Postcard from planet ten


"Dear" all,

Although Friday, Lillith, Legume, Stang and all my so called "friends" turned me out from The Holocuastal Schism, leaving my body to be digested by the blood thirsty vultures bent on collecting a lousy $40 contract on "Joe from Tallahassee", I'm pleased to report that ONE person in this church STILL SIDES WITH ME. You may have heard of this individual from time to time. His name is "Bob".

While the rest of you fought over who would get to take my uniforms and steal my thunder, the REAL leader of our Church (surprise, it AIN'T Stang) sent an X-ist Star Destroyer to pick me up and haul me to the promised planet at full light speed. I'm not trying to gloat or anything, but I thought I'd transmit you poor bastards a post card photograph of me on the bridge. Wow- what a view. of the universe from up here. You might also notice that the weopon's targeting computer is sited on a certain planet infested with my enemies. That's me in the foreground, trying to decide if I should push the button or not.

Any suggestions?

I have one: KISS MY ASS!

Lovingly yours,
Papa Joe


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