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For those of you who AREN'T obsessed with L. Ron Hubbard,
here's a Web Page for a chinese lady bodhhisatva.

It's a neat site to visit becuase she has some of her songs
and her paintings and ceramics there. Plus not to forget,
her teachings on the MEANING OF LIFE and all the rest.

In fact, after linking up to this page and the Urantia
Book WebSite in Australia and the Maitreya WebSite, etc.,
I'm beginning to feel like I'm in MY OWN PERSONAL version
of the film Monty Python's The Meaning of Life!

What follows is HEAVILY EDITED to isolate the "funny" parts
from her speech at the U.N. (and just ANOTHER reson to FEAR
that institution.)

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The Mystery of the World Beyond

June 26, 1992
United Nations, New York
by the Supreme Master Ching Hai


So, in the late... lately in America, we have all heard of the latest
invention... that people even have a machine to put you into samadhi. Have
you experienced this? You haven't? No? It's in America on sale. Four
hundred to seven hundred, depends on what level you want. They call... this
is for the lazy people who don't want to meditate, just want to be right in
samadhi. Now, in case you don't know, I'll be brief about that. They say
that this kind of machine can put you into a relaxed, mental attitude
state... relaxing state, then you would achieve the high level of I.Q..
That's supposed to give you high knowledge, high wisdom and then you feel
great, etc.. And this machine uses some selected music, outer music, so you
need earphones, and then they put some electric, probably currents that
stimulate you, then you probably see some flashes. So you need also a
blindfold. The earphones and the blindfold, that's all you need for
samadhi. This is very good, and four hundred dollars, very cheap. But our
samadhi is even cheaper, it costs nothing, and it's forever, forever. And
you don't need to charge with battery or electricity, plug in, plug out, or
in case the machine goes out of order, you don't need to go and fix it.

Now, even if the artificial light and the artificial music could make
people become so relaxed and so wise - it is supposed to give them this.
But I have read on a newspaper what it's supposed to do, I haven't tried it
myself. So that's why it is very hot and has sold a lot, I heard. Even
these artificial things could put us into a relaxed mood and increase our
I.Q., then could you imagine how much the real thing can help us in our
wisdom? The real thing is beyond this world but it is accessible to every
man, should we want to contact with it. This is the inner heavenly music
and the inner heavenly sound. And depending on the intensity of this
music... of the inner light or inner music, we can push ourselves beyond
this world, go into a deeper level of understanding.

I guess it is just like the law of physics. You want to send some rocket
into... beyond the gravity, you have to have a lot of pushing power behind
that, and also when it flies very fast it also emanates some light. So I
guess when we go fast into the beyond, we also... how to say? Oh, I speak
Chinese too much. We can...radiate, yes, some light also, and also we can
hear the sound. The sound is the kind of vibration power that pushes us
into the higher level, but it does that without any noise, without much
trouble and no cost and no discomfort to the experienced. That is the way
to go into the beyond.

And what is beyond this world that is better than our world. Everything
that we can imagine and cannot imagine. Once we experience it, then we
know. No one else could tell us really. But we have to be persistent in
that, and we have to truly be sincere, otherwise no one else can do it for
us. The same like no one else can replace you to work at the U.N.'s office
and you get pay for that. The same as no one else could help us to eat and
then we get satisfied. Therefore, the way is to be experienced. We could
listen to someone who has experience to tell us, but we cannot gain much
experience from that. We may have experiences one time, for a couple of
times or some days due to the power of that person who experienced God.
Then we might see some light or hear some sound, very naturally without our
effort, but in most cases, it doesn't last very long. So, we have to also
experience it and do it ourselves.

Beyond our world, there are many different worlds. We could just put an
example, like the one a little bit higher than us. What we call the astral
world in the Western terminology. In the astral world, they have even one
hundred and more different levels. And each level is a world of itself. And
it represents our level of understanding. It's just like we go into the
university. And then each grade as we go through the university, it
represents our understanding more, about the university's teaching and then
slowly we move to the graduation. In the astral world, we will see many
kinds of so-called miracles and we probably will be tempted also by
miracles and we probably will have miracles also. We can heal the sick, we
can, how to say... sometimes see something that other people cannot see. We
have at least six kinds of miraculous power. We can see beyond the ordinary
boundary, we can hear beyond the limits of space. The distance doesn't make
a difference to us. That's what we call the heavenly ears and the heavenly
eyes. And then we can see through the people's thinking, and what he has in
his mind, sometimes we can see etc.. These are the powers that sometimes we
acquire when we have access to the first level of the Kingdom of God.

Questions and Answers

Q. You mentioned the master can borrow people's karma. In that case the
karma is erased, for these people? What is the consequence for the people?
M. Yes, yes, yes. Oh! The master can erase anybody's karma. If that's what
the master chooses to do. In fact all the disciples, at the time of
initiation, all the karma in the past has to be erased. I just only leave
you the present karma, so we can go on to continue with this life,
otherwise we die immediately. No karma, cannot live here. Therefore the
master has to erase the store karma only, so the person is clean, and
leaves a little bit karma for him to continue this life, to do what he has
to do in this life. And after this, finished. That's why he can go,
otherwise how can he go? Even if he is clean in this life, how clean? And
how about last life, you understand? Yes. Okay.

M. The gentleman, next door. Or you want to speak more, yes? No?

Q. Well, I just want to ask You... the angels, what level are they?
M. What level are they? Oh! It depends on what kind of angels?

Q. The guardian angels.
M. Humm?

Q. The guardian angels.
M. Oh! The guardian angels, they could be up to the second level. Angels
are less than human beings, less prestige. They are to serve us.

Q. And they never go beyond that?
M. No! Except when they can become human beings. They are all very envious
of human beings, because Gods dwell within them. We have all the facilities
to become one with God, the angel doesn't. It's complicated. I talk to you
another day. Okay! They are things made for our use also you see, the
different kinds of angels. Yes. For example, if it is made by God, then
it's made to serve us, you under-stand? And they should not... don't have
to go beyond that. Understand? But they could, yeah. Sometimes, something
is made without a proper arrangement to improve. You understand? For
example, in your house something you made for your own comfort, you
understand. Even though it's very fantastic. For example you sit here and
you can turn the lights off and on all over your house and garden, and turn
on and off the TV, because you invented it for yourself, but this is only
to serve you. Because even though it's better than you in some aspects,
like it can sit here and control everything and you can not do that by
human effort. But that doesn't mean it's better than you. Understand? It's
made for the sole purpose of serving you. Even though it's better than you,
but it's not. Okay! All right. It can never be human being, the computer.

Q. So my question to You then would be, since You have talked about
shopping, would You consider initiating someone who has been initiated by
another master?
M. I would only if that person truly believes that I am more able to take
her or him to a higher level and faster. Otherwise it is better to stick to
one's own master if one still feels very much attached, and has much faith
in that master. If you believe your master is the best already, then don't
change. If you still have doubt and if you still have not got the light and
sound which I have mentioned, then you should try. Yes, because light and
sound is the standard measurement for a real master. If anyone who is not
able to impart you immediate light or sound he is not a real master, I am
sorry to say. The road to heaven is equipped with light and sound. Just
like you go to dive into the sea, you have to be equipped with oxygen mask
and all that. There are things for different purposes. Okay? That's why you
see all the saints with the halo on them. That's light.

When you practice this method, you radiate the same light like they draw on
the picture of Jesus, and people can see it. If the people are psychic, you
know, they can see your light. That's why they draw Jesus with the halo and
they draw Buddha, with the light around Them. You can see practitioners, in
high degree, with this light if you are opened. (Master points to Her
forehead). Many people can see that. Have any of you seen, who are here?
You? What did you see?

Q. Well, I can see auras, auras....
M. Yeah, but auras are different from light. Auras are different colors,
sometimes black, sometimes coffee, coffee color, and sometimes are yellow
or red. Depends on his temperament at that time. But when you see a person
with a strong spiritual aura, you know it's different. Right? Yeah.

Q. I don't really have a question. I just...., I used to do raja yoga for a
M. Raja yoga. Yeah.

Q. And I thought I saw also auras. I mean at that time, I didn't have much
knowledge, you know....
M. Understand.

Q. Understanding.
M. And you don't see it now? You only see it sometimes?

Q. No, I don't meditate now.
M. Oh, that's why, you lost your power. Should meditate again, huh?

Q. Yeah!
M. If you still believe in that path, you should meditate. It helps you to
some extent. It would not harm. Okay?

Q. I saw in Your leaflet that there are five precepts. Once you are
initiated, you have to live according to these five precepts?
M. Yes, yes, yes. These are the laws of the universe.

Q. I don't understand sexual misconduct.
M. It means if you have a husband already, please don't consider the

Q. Okay. (Audience laughs)
M. Very simple. Keep your life more simple, no complication and quarreling
over emotions. Yes. It causes hurt feelings for other people. We don't harm
other people, even emotionally. That's what it is. We try to avoid
conflicts, try to avoid suffering, emotionally, physically, mentally for
everyone, especially our loved ones, that's all. Okay? If you already have
one, don't tell him. It hurts more when you tell. Just solve it slowly and
quietly, and don't confess to him. Because sometimes people think if they
have an affair, and then they go home and confess to his wife or her
husband, that's very wise and very honest. It's nonsense. It's no good. You
already made mistake, why you bring garbage home and to let other people
enjoy it? If he doesn't know about it, he doesn't feel that bad. You
understand? The fact of knowing hurts. So we try to solve that problem and
not to have it again, and that's it. Better not to talk to the partner
about this, because it will hurt them, hurt the partners. Yeah!

Q. I just have one more question. I was wondering if You knew anything... I
heard many reports that the Dali Lama eats meat and I was just wondering if
You knew if that was true and how he would excuse that.
M. I don't know why you asked me, you have to ask him.

Q. I just wondered if You had heard it or if You knew anything about that.
M. You see I very much not like to talk other people things, especially
when that person is not here to defend himself; should things not be the
way we understood. All right, please excuse. He is a lovable person as far
as he can be. And anything else is his own responsibility and choice of

Q. I've read a couple of Your books and I've listened to several of Your
M. You have! Amazing! So we knew each other then.

Q. I am intrigued by the concept of asuras.
M. A..S..U..R..A..S...What is that? Asura! Asura! Ah, astral! Ah, asuras!
Yes, yes, yes. This is the Sanskrit language for astral entities, astral
entities. Okay now. I didn't know you speak in the Sanskrit. Right so!

Q. So my question is that I know that I struggle to do the right thing to
do my practices and I know that I am struggling against something that is
struggling against me. And my question is how do I get beyond the struggle?
How do I win?
M. That's where fun is. If something is too easy, you know you lose the
challenge and you don't even want to win it. Yes. Therefore, we have two
powers inside us. We call "yin and yang" in Oriental terms, and Chinese.
Uh. We call negative and positive in the western terminology. Negative
power just pushes us to do something which is against our will, and
positive power helps us to conquer that tendency. And sometimes we lose,
sometimes we win, depends on our spiritual discipline and power. So try to
struggle and continue. Just like the United Nations struggle with refugees
issues and the wars in the world. Sometime you win at the end, it takes
some struggling. I thank you for your attention. All the best.

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