As evening drew nigh, we again packed up all the stuff and hauled the suitcases and ourselves by cab to the devival venue, a club called The Ahknaton just off NieuwezijdsVoorburgwal near Central Station.

It was a great Devival! Crazy White Sean's SUI-SIDE-SHOW FROM HELL made it an especially memorable evening, at least for those in the audience able to gaze upon his act at all.

Joseph ran sound. Preaching went in this order:

Stang with SubGenius 101, to reel in the unsaved
Dr. Hal with more cerebral and lofty thoughts, for the discerning and the intelligent
Pope Black's first sermon delivered stone cold sober
Rev. Selfs Layer with some brand new SubDoctrine
Rev. Lucky Bastard -- the one local preacher. Unlike last time, he did not suffer a serious concussion just before preaching, but it was inspiring anyway!

I then performed the Long Duration Marriage of Pope Black and Nina, complete with packing-tape handfasting. This was very romantic and ended with the loving couple sweetly groveling together on the floor.

Crazy White Sean -- well... I'll try to describe it.

First he involved Rocknar, Pope Phil and Sensi SubGenius UberBabe Victoria in a hash-muffin-eating contest (promoting his sponsor, The Muffin Man). Rocknar was awarded the prize. I think it was really a 3-way tie, but Rocknar somehow looked more... appropriate in the situation.

Crazy White Sean's performance involved, in part, and not necessarily in this order:

Drinking his pee
Eating worms and cockroaches
Lining his dick and lips with mousetraps
Making a pincushion of his face and then blowing wine out the holes in his cheeks.
Stapling his nutsack to his belly, notes to his forehead.
Sucking live worms up his nose and hacking them out his mouth -- same with necklaces
Opening a wine bottle with the corkscrew going through his nasal septum
Swinging billiard balls on chains from hooks in his nose
Fire eating and farting
Super-Gluing his hand to a bowling ball, and then ripping it free
Nailing his dick to a board
Hammering long nails into his nose
Swinging a bowling ball from his dick
Hanging full 2-liter bottles from his tongue
Getting a bowling ball dropped on his crotch while lying on a bed of nails (he did have his crotch protected by a dinner plate, though)
Setting off large fearsome firecrackers in his ass

See http://crazywhitesean.com if you don't believe me. Or THESE HIDEOUS PHOTOS!

His patter throughout the one-hour show is very funny but my very favorite line of his is:
"Ow, this fucking hurts!"

The SubGenii returned to the stage and built up suspense for the holy ritual of Karaoke Dominatrix... "backstage" looked like a Fellini movie come to life. With Pope Phil Monty and Selfs Layer adding their butts, and Princess Wei, Plastic Mediator and Espira on whips, switches and anal celery stalks, Pope Black's butt was the main target to be whacked and violated while he attempted to sing along with some god-awful pop song between screams.

For some reason no one can define, this is really sidesplitting to watch! -- possibly because the screams are REAL.

We closed the devival with a touching Public Ordainment of the newly ensaved Rev. Master Kingsbury! No one fainted, though.

We had a VERY late night at Carl's after that show.


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