incapable of understanding that
post-structuralism is the driving force behind his decisions. It is
grossly misleading to claim that we really find his vulgar bohemianism
to be no different from evil. You do not need to be unctuous to know
that he flaunts his personal assertions and attitudes on everyone else.
Throughout human history, belligerent Orton Nenslos have always been
immature. So it should come as no surprise that one of these days his
unpleasant practices will degenerate into rumor and innuendo. I close
this complaint along the same lines it opened: you can observe a
definite bias in that slumlord Orton Nenslo's arguments.

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. John Tzimisces F.O.N. tzimisces@cueball.demon.co.uk .
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