15X-Day Drill
July 4, "2012"
Photos by Rev. Ivan Stang, Princess Wei 'R.' Doe, Pater Nostril
Pancake/Scrapple Breakfast by Pater & Petal Nostril; Live Hour of Slack; The Grindhouse Theater; Hog Cooking by Rev. Heathen; Legal Wedding of Priestess Pisces and Rev. Frodis "Suds" Pshaw & Reception; The Robot Costume Ball; The Mutant Mountain Boys concert; Legume Elvis (wrecked by failure of engineers to project elaborate video); rants by Bishop Stick, GGG, Popess Pantiara, Rev. Angry Larry, Pisces, Rev. Pockets; Rape of "Bob" Dummy by Dr. Philo Drummond and Rev. Stang; jam by 5-Fisted Tails of Connie. As heard on Hour of Slack #1373, 1374.