Tommy Amoeba's Birthday and
Pittsburgh Devival 2013

Photos by Princess Wei 'R.' Doe & Rev. Ivan Stang

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Andrew The Impaled: Radio Blockhead (recorded right after he hammered a screwdriver DIRECTLY INTO HIS FUCKING FACE) 01:36
Andrew The Impaled GREAT anti-rape-culture song: It Aint Cool Man 04:07
Stang delivers a Rant written by Brother Freddy of the West Borrowed Bobtist Church 01:38
Eric Singer's Slime-O-Tron 08:19
Stang Reads Nenlo's Treatise on the Prairie Squid/Face Fucking Bat Biosymbiosis 02:38
Phat ManDee & Wei Sing Dr. Hal's "X-Day Is Here" 04:31
Phat ManDee song: "Bob" Dobbs Shake 03:35
tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE (his sampler is loaded with the names of radio-banned band names) 05:34
The Heckler Vs. Stang 01:12
Amoeba Knievel: Death of T-Rex 04:21
Amoeba Knievel: CITY OF DOMES excerpt

On Friday we packed swag and smag. On Saturday Wei and I drove to Phat ManDee's and Tommy Amoeba's house -- yet another marvelously decorated SubGenius house -- and then went to the Pittsburgh Devival / Tommy Amoeba Birthday Party, which went just great largely because there were so many old and newish friends there, and friends we didn't know we had until then. The nice young couple we married in Kent were there, with their friend who made the Dobbshead-engraved Zippo lighter, our neighbor and pal iDRMRSR was there, the NEARLY ever-present Rev. Steve Scynic was there,* Rev. Pan Demonium (who seems to look different every time I see him), and a lot of Pittsburghers from all walks of life, including side-show. Andrew the Impaled sang some truly powerful new songs and his Human Blockhead successfully grossed out his "volunteer," who happened to be the same drunken French woman who later became the sole drunken heckler  -- and who refused to join me onstage when I asked her to come on up and use a proper microphone for her heckling!

SAINT N HIMSELF was there!

And… St. tENTATIVELY, a cONVENIENCE was there!

TENT is one of the original ancient and revered super-old-time Original Doctors from the formative years of the Church. He's also one of the very few ACTUAL FOR-REAL SERIOUS ARTISTS I've known in my life. This guy has BLED for his art -- and, also, JUST FOR RUDE YUKS AND GRINS!

He did a very short but extremely intense 5-minute synth-sampler concert that... well I just hope the recordings come out because it (and Eric Singer's anti-robot) were impossible to describe. Yesterday I went to visit tENT's amazing archive of a house -- it's remarkably like the Slackermansion in some ways -- and he videotaped me yakking about SubGenius and such but mostly about a late common friend, Dr. Al Ackerman aka Blaster Al, about whom tENT is making a documentary. It was really great seeing old (and I do mean old) tENT. We're about the same age and we both remember the oldest of the olden days. The most miraculous thing of all is that the both of us are not only alive, but healthy (considering) and actually, finally, living in Slack. Appreciating the Slack we have, anyway, which is possibly the most real form of "winning."

Amoeba Knievel is a FUCKING GREAT BAND!! It's the same killer guitar player and drummer as at last X-Day, but this time they had the regular bassist. I danced HARD considering I was leaning against a wall in exhaustion at the time.

After the show, at Tommy and ManDee's house, Wei and Tommy and I sat up until dawn watching BEANY AND CECIL cartoons from the 1960s! Steve and ManDee slept like little babies throughout all our exclaiming.

BEANY AND CECIL was much weirder even than I remembered it! I hadn't realized that was a Bob Clampett cartoon. It had a surprising amount of beatnik humor in it.

Wei is fighting a cold now. I feel fine now that I've had 12 hours of sleep.

Besides the photos from the camera shared by Princess Wei and myself are these shots by iDRMRSR.

A comment posted on the Scrubgenius forum by Deacon Pan Demonium:    


That mouthy Pink broad will be French Fried soon enough...

I had been hoping to see a Pittsburgh Devival for some time, and since I will not be able to attend the Hysteria in Wisteria this year this was my only chance to really wallow in pure uncut Slack before the End of the World... I am happy to report that I am now ready for the Rupture to commence!

Thanks to all who made this event possible, maybe we can do it again next year... And if Pittsburgh is just a cinder by then, never fear, I call "Dibbs" on the Carnegie Museum, so we all party with dinosaur bones on the Pleasure Saucers instead!

* Sadly, Rev. Scynic tells us he won't be able to be at Wisteria for X-Day. Like so many people, if he does not work on the day the world ends, he might die.

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