Please excuse my use of the fish-eye lens on my camera, but I wanted to get EVERYTHING into this shot. I managed to climb the Right Pipe Pyramid and make it to the top just at sunset, and, huffing and puffing, snapped this pic which includes not only the antigravity sign but the Red Pyramid's back, AND the amazing REFLECTIONS in the incredibly smooth giant gold layered Pipe bowl.

Right after shooting this I fropped up... and on my way down the Pyramid steps, met a Malaysian COP! -- who could obviously smell it on me, and was mad as hell (they hang you for Frop possession in Malaysia) -- but couldn't do a damn thing about it, since I was wearing an official orange Orangutan patch. All Malaysian cops know that you can only get those patches from "GGG" himself, and thus are MOST RESPECTFUL of anybody wearing one.


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