Why They Are Here (part 2)

From: "John F. Winston" <johnfwin@mlode.com>

Now we come to the reasons that the space people are here.

We will now cover the next most dangerous type of space people who
are visiting us. They are called the Greys. There are about 35
types of Greys who are here and probably some of them are good. The
good type guardian entities who really run things found the Greys
from the third planet from the sun called Zeta Reticuli II and
observed that they were a race that was just about going out of
existence. They had been forced to go underground due to some atomic
wars and when they came out they were quite changed after the
thousands of years they had lived under the surface. Their eyes had
become almond shaped and very big. They couldn't look at the bright
sunlight like we can. They had reproduced so long by cloning that
they had lost their reproductive organs. They had become so
unemotional and logical that they didn't have any feeling or love for
each other. They had lost their individuality and went around with
a hive mentality, sort of like a bunch of bees.

With all of this going against them, the good guardian type
entities told them, "Do we have a deal for you or not.?" We have a
race of people who have the sexual drive of a German Shepherd dog,
they are so emotional that they cry when looking at electrons
striking a cathode ray tube (watch soaps) and they are not too smart.
Well now, that not exactly what they told them but it might have
been what I would have said if I been there. Of course this race of
people is us. The Grey have an IQ of about 300. So the good guys
gave them some help so that they were able to make it here.

The people from Venus (my friend Valient Thor) contacted our
government and spent about two years in the Pentagon but they turned
him down in his bid to help us because he wanted us to start acting
right and do a few things like throw away our atomic bombs. Ike
told him thanks but no thanks. The Grey came along and told them
that they don't care what we do. They would give us all the
technology we want. All we had to do is let them abduct a few of
our people to do some experiments on them, erase their memory of the
incidents and turn them loose. Our government then said, "OK but
you be sure and give us a list of all you are taking." It all went
well until they started taking too many people, not bringing some of
them back and a few more things. The government then wanted out
and talked with a three star general and asked him to start a project
called Operation Awareness. He was promised all of the money he
needed to get the TV, radio, movies, and newspapers to start telling
the people the truth because our government wanted out of the contact
with the Greys and they wanted the public to know about it if they
ever had to fight the Greys. The general refused to take the job but
since that time exactly what he had been asked to do was done. We
have had good movies like Encounters Of The Third Kind, ET The
Extraterrestrial (otherwise known as ET Go Home) and The X-Files.
These have been softening up the public in case a fight will happen
or we will invite them in.

So recapping, the Greys are here to mate with us to produce a
highbred race so their race will survive.

John Winston. johnfwin@mlode.com

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