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[ NOTE from Modemac: And they say SubGenii are paranoid? Paranoia and
fear is a way of lie for the Conspiracy, because they don't want anyone to
actually dare to think their own thoughts! Here's a cross-posted letter
from a certain flake I know you've heard of. Please note the included
snail-mail address of the AFA, if anyone wants to bother dropping them a
letter or something. Actually, I like the way the letter wants us to
"keep TV from promoting homosexuality as a 'normal' lifestyle." Why would
anyone want to be NORMAL? But somehow I doubt that this is what the
letter really wants us to think. :) ]

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I came across the following on another online service. I DO NOT support what
it says, but am posting it because I think we need to know what is being
said so that action can be taken. If it's a repeat, my apologies.

Pasted message:

****** PLEASE NOTE! ******


I get (as a "stealth" gay, I guess) mailings from fundanazi outfits like AFA
and post some of their garbage to let other gays and lesbians know just
what's being said and done about us... below is a sample:



* A call to action from Donald E. Wildmon, AFA President

November, 1994


This fall network TV executives will continue to try to promote
homosexuality as a normal and acceptable lifestyle. And this in spite
of the fact that a new study has gained valuable information about
homosexuality! I'll give you the details in a moment.

First, I want to warn you that the push to make homosexuality "morally
acceptable" is a VERY REAL THREAT to you, your family, your children and
our entire society! The homosexual community has awesome power in Hollywood!

And yet, you can FIGHT BACK! And WIN, too! Here's how:

* First, get INVOLVED and take ACTION! Sign and mail the enclosed post
cards. [They included 3 postcards addressed to Philip Morris Companies,
Inc.; McDonald's Corporation and Ford Motor Company bitching them for
spending their advertising dollars on pro-gay "promotion." - RK] Make
phone calls. Recruit neighbors, friends, co-workers and fellow church
members to get involved.

* Second, stay COMMITTED to whatever action you begin! Let the companies
which use their advertising dollars to promote homosexuality on TV hear
from you!

* Third, continue to storm heaven with your PRAYERS! Ask God to give you
the grace to persevere in your commitment.

Make no mistake, the homosexuals all but control Hollywood. They are
powerful, militant, well-connected and well-financed. And the facts
prove it:

* FACT: The networks regularly consult with homosexuals on projects they
are considering. ABC executives admit this publicly.

* FACT: Network executives say homosexuals are the most effective and
well-organized pressure group lobbying TV.

* FACT: The networks solicit input from the Gay Media Task Force and pay
them for their input.

* FACT: 80% of Hollywood creators, writers and producers believe that
homosexuality is NOT wrong.

* FACT: Most of the Hollywood TV elite believe they have a role to play
in reshaping American society; which in this case means making
homosexuality acceptable.

* FACT: Hollywood fund raisers for the National Gay and Lesbian Task
Force sell out and are attended by a "Who's Who" of network TV.

That's how powerful the homosexual lobby is in Hollywood. And their
influence is showing up in more and more TV shows, shows like:

* MELROSE PLACE (Fox, Jan. 26) Matt, a regular homosexual character,
begins dating Jeffrey whom he met in a cafe.

* SISTERS (NBC, Jan. 29) Norma, the lesbian boss of one of the series'
regular sister characters, appears as a "normal" person.

* MARTIN (Fox, Feb. 20) Martin and his live-in lover Gina attend a
couples church retreat before marrying. A minister takes great pride
in introducing the retreat's *first* homosexual couple.

* ROSEANNE (ABC, March 1) This episode aired the much-promoted kiss
between lesbian character Sharon and Roseanne, the series star. Sharon
is Nancy's lover. Nancy is a recurring homosexual character on the program.

* NORTHERN EXPOSURE (CBS, May 2) In this episode the highly-promoted
wedding of Eric and Ron, the series' recurring homosexual characters,
was aired.


Because homosexuals cannot "reproduce" themselves, they are forced
to *recruit* new members. And the targets of their recruitment drives

Today, these recuirtment efforts are going on in government, in our
schools, in our military, in nearly every avenue of influence. But they
are most pronounced in Hollywood.

And a major weapon in all these recuitment efforts is their distortion
of truth. This distortion states that homosexuals are...

...*Healthy! Why then their fear of AIDS?

...*Happy! Why then are they so bitter and angry?

...*Normal! When then can't they reporduce like every other species
on earth?

...*Everywhere! That 10% of all Americans are "gay"!

This last lie is the biggest of all. And the news and entertainment
media have willingly promoted it for years.

But now the truth is out. A study by the University of Chicago (released
on October 7, 1994) states that, at most, only 2.8% of men and 1.4% of
women are homosexual.

You probably didn't even hear about that study.

Why? Because the liberal media finds it politically incorrect.

Fortunately, you know that homosexuality is, by its nature, morally
wrong. The homosexuals want our children to accept homosexuality.

*God calls on us to protect His innocent little ones.*

That's why we must oppose the homosexual movement and their friends
in places of power.

So today, I am issuing this CALL TO ACTION.

Read over the list of companies which give themost money to promote
the homosexual agenda [They list 9 TV sponsor-companies, along with
their addresses, phone numbers, head honcho names, their products, and
the programs where they had ads - RK]. Contact as many of these companies
as you can. Be polite but firm. Let these companies know that their
support of homosexuality is leading many to unhappiness, sorrow and death.

1. SIGN AND MAIL your enclosed postcards.
2. Make PHONE CALLS to other companies [they include a list of 6
companies with their 800 numbers - RK].
3. Write a PERSONAL LETTER to yet another company.

Take a few moments today to help keep TV from promoting homosexuality
as a "normal," "acceptable," "healthy," and "moral" lifestyle.
"Boingy! Boingy! | Reverend Modemac | There is
Boingy!" (Yakko, | | no
Wakko and Dot) | First Online Church of "Bob" | black and white.

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