GOSSIP and Vile Rumor


Cooter Vs. Nenslo
This leads to ever-deeper levels of gossip, flaming and senseless hate. YOU'LL DIG IT, MAN!!

Doctress Neutopia and "Bob"--Scandal?
Head Freezing
I'm WARLORDING Stang's .sig file
"Bob" and His Apostles
"Hi!" from Stupid Fake "Bob"
Info on Good Sex 4 Mutants Dating Service refunds.
Nenslo to sue own dick
[KOOK NOMINATION] Zoogz Rift (The Liquid Moamo)

Stangy-Boy email techno-glitches
Don't you wish you were a SubGenius Celebrity Newbie?

The Met's STANG article on the Web
The nice newsy profile to which this leads reveals Rev. Stang's "real," "human" name repeatedly. All you fanboys and assassins have to do now is look it up in the Dallas phone book. EH - EH - EH!!!

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