Subject: Letter to the Cambridge Chamber Of Commerce

From: Popess Lilith von Fraumench <>
Newsgroups: alt.slack
Date: Sat, May 1, 1999 10:55 PM
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I just sent this e-mail to the Cambridge Chamber Of Commerce. Their
voice line is (617) 876-4100, and you can fax them at (617) 354-9874.
Their e-mail address is below. If you want to write out a more personal
note, mail it to the Cambridge Chamber Of Commerce, 859 Massachusetts
Avenue, Cambridge, MA 02139.

Tell them you will never spend a dime in their town after this, and
encourage them to kick any politician out of office who'd bar the
Church in Cambridge. Keep it relatively nice, though.

The Prophet Lilith


From: Lilith Mitchell
Subject: Complaint--religious persecution in Cambridge

To whom it may concern:

Due to harassment from one of Cambridge's elected officials, my
religion--the Church of the SubGenius--was twice denied a location to
meet and celebrate our faith this past week. Not only did he harass the
owner of the Middle East Restaurant, the original location of this
gathering, into cancelling it, but also blocked an attempt to gather at
the old Cambridge Baptist Church after the ACLU intervened.
Furthermore, the sponsor of this event lost hundreds of dollars as a
result of this matter. Needless to say, this is an extremely upsetting

Is this how Cambridge treats religious groups in general? I guess it
does not matter, because, as a result of this incident, I will never
spend a single dollar within Cambridge's city limits. Furthermore I
will tell my friends, colleagues, and associates about this matter, and
encourage them to do the same. This religious persecution is
intolerable in a country where such things are supposed to be
anti-Constitutional. I hope the Chamber of Commerce agrees, and decides
to research this issue. Then I hope they decide to back this
politician's opponents, permanently. That may be the only way to save


Lilith Mitchell


Cambridge Chamber of Commerce response

As one might've guessed, the Chamber of Commerce is a bunch of noodle-whipped pussies. Their grammar sucks too:

>DEar Lilith
>Thank you for contacting us with your problem. Unfortunately, we have no power or affiliation with the elected officials. We are strictly a business minded organization that like you, petitions the official on matter relative to our mission. My suggestion is that you contact the human rights commission at 349-4396. I think they can help. Good luck.

The HUMAN rights commission?!?

And what's this about having no power or affiliation with elected officials? I've never known a chamber of commerce that hasn't had BOTH nuts dragging across the face of every politician willing to suckle.

Is this how EUROPEANS do business? Pete, do you know?

I'll reply in good time. If someone has the area code for Cambridge, you've got the number to call.

"Human" rights... but NO RIGHTS FOR SUBGENII.


The Prophet Lilith

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