These Baptists aren't like the Baptists you're thinking of

From: CDAAAH <>
Date: Fri, Apr 30, 1999 8:28 AM

Friday Jones wrote:

> In article <>, "König PreuBe, GmbH"
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> > Rev. Magdalen wrote:
> >
> > > They're YANKEE Baptists! They SUPPORT free speach!! It's like bizzarro
> > > world!
> >
> > Do they dance? Will I have to get dunked again?
> >
> > Actually, now that you mention it, there are some weird Baptist
> > factions. There are Bautistas in Mexico, too, and they aren't much
> > like Southern Baptists, even though they are farther south!
> >
> > Yankee Baptists! What'll they think of next!?!?
> In front of the Church they have a little sign board that shows all of the
> causes they support - "Jams & Jellies for the Homeless", "Refugee African
> Drummers" and others in that flavor.
> However, they have saved "Bob"'s ass, and more importantly, mine!


You really expect this to be a church that isn't CHOCK-A-BLOCK full of

(At least you'll get to see The Midnight Babtist Bomber What Bombs Babtist
At Midnight)

The CON is a many-faced thing, and some of the faces are quite attractive...


Subject: Re: These Baptists aren't like the Baptists you're thinking of
From: (Mike Baranczak)
Date: Fri, Apr 30, 1999 12:47 PM

Yeah, I remember that church. I went to a punk rock show there a few
years ago, when I was still living in Boston and the Tasty was still
open... A few years before that, they got in trouble for taking in
Salvadoran refugees. These guys are definitely on the side of the
Three-Fisted Fightin' Hippie Jesus.
And by the way, just about ALL Baptist factions are weird - it's just
that the weirdness takes very different shapes.

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