What the Yacitsma Have in Store for Humanity

From: LOCNAR@galileo.mis.net (Randolph S. Vance)

My fellow yeti, have you ever seen the inside of a poultry processing plant? What the common chicken goes through from birth to death, even the most barbaric of nations would consider BEYOND cruelty, IF humans were where the chickens are! The chicken is BORN into the mechanical arms of a VAST STAINLESS STEEL MACHINE! They are seperated and their wings are BURNED OFF to prevent flight or any POSSIBILITY of escape! The males, being all but useless to the machine, are immediatly DESTROYED! The newborn slaves are given huge booster injections to ward off ANY DISEASE and GROWTH HORMONES to make the slaves grow bigger and faster! From then, the slaves become the INTRICATE COGS of the VAST MACHINE! They are cramped into TINY METAL BOXES and FORCED to lay their EGGS FOR THE REST OF THEIR LIVES to feed their BARBARIC HUMAN MASTERS! Only the LUCKY FEW MALES that AREN'T destroyed are kept to PROVIDE THEIR SEMEN TO ARTIFICIALLY INSEMINATE THE FEMALES in order to KEEP THE MACHINE RUNNING FOREVER AND EVER! And after the females have FINISHED their usefulness and can NO LONGER PRODUCE EGGS after each having pumped out about a thousand or so in their lifetime, THEY BECOME THE KENNY ROGERS' ROASTERS AND THE KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKENS AND THE TYSON ROASTERS ON YOUR SUPERMARKET SHELVES!

Now imagine EARTH as ONE VAST POULTRY PROCESSING PLANT! EVERY HUMAN CRAMPED IN A TINY METAL BOX, BEING GIVEN SUPERDRUGS TO KEEP THEM FROM EVER GETTING SICK, AND FORCED TO PUMP OUT INFANTS FOR THE CONSUMPTION OF SOME HIDEOUS ALIEN RACE/DEITY/GODS! READ ALDOUS HUXLEY! A BRAVE NEW WORLD IS ALREADY HERE! The human lifespan ALREADY is at an all-time HIGH! Humans now live TWICE as long as they did just 200 years ago! It's NOT a coincedence! Medicine serves ONLY ONE FUNCTION, to prolong our life for service in the VAST STAINLESS STEEL MACHINE! Dr. Howll tries to reassure both yeti and pink alike by comparing the takeover like the earth being turned into one big Stuckeys! No, my brothers and sisters, it's going to be MUCH WORSE! Stuckeys at least offers SOUVENIERS, which is something that the Yacitisma could care less about! Stuckeys sells GAS which the Yacitisma are going to take ANYWAY, so WHO CARES! If you WANT a picture of what EARTH will RESEMBLE, IMAGINE A CHAIN OF KFH (Kentucky Fried Human) RESTAURAUNTS, EACH INHABITING A WHOLE CONTINENT, ALL OF WHICH ARE 5 MILES HIGH, AND WHERE YOU CAN SIT IN MILE HIGH CHAIRS and ORDER A 50,000 GALLON BUCKET OF ORIGINAL RECIPE HUMANS!

THAT'S what in store for humanity!

Let's pray that J. R. "Bob" Dobbs can get us yeti OFF the planet, before we encounter the same fate as the pinks.


Saint Locnar of the Holy Order of the Cheeseburger

Randolph S. Vance
LOCNAR@MIS.NET (Macintosh Eudora Mail)

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