This is my very favorite shot of the Dobbstown Hutel, because at first you don't notice anything unusual. But talk about BAD JUJU! Imagine what the uninvited Malaysian natives think when they stumble upon Dobbstown only to notice, WHEN THEY"RE ALREADY PAST THE FORCE FIELD, that EVERYTHING IS FLOATING ABOUT 6 INCHES OFF THE GROUND -- the skulls on posts, the HUTS, the TREES, even the god damn TRICERATOPS!

The skulls on posts -- it's hard to tell from these pictures, but they're actually very large fiberglass models, about 15 feet high. Las Vegas style. They're only a few feet in front of the Triceratops, but they have this "forced-perspective" effect that's really cool.

Some animal lovers have questioned the floating of the Triceratops, but it's to keep it from stepping on "Bob's" toes if "Bob" happens to come around. It seems to get around just fine, sort of "skating" rather gracefully for such a large animal.


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