Y'all're a Bunch of Pincanuck$$

From: ricky@usenet.nerdc.ufl.edu (Captain Midnight)

Got me a PEE-DOG fulla PISS an' I'm HOSING y'all down or KILL ME!
Y'all just can't see that SLACK is SOMETHING for NOTHING and I'm
gettin' some RIGHT CHERE! Lookee them ALIEN SEX DOKTORS, M'muh!
Gary SHIT-ON-A-CORNCOB G'Broaganfran! Commander ASHTAR of the
Ascended Testicle Mind-Raping LOAD subliminal messages from the
Great Ones. No time for verbs. FULL CONTACT harmonic jiz-spurt
ladies won't you come out TONIGHT? Lakota Sue just for YOU. "Bob"
Spot the <fnord> dog yet? PEE-DOG got to have sum numbers 6 9. "Bob"

I slack off for money or a FROSTY BUG of NUCLEAR MEER of X-ist "Bob"
origin. You can a can two if you just SHUT DOWN you UPPER-MIND "Bob"
and your NEVER-MIND and your I-DON'T-MIND just like my bud-wizard "Bob"
ICEKNIFE who has a WURM BEAR under his bed from last knight's clench "Bob"
meeting. If he canned PISS IT, know one will.

That's SO SO SO [re-engage mind parasite -- synchronize logic main
main board on MY COMMAND.] Ho! JHVH-1's the god from Inside-Outer
Space -- PLACATE HIS FIST! [mind-parasite at fifth-overtone harmonic]
Repent and kill "Bob" or face the Wraithe of the Spelling Demons.
[mind-parasite synchronizing on third-overtone -- stable harmonics
for next ten micro-years -- commence SubPenile Trance Indunction "Bob"
procedures] Tan my hide when I've died Clyde and tie my kangroo
down. I wish I were an Oscar Myer Wiener. "Bob" Where's there's
Sacred Cows, theirs Sacred Cattle Mutilators from BEYINHH?n

[keyboard breaks]

Epopt of the Exploding Head of JFK Licensed to blaspheme the Gods!
My skull is bigger on the inside than the outside!
Send $1 to SubGenius Foundation, P.O. Box 140306, Dallas TX 75214


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