"Pinks walking past the Cambridge Baptist Church"

From: okmr905@aol.com90.5FM (OKMR905)
Newsgroups: alt.slack
Date: Sat, May 1, 1999 4:00 AM

One of my most slackful moments this year was watching pinks walk
past the outside of the church where the banned-Church of the Subgenius
itself was blairing anti-BoB and Kill-BoB propaganda on itself even after
pondering if July 5, 1998 had passed yet, while being illuminated by a
city of Cambridge police crusier's spot light willingly as a "favor"!

Stang's brilliant insight floored the flock as we all looked at the
Cambridge Baptist Church as a "Y0K" (Y-Zero-K) problem!
Delight took over again as money was funneled towards a well deserving
Rev. Friday Jones and "praise Bob, Kill Bob" was freely flowing towards
Mass Ave and many bewildered passers by! PRAISE BOB!!!

Thanks Rev. BusStopPest for the microcassette deck recording of this
tremendous event! It's now in the OrKillMeRadio90.5FM's archives for
broadcast in Sherman, NY on XX Day, driect from that very same
microcassette deck!

> > Pimps in da front
> > Ho's in da back
> > An' chumps in da trunk

"Or Kill Me Radio" 90.5FM Sherman, NY

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