(Part 2, after Stang first got on for awhile and then crashed, losing first part of "show")

Unnamed > = Stang

*** ZRTLM has joined channel #SubGenius
*** Mode change "+o Stang " on channel #subgenius by Wheezer
<Gordon> Jesus, you piker how the fuck are ya?
*** Signoff: Florae (Leaving)
St. @ndrew:
<ogyr> oh shit... we can't talk about that old geezer stang no more.
<ICEKNIFE> and that's why Stang's a JEWFAG! See?
Friday Jones:
<friday-j> STANG RETURNS! Ah, the sound of my master's keystrokes ...
Miss Sakamoto:
<MissS> Yecch. Who's letting the riff-raff in?
<talysman> the AntiTal is gone, PeeKitty, you need not worry.
<MissS> Hiya, Z!
Popess Lilith nee Sheldon
<P-Lil> Zoogzie! Sweetie!
<Jesus> Hey Gordon, is that GGG?
Pee Kitty:
<PeeKat> It's all just scrollin' buy...
*** Mode change "+o ZRTLM " on channel #subgenius by P-Lil
<talysman> ooops.
<friday-j> How many of you got some tail at the Drill?
<_dad_> Zoogz: no longer banned?
<DynaSoar> About TIME I had the stims I NEED
<PeeKat> Please?
<friday-j> NO PUNISH ME FIRST!
<Gordon> Oh shit Ivan's here put thos pix of him and the you-know-what away!
<ogyr> ZOOGZ!!!! Lovbe that Duets!
Zoogz Rift:
<ZRTLM> I've returned at ICEKNIFE's invitation.
<P-Lil> TIME?!?
<MissS> Friday--do you *really* want to know?
<ICEKNIFE> Hey Zoogz you cowardly old SHITSOCK!
<ZRTLM> Andy: thanks.
<Jesus> Guess who I have sitting next to me........
> We seem to be having just a teeny little bit of trouble with our server here.
I hope someone is logging this crap... though I dunno why...
*** Action: P-Lil smashes Dyna's clock
<talysman> Heidy-Ho, Zoogz.
<DynaSoar> Kill TIME. Invest in NHGH Stocks!
<Jesus> Times up...... "Hot Tub Smith"!
<PeeKat> A blessing from Janor and a visit from G^3...we are TRULY BLESSED!
<ICEKNIFE> yeah, great... blame ME!
<DynaSoar> (Thanks, P-Lil)
<Gordon> Hey Jesus, yes its ole three gee
<P-Lil> Jesus: Your best pocket pal?
<friday-j> I hardly got any - everyone was too young or too old. If I screw
Kid Ginsu, I'm robbing the cradle - if I screw Stang, I'm robbing the grave!
<RevJack> MegaLiz is being a tease, now that she knows she's wanted. She's
writing her *STORY*, wooo..
<_dad_> Stang: this is not to be logged
<ogyr> "how come you don't do any of my songs? let's do Heart Attack" -
<Jesus> good guess P-Lil.
<friday-j> LOG IT STANG!
<P-Lil> I got tail despite the Drill, thankyew.
<_dad_> Jesus: is it Sivet?
<ogyr> friday: Pope Phred was there and YOU MISSED IT
<RevJack> Howdy, Zoogz! Geeze it's busy here.
<ZRTLM> ogyr: Sinatra was a royal pain in the ass to work with.
*** Action: PeeKat praises Slack
<Jesus> Well what about me Friday? Oh that would be a sin.
<P-Lil> Jesus: Cool. What's cooking in the hot tub--long pig fricassee again?
<friday-j> I missed all you alt.slackers - you hid in the woods!
<PeeKat> Winking Lizard makes ANYTHING good!
<MissS> Oh, Friday, age doesn't matter, but I wouldn't touch ol' Stang with
someone else's body (unless there was money involved...)
<Gordon> Hey Jesus, where's that damned tee-shirt you owe me?
<ogyr> zoogz: i bet... but oh, the harmonies!
<ZRTLM> Greetings Rev. Lyons.
<DynaSoar> Next year, BIG SIGN
> Sinatra IS a real asshole. You know he has a colostomy bag, Zoogz. true.
<friday-j> Hmmm... Stang and someone else ... why am I hungry all of a sudden?
<P-Lil> MissS: I'd rather touch someone else's body, but don't tell Stang.
<RevJack> <<RevJack scratches his nuts in puzzlement>>
<DynaSoar> ---> YETII HIDING IN FOREST HERE < ------
<friday-j> Stang and I should TRADE BREASTS.
<ZRTLM> ogyr: Frank said I was the next Dean Martin.
<Jesus> Gorden:...ahhhh, ummmm... oh yeah It's in the MAil!
<ZRTLM> ogyr: He cursed me.
<MissS> Friday--how could you miss me? When I wasn't sleeping, I was in
everyone's business!
<ogyr> friday: the woods was where the orgy was. everybody and Lou Duchez...
<PeeKat> "To learn how to priap sphincters daily send $1 to PO Box 140306
Dallas TX 75214" - RStY,YJWTH
<friday-j> someone else is a cutie ... what does Stang see in those squid?
*** _dad_ has changed the topic on channel #subgenius to Sinatra's Colostomy
<Jesus> What shirt did ya want, the new girlie-T?
> Friday, how's about if I take ONE of your breasts and stick it in the middle?
> Then you and Legume can stimulate it with that squid-zapper of his.
<ZRTLM> I'm socializing this evening.
*** Action: ogyr checks out Stang's hooters
*** Action: talysman hides in the forest, but does he make a sound?
<ZRTLM> ICEKNIFE: Or vice versa...
<friday-j> Stang: The middle of what? The dent where your bump was?
<MissS> Piss off, Jesus, I have one of the girlie tees and I offended everyone
who saw me in it!!!
<ogyr> zoogz: i believe it... still a great album, though.
<P-Lil> Socialism is dead.
<ZRTLM> I'm exchanging pleasantries.
<DynaSoar> And we're DAMN GLAD YOU ARE, Zoogz
<RevJack> Stang, you pervert! I'm tellin....somebody!
<Gordon> Stang: Are we gonna talk know!
<PeeKat> Stangy lost it...his and Jesus got kicked off by a pinger.
<friday-j> Stang, can you and I play with the zapper all alone?
<ICEKNIFE> MissS: grow bigger tits
<Jesus> I like the Girlie-T's....
> STARNGE events in Dallas... Jesus, across the room from me on another line,
has again lost contact with the SubGenius Race.
<ogyr> misss: offend isn't the word I would use... :)
<DynaSoar> MissS didn't offend me. Did I miss out?
<ZRTLM> I'm not banned anymore. Gooble gobble.
<MasterM> hey lo'
<PeeKat> The time is NHGH.
<friday-j> Stang, keep typing. Ignore that noise behind you.
<PeeKat> Heh, great minds...
<Gordon> Why did you get the wrong kind first time Zoogz?
*** Signoff: RevJack (RevJack)
<ogyr> figures... Jesus ALWAYS looses contact with the faithful.
<talysman> who planted the nuke in Dallas?
<friday-j> Bye RevJack!
<P-Lil> Gobble gooblies.
<MissS> Sorry, as soon as I get a job, I'll buy implants just for you,
<ZRTLM> Gordon: Dissidents.
<DynaSoar> Aw, Jesus is just dying again. That's how he gets attention.
<friday-j> We need to nail that Jesus boy down! oops
<ogyr> ice: she don't need em bigger than she;s got em...
<P-Lil> MissS: Who needs a job? I got implants RIGHT HERE.
<PeeKat> Hey &reux, I've got friends down here who are big JHP fans. Your music
really CARRIES!
<Gordon> Iceknife doesn't need implants, he has as fine a pair of breasts as I
have ever peed on!
<ICEKNIFE> MIssS: naw, get Sterno to blow into yer thumbs... works real
> Sivet has given up on getting on. (WHAT AM I SAYING???) Only two of us in
this office can do this at once.
<P-Lil> There's never enough tits.
<talysman> btb, who lost the tape in the woods?
<ogyr> peekat: oh shit... wait until the next one: 3 fullfledged RAP HIP HOP
<MissS> ogyr--flattery will get you everywhere! P-Lil--and they're lovely!
*** Tal has joined channel #subgenius
<ZRTLM> I can't stay on too long---I still have more work to do tonight.
*** Action: PeeKat praises IRC
<talysman> who is Tal?
<friday-j> Sivet is always welcome to get down with me!
<Gordon> Damn cheep frappy keeps going out, end's all oily and sticky
<_dad_> only two of you can do it at once?
<ZRTLM> I brought coffee and doughnuts, though.
*** KORN has joined channel #subgenius
*** Action: Tal is tal.
<ogyr> stang: ain't that a bitch? only two can get it on at once... and we
thought you heirarchites had more PROWESS
<ZRTLM> They're from Thursday---I got 'em for half price.
> Friday, it's bad enough that you sexually harrass me AND my wife... my
duaghter, that's going TOO FAR!!
<DynaSoar> korn
<DynaSoar> korn]
<P-Lil> MissS: Amazing what you can do with those worm-lure kits, no?
<DynaSoar> korn
<friday-j> Two at once in the same office? Is the video camera going?
<KORN> yeah
<PeeKat> I weren't WORRIED, 'cept for his SAFETY! The piker...
*** Action: ICEKNIFE grabs ggg by his skinny prison-girlfriend geek NECK and
pulls his tounge out his ragged asshole and lets go so he can watch ggg go
WHHEEEE flying off into space...
<ogyr> zoogz: remind me to send you a tape soon.
<Jesus> Oh come on Stang, I thought Sivet was fair game.
*** MissS has changed the topic on channel #subgenius to My Breasts
<friday-j> OK - how is that cute Ydnax these days?
<Gordon> Hey Stang is a little backwards in that department, sterno and I have
no problem with five or six at a time.
<PeeKat> Friday: Are you kidding?
<friday-j> How's you DOG?
<ZRTLM> ogyr: A tape of what?
<DynaSoar> IT'S ABOUT "BOB"
*** MegEliz has joined channel #subgenius
> Dynasoar -- more technology? I bought 2 more Syquest disks today and they're
ALREADY filled with Drill pictures!
<friday-j> Stang, can I touch your power mower?
<ogyr> zoogz: weird shit. maybe some variations on some of your tunes.
<MissS> P-Lil--astounding!
*** QBALL has joined channel #subgenius
<DynaSoar> MegMom!
*** P-Lil has changed the topic on channel #subgenius to My Breasts--$30. PO
Box 140306 Dallas TX 75214
<ICEKNIFE> Hiya Megger!
<_dad_> did someone say tape?
> FRIDAY -- COOL IT!!! Someone else is watching.
<ogyr> hi meg
<Gordon> Iceknife has hot flashes and delusions of potency.
<ZRTLM> ogyr: Great.
<MegEliz> HIHIHI
<friday-j> You should've gone for Zip cartridges
<DynaSoar> TAPE
<ogyr> dad: i did.
<DynaSoar> yes TAPE
<PeeKat> Big storm here...don't be surprised if I lose carrier...
<_dad_> ah, tape
<QBALL> what are you talking about
<friday-j> Your lovely lady is charming and graceful, O most esteemed Reverend.
*** talysman has changed the topic on channel #subgenius to "Bob's" breasts are
on fire!!!!
<_dad_> TAPE
*** KORN has left channel #subgenius
<MissS> Whoa. Lull in conversation.
<P-Lil> MissS: I think we're lagging, maybe due for a net split.
*** Action: DynaSoar is gonna buy MAGIC MACHINE and MAKE TAPE
<Jesus> I like Sivet because it's like making love to Stang and his Wife at the
same time.
<Gordon> Help me my breasts are on fire, somebody pee on them
*** Action: ICEKNIFE is VERY HELPFUL and we can not blame him for ANYTHING
<QBALL> i will
<ogyr> stang: Janor said for me to tell you that he still loves you, and that
he still sleeps with the used condom you two used back in 888
<friday-j> Jesus, can you and I tag-team on Sivet sometime?
*** QBALL has left channel #subgenius
<MissS> P-Lil--who knows. Blame it on Stang, that's what I always do..!
<PeeKat> I want a tail...but it's too hard to graft on.
<_dad_> so, tell us more about this Sivet chick
<friday-j> I hope Janor comes to visit us here someday!
<MasterM> hey my full name is MasterMagician!
<MegEliz> ICENNIFE IS HERE! I'm too scared to drink!
*** Action: P-Lil does the IRC-Sucks-Disco-Fuckhead-Boogie
<Jesus> Sure thing FJ, and "I" won't even send my lawers after you.
> This is getting entirely too personal. Let's talk about someone else's dicks.
I mean... someBODY else's dicks.
<friday-j> Sivet is just as charming as her parents. EUGGHHH!
<ogyr> dad: sivet's the product of stang's loins... hey hot mama! :)
<PeeKat> Fri: You werwe welcome to join us...
<MegEliz> P-lil: Yah.
<ICEKNIFE> How many dicks does Sivet have?
<DynaSoar> MY full name is DyanSoarFullNamePotatoeChaChaInAPinkDress
<MissS> ogyr--You frighten me..!
<P-Lil> MissS: Nah, Stang gets too much attention that way.
<friday-j> PeeKat: Next time hang a CD-ROM over the tent or something.
<_dad_> Ogyr: zat so? I was chatting with her a couple weeks ago.
<Gordon> All of you bastards keep away from Sivet, I have prior claims!
*** Tal has left channel #subgenius
<ogyr> friday: talked to janor earlier tonight. said that he'll try to make it
to next year's drill
<friday-j> GORDON - I never guessed!
<Jesus> Ok let's talk about Legume, because he's not here
<ogyr> missS: thanks. :)
<ZRTLM> I heard from Trubee today---he did some poetry rant in San Francisco
last month, and some drunken guy got up on the stage and literally started
beating him in the face and head, then the guy grabbed the mic and screamed,
<ICEKNIFE> not even YOU?
<MegEliz> Anybody see OUR picures?
<friday-j> Stang - you're depriving us!
*** Action: talysman is going home.
> Look GGG, you got 2/3 of my soul, but Sivet is NOT in the contract. (Vreedeez
has that staked out.)
<ogyr> dad: yes, zat's so.
<_dad_> Stang: all we really want is nekkid pix of YOU
<PeeKat> Heh, a sign would've helped.
<ICEKNIFE> Wasn't ME, Zoogz!
*** Action: P-Lil harpoons the other Undernet servers and starts to drag them
back into place
<Gordon> Friday: sad but true I will ALWAYS be Unky Gee to Sivet!
<Jesus> Yeah ogyr, maybe you can buy him a bus ticket in advance.
<ogyr> nekkid pix of Stang? SIGN ME UP!
*** Action: MissS dancing to Solid State by Combustible
*** Signoff: P-Lil (Read error to P-Lil[]: Connection reset by
*** Action: MissS Edison
<PeeKat> Reminds me of the funniest thing...Godfather wandering around at
night, trying desperately to find the tent...walking right by it...
*** Julie11 has joined channel #subgenius
<ZRTLM> Unfortunately, they don't have it on video, but John's got an audio
tape of it.
<ogyr> jesus: i just might. :)
<friday-j> Buy the tape of the "Bob" tism - see Stang's whanger!
> This is truly a very perverted bunch of people. I thought this was supposed
to be a NICE religion.
> Whatever happened to just simply loving "BOB"?
*** Julie11 has left channel #subgenius
<MissS> Are we still alive, kids?
<PeeKat> Zoogz: More like slumming...
<ICEKNIFE> Hey, everyone, JULIE11 is HERE!!!
<MegEliz> Can I ping somebody?
<friday-j> Praise the dicks of "Bob"!
<_dad_> yeah, real nice
<DynaSoar> Godfather Gillan has a HWOLE ROOM of STang pictures
> Why must everyone MASTURBATE to "BOB"? Can't we just love him in a spiritual
<ogyr> stang: you are solely mistaken... WHAT IS THE LAW?!?!
<Jesus> Hell, you could have seen the REAL thing if you showed up at the
drill.... we all we're naked it the pool at one time or another.
<friday-j> If "Bob" was in this room I'd give him all my loving ...
<DynaSoar> He's a STANG JUNKIE
<talysman> no, Julie11 is GONE
<ICEKNIFE> Ping GGG... he's all INTO that stuff
*** Action: _dad_ is killing "Bob" even as we type
<PeeKat> OFFEND?
<MasterM> sure ping away
<Gordon> Ivan: Vreedeez forfeited his rights to Sivet due to the Nasalportrait
<ZRTLM> I heard "Bob" got a regular part on SEINFELD.
<friday-j> I love's "Bob" and hsi big, hard, manly spirit.
*** DoraGyn has joined channel #subgenius
<ogyr> I fingered GGG once. Stinky.
<friday-j> Is Sivet for sale? How much?
*** DoraGyn is now known as P-Lil
> Damn it, you CAN'T have Sivet! I'll paint a picture of your damned lost
septum MYSELF!!!
<Jesus> How much you got FJ?
<MissS> Oh, good, now I'm catching up.
<Gordon> Ogyr: That isn't what you said at the time', "essence of roses" was
term you used I believe.
<PeeKat> Feel just fine, why?
<ZRTLM> So--has Joe been in here? Or does he know better?
<friday-j> I'll trade two breasts and a labia for Sivet!
<Jesus> EVERYTHING here is for sale..for the right price.
<friday-j> Top that!
<ogyr> Gordon: that was just pillow talk, honey...
<_dad_> No joe
<P-Lil> I think the Dallas server was undergoing SubGenius Overload.
<ICEKNIFE> Sivet is a much better artist than I am, and there's no comparison.
<friday-j> How much is a lock of Stang's public hair?
<MissS> Sivet is beautiful!
<talysman> which "Joe"
<P-Lil> How did I wind up in Vancouver, BC anyhow?
<_dad_> no comparison!
<Jesus> Joe, dosen't have a computer.
<friday-j> When id doubt, go back to Joe
<MegEliz> Okay. I'm not toooo lagged. Who's labia is in Vancouver!!??
<ZRTLM> talysman: Joe Newman.
> Hey, what am I doing in Beijing?
<Gordon> Forget it Stang, and what do you mean can't have...we're operating in
the already have mode dude!
<MissS> I'm jealous of her!
<friday-j> I didn't see no Joe at the Drill ...
<DynaSoar> kill ME dammit
<E_Lizard> getting late for me.still have a paying job.
> This server's gone INSANE!!!
<friday-j> Stang: Looking for Sivet?
> This whole THING is totally NUTS!!!
<PeeKat> Rap Hip Hop? I wanna tape!
<MissS> ogyr--For what? I can't remember.
<ogyr> Meg: mine... i left it there after a Skinny Puppy show
<_dad_> Paying job???
<Gordon> gotta go check on the dog
<friday-j> Praise the SubGenius Church!
<Jesus> But he does have a tape recorder, and I understand he know has a
girlfriend! Someone named Genina or something.
<talysman> Zoogs: OK, I thought you meant The Ultimate Pink.
*** Action: ogyr kills Dynasaur
> I'm having this weird vision, this DREAM, this hallucination that dozens of
strangers are lusting for my daughter.
<MegEliz> ogyr: your what?
<_dad_> nuts to me
<friday-j> Gordon, what are you doing with Stang's dog?
<P-Lil> MasterM: 1) Yes, I am hot. 2) No, you won't make me hotter. I go for
<ICEKNIFE> WAIT... didn't you read? GGG went to check on his dog!
<friday-j> Don't worry Stang, it's only a dream.
*** CHRIS42 has joined channel #subgenius
<_dad_> Stang: actually nobody cares
<friday-j> I just lust after your socks, Stang.
<ogyr> peekat: we're working on it. Got the DJ Kid Entropy to lay down the
trax. actually sounds fucking awesome.
<ogyr> meg: my labia. in vancouver
<MegEliz> Friday will buy socks.
> Nobody cares about ME... they just want to fuck my CHILDREN and my PETS!!!
<PeeKat> Yes, korn...korn rules. Now, who THIS is...
<friday-j> Stang, I have a private message for Sivet. Will you relay it?
<ogyr> friday: no! I want PEEKAT'S SOCKS! ALL THREE OF THEM!
> Oh, if only Connie were here. Or at least Susie the Floozie.
<MissS> Stang--At least I'm not robbing the cradle by that much. I think if
anyone should get claim to any of your children, it should be me!
<Jesus> Well I wonder if we can market Stanks dirty socks?
<MasterM> Greenday is better
<CHRIS42> no fucking way
<MegEliz> Nonononono
<Jesus> Stang's I mean
> But Susie is servicing the Olympics right now.
<talysman> Ogyr: yeah, right...
<friday-j> Stang, I love you, your tux (which you forgot to wear) your silver
tongue, and your hair. Kiss my fist!
<MasterM> by a mile
<DynaSoar> No, *I* am NENSLO. SHUT UP
<ogyr> Stang: I'd fuck you, but that long hair has gotta go.
<P-Lil> Stang: As long as you keep giving me chili, frappie, and wine, I'll
leave your kids AND your dogs out of it, OK?
<PeeKat> It's about Sakamoto's breasts!
*** CHRIS42 has left channel #subgenius
<ogyr> No! I'M NENSLO!
<ICEKNIFE> you WISH you were NENSLO, you moribund old HIPPY
<ogyr> SHUT UP!
*** E_Lizard has left channel #subgenius
<friday-j> Stang, someone else said I had to do the M-thing before I could take
a shower with you. What's the M-thing?
<DynaSoar> SHUT UP
*** Mode change "+o P-Lil " on channel #subgenius by MissS
<_dad_> shut up!
> NENSLO!!! Good to see you. Man you sure had those Bobbies fooled at the
<MegEliz> M-thing?
<PeeKat> I said tapes...I gotta get Jehovah hates Phred tapes.
<ZRTLM> Well, it's been wonderful. ICEKNIFE, thanks for lifting the ban. I've
got to go get back to work on my track sheets. Ciao, all.
<ogyr> There's nothing wrong with Miss Sakamoto's breasts./
<_dad_> tapes!
<friday-j> I just said to KISS IT, not SWALLOW IT Stang. That hand has been in
some awfully nice places ...
<Jesus> No Ogry the hair makes it GOOD, it's like being with a pretty
girl...from the behind anyway. Just don't turn him over
*** Signoff: ZRTLM (Ircle was here!)
<ICEKNIFE> Later Zoogz!
*** ickabod has joined channel #subgenius
<ogyr> Peekat: okay... soon.
<_dad_> bye ZoogZ
> Hell even LEGUME looks kinda cute from behind.
<friday-j> The hair is like reins, you can control his head that way ...
<DynaSoar> Bye Z
<PeeKat> QBALL: It's all about "Bob" here, man...
<friday-j> LEGUME is OK from the front too
<MasterM> i'm special i'm not an op! :)
<_dad_> big behind
<ICEKNIFE> yeah... from WAY behind...
*** GENOSiDE has left channel #subgenius
*** ickabod has left channel #subgenius
<friday-j> "Bob" looks good from ANY ANGLE. It's that wattle ...
<DynaSoar> Legume looks REAL cute poking his head out the Squid tent
*** E5102JB has joined channel #subgenius
<ogyr> Jesus: then I'm not getting the full effect. I want that throbbing tumor
on his face and EVERYTHING. Make him wimper for my mighty SubG love...
<P-Lil> MasterM: You sure are special.
<friday-j> Stang, please don't cut off your tumor!
*** E5102JB has left channel #subgenius
> The Dobbs wattle is damn near the sexiest thing I ever saw, and I'm STRAIGHT.
<MegEliz> Nono Keep it STANG!
> When I see that Dobbswattle waggin', man, I like to DIE!!
*** Mode change "+o MegEliz " on channel #subgenius by P-Lil
<MissS> Stang--I'd fuck you in a hearbeat, if I wasn't afraid that it'd kill
<MasterM> thatnks P-Lil you should see my pic:)
<friday-j> Stang, you're about as straight as I am.
<friday-j> Stang - I'd fuck you in a bed!
<PeeKat> Sivet, pleas send me picturs i am over 18
<ogyr> Stang: that's okay... you can be straight all you want. Just get ready
<MegEliz> Dobbs waffle?
<MegEliz> I miss lurch.
<Jesus> Yeah he is seriously thinking of having the prenatal third nostril
<MasterM> then you could say that for real
> God damn it, I AM straight. I'm REAL straight. I'm straight out in several
directions at once.
<_dad_> Stang, are you a phony?
<Jesus> I think we should start a Save the Tumor fund.
<P-Lil> MasterM: No thanks. Unless you got really big tits and can take 24
inches of love up your ass.
<DynaSoar> Where IS lurch?
> It's this whole NATION that's crooked and perverse!
<MegEliz> Friday: wash your mouth with LAVA.
*** Action: ICEKNIFE is DEEPLY concerned
> It's SOCIETY'S fault!
<MasterM> hey peekat! :)
<MissS> Yarr,
*** Signoff: talysman (Ping timeout for talysman[])
<friday-j> Hold me down and scrub me HARD
> Where's Nickie? I need a SPANKING again.
<MegEliz> Dyna: Lurch is in Colorado.
<ogyr> Jesus: my $1 is in the mail.
<DynaSoar> CAREFUL LIL, He's gonna try to CRAWL INTO YOU
<MissS> Stang--it's all you, baby!
<MasterM> no thanks
<P-Lil> Stang, is "Bob" dead? *doey-eyed kid look*
<Jesus> They should have TOLD you!
<friday-j> Sivet: my package is going into the mail Monday. DON'T LET STANG
OPEN IT! It's all for YOU!
<MegEliz> Far away from IRC lucky boy.
<DynaSoar> Meg: Oh, right. He said that.
<ICEKNIFE> yeah, where IS ickie Nicke? She needs a SPANKING
<ogyr> Stang: I hope that pic of you getting thwapped by the Nickster CUMS
> I don't believe Lurch ever introduced himself to me at the drill. For all I
know, Lurch is Nenslo.
<friday-j> Stang, I'll spank you if you like ...
<friday-j> With my breasts,
<friday-j> And then my feet,
<MissS> Stang--I'll do it for half price!
<ogyr> No, Lurch isn't NENSLO. I AM.
<friday-j> And then my dicks!
> The pics of Nickie are not good. The video is okay but is too dark for a
frame grab. I did use Nickie spanking Susie though.
<friday-j> Huh?
<ogyr> Nenslo is a construct in my mind
<Jesus> God FJ you need to be electricuted again, in a cold shower.
<MissS> Piss off! *I'm* NENSLO!
<friday-j> Nenslo is Stang's bump!
<DynaSoar> MEE T00!!!!11!! IM NENSOL "SHUT UP!"
<PeeKat> Nice and perverted!
<PeeKat> WAS here.
<ICEKNIFE> Except that during the drill, Onan had dinner with Nenslo...
*** P-Lil has changed the topic on channel #subgenius to Imanenslo
<friday-j> Hot shower! With entire Hierarchy!
> In fact I have converted the Susie Squid Fuck and the Legume Lip Stab to
Quicktime movies.
<PeeKat> And a StangMug(TM).
<friday-j> Going down to get to the top!
<ogyr> friday: THAT'S THE ANSWER! Nenslo is actually the tumor on Stang's head!
*** Gwendolyn has joined channel #subgenius
<DynaSoar> (hot shower -- ick)
<MissS> Ah, shit!
<MegEliz> I had a shower with Friday. Don't ask.
<MasterM> m/f check?
<friday-j> Yes, the tumor SPEAKS while Stang sleeps.
<MasterM> or bi
<ogyr> ICE: he lied
<P-Lil> Praise perverts!
<MasterM> whatever....
<MasterM> m here
<MissS> both
<Gwendolyn> f
<P-Lil> MasterM: M/F.
<MegEliz> Praise reverts!
<Jesus> Hey, who here would shell out $20 for a X day drill vidi?
<MissS> or something.
<ogyr> Meg: Damn, and I wasn't there?!?!
<friday-j> YMegEliz: Why didn't you let me scrub your back?
<MegEliz> You weren't?
> I caught Philo jacking off in the showers. HE WAS LOOKING IN THE MIRROR while
he was doing it... that's so SICK.
<PeeKat> Candles burn under Stang's picture all night long, as his voice
filters eerily through the room as Godfather prays to the Sacred Scribe...
<_dad_> $20 bucks?
<ogyr> Jesus: I ALREADY DID SHELL OUT $20!!!
<friday-j> I intend to buy ALL the VIDEOS!
<Gordon> Wow that was a big dog, but I'm back did I miss anything..nah probably
<P-Lil> MissS: Ooh, I love genderfucking! RUB YOUR TITTIES ON ME!
<Gwendolyn> What does this have to do with bob?
<MegEliz> Friday: too many scales. you might gget hurt..
<_dad_> I'll give you $5
<Gwendolyn> Sorry, Bob.
> GGG, you missed such clever hilarity.
<ICEKNIFE> Did he growl at himself while he did? Knew a guy in school who did
<friday-j> I'll wear steel mesh gloves
<Jesus> Yeah, just checking before Stang edits one together.
<P-Lil> Gordon: But did the dog taste good? And did he kiss you afterwards?
*** Action: DynaSoar is waiting for the Best Of The Drill
<MissS> I intend to marry someone rich so I can buy all the vids and not work!
<MegEliz> Okay, next time fersure.
<Jesus> Hi Gwendolyn
<ogyr> Yeah, Gordon, you WUSSED OUT
<MasterM> pili is bi
<Gordon> No but she licked me
> GGG, you would have enjoyed the Drill. Especially the Log Rolling scene I
told you about.
<MasterM> er
<friday-j> All SubGenii are preeverts!
<MasterM> plil
*** Action: MissS rub rub rub
<MasterM> there
> Truly Legume is a master of abuse.
<friday-j> Stang, whose log were you rolling?
<MegEliz> Log Rolling?
<PeeKat> I'll trade three souls and a tri-tested scrotum for Sivet!
*** KHasl has joined channel #subgenius
<Gwendolyn> Hello, Jesus.
*** Action: ICEKNIFE is NOT a thing she ssaid that isn't good! NO! NO!
<P-Lil> MasterM: No, I'm a bulldagger shemale sadist. Get the facts straight.
<friday-j> I'll trade Stang's bump for Sivet!
<DynaSoar> NO MORE SEX
*** Action: Gwendolyn cough
<Gordon> Yeah I woulda been there, but money talks and Bob's bullshit
*** Action: PeeKat kills DynaSoar
> Friday, I am going to ignore your innuendos. You're every bit as bad as
Susie. And those other bad girls.
<ogyr> Stang: Legume was a NANCY BOY at the drill. He didn't skerr me one bit!
<friday-j> DynaSoar! Wahs your mouth out with LAVA!
> You bad girls need to be PUNISHED.
<MegEliz> Dyna: Sorry.
<DynaSoar> Thank you, PK
<P-Lil> Stang's bump ain't worth Sivet.
<DynaSoar> Kill me MORE
<friday-j> I know I can't compete with all those other mutants Stang.
<ICEKNIFE> Punish 'em yerself, I'm busy
<MegEliz> Friday is a good girl with a bad mind.
<P-Lil> Stang: And I'm just the bad girl to do the punishing.
<MasterM> hey gwen want to chat some?
<MissS> That's right, damnit! I was the only one scaring Andrew!
<friday-j> But when we're both on the saucers, may I jump your aged bones?
<Gwendolyn> I just have one question...Is there place where people talk about
things BESIDES sex?
<Gordon> Stang: Punishment punishment, when ya gonna ree-ward these babeas
<MasterM> nope
<MegEliz> Gwen: no.
> Really, I'm with Dynasoar. Let's clean up this mess. We can elevate it to a
higfher plane. Let's talk about... uh... MONEY.
<MasterM> no way gwen
<friday-j> Bob money Slack
<P-Lil> Gwendolyn: Ask MasterM.
<MegEliz> Food.
<ICEKNIFE> Gwen: no... wanna fuck?
<_dad_> uh uh
<Gordon> not that I know of.
<PeeKat> $@: Cool. My buds down here REALLY want toget 'em, too...
<ogyr> Gwen... we don't talk about SEX... We talk about what it is to be a
SubGenius. That is above and beyond mere sex.
<friday-j> "BoB" needs all yoru money?
*** Action: MegEliz whacks ICEKNIFE.
<Gwendolyn> Well, I tried....
<P-Lil> Stang: Sure. You read my story about the Gold Card of Retribution yet?
<PeeKat> Fuck that, I'LL buy socks! I know where to GET 'EM!
<MegEliz> I'm ascii. hurt me.
<unibomber> hey ICE, what about ME???
<Gordon> Can you pay to fuck Bob
<ogyr> Peekat: groovy. will send soon.
<friday-j> "Bob" only fucks for money!
> Iceknife is SO COOL.
<Jesus> Gwen, were are you from? city.
*** crazykey has joined channel #subgenius
<_dad_> I sent my money in...didn't get nuthin back yet!
*** Action: ICEKNIFE leaves a nasty gash in that hand... you better soak it...
<Gwendolyn> It just seems like there's got to be something deeper...
*** KHasl has left channel #subgenius
<MissS> That's right--the sex is merely an added bonus!
<Gwendolyn> Pullman, Jesus.
<friday-j> Did you send all your money Dad?
*** Mode change "+o crazykey " on channel #subgenius by Wheezer
<_dad_> nope friday
<Jesus> Oh thank, I have a friend by your name, I was just checking.
<ogyr> Gwen: you don't want to know how DEEP "Bob" goes...
<friday-j> Jesus, how many fools have actually given you their credit card #s?
<ICEKNIFE> There IS something deeper, but there's a line by the hose...
> Oh, sex is certainly important. Food is good too. Even frop. But... money...
that's the only thing I can get off on anymore.
*** MasterM has left channel #subgenius
<_dad_> friday: I sent cash
<MegEliz> Oh. I have the O power can I do something like -mr?
<PeeKat> Yeah, cut your hair and GROW UP! Act your stinkin' AGE, man!
<MissS> ogyr--You perv!
<Gordon> Not this fool
> FRIDAY knows how to turn me on.
<ICEKNIFE> STANG: cooler than YOU ya ol FRUIT
<PeeKat> I wanna be Nenslo!
<P-Lil> About damn time.
<DynaSoar> With CASH you can buy SEX, but with SEX you can buy CASH.
<Gwendolyn> That's okay Jesus..
<friday-j> Stang - how much money should I stuff in the condom?
<Jesus> Gwen: you really need to read the Books and interpret it for yourself.
No one (especially here) can tell you what it's about.
*** PeeKat is now known as Nenslo
<ogyr> Stang: so, when ddo I get my video of the SQUID?!?!
<MissS> Stang--give me some money and I'll show you how to get off.
<MegEliz> Okay. Everybody's NENSLO.
*** Signoff: crazykey (
*** Signoff: Nenslo (
<ICEKNIFE> Someone tell Donna
<MegEliz> Happy?
<Wheezer> peeKat: hahahaha
<friday-j> Stang: I do? Oh, that hair thing. Next time I'm combing out your
<P-Lil> Stang: Like to slip a roll of quarters to someone special, eh?
<Gordon> Yeah Stang we know, we've seen you ram seventeen rolls of silver
dollars up yer butt
<DynaSoar> MEE T00!!!!11!! "SHUT UP!
<Gwendolyn> Um Jesus...cut me some SLACK!!!
> I remember that old Monkees song, "Everyone's Nenslo." That was a good song.
<MissS> (clears throat) SHUT UP!
<ogyr> I'm going to write a song called "Everybody's Nenslo"
<Jesus> Send $1 to "Bob" @ PO box 140306 Dallas Tx, 75214
<friday-j> Jesus, go pinch Stang on the cheek RIGHT NOW.
<Gwendolyn> Sorry, just in case you wondered, I actually do know about this
<MegEliz> Which one?
> OUCH!!!!
<_dad_> I just wanna say that Nenslo sent me that Francis E. Dec tape - out of
the GOODNESS of his heart!
<MegEliz> Okay.
<DynaSoar> There is NO CASH which money CANNOT BUY
<Jesus> You wish Stang
<friday-j> I almost brought a roll of quarters, and a spare lighter. But I
<Gwendolyn> Um, no....
<MegEliz> I'm shutting up.
<P-Lil> Nenslo is everywhere, Nenslo is everything... Nenslo is everybody,
Nenslo's still the King....
<MegEliz> Can you tell?
<Jesus> I'll pinch Hot Tub instead
<ogyr> Dynasoar: you didn't catch the Jehova Hates Phred tune for Nenslo, did
you ?
<MissS> Uh, I think I'm too young to hear this...
<friday-j> Thank you dear Jesus. Can we rassle next year?
*** Action: ICEKNIFE is farily certain he wan't NENSLO this morning...
<MegEliz> That worked.
<DynaSoar> No, ogyr, I didn't. Is there a tape?
<ogyr> "Shut up!" - JHP Live at X-Day Drill, 7/5/96
<Jesus> Ok first one to type loses.
*** PeeKat has joined channel #subgenius
> I'm afraid there are TOO MANY tapes.
<Gordon> Yes pholks there's a little of Nenslo in all of us, there's even some
Nenslo in Stang...but he's trying to get out
<MegEliz> PK!
<ogyr> Dyna: yes. waiting on remixing it to a full 90 min release.
<P-Lil> I like it.
<_dad_> a tape?
<friday-j> Pinch her until her pert Hot Tub nipples stand up.
*** crazykey has joined channel #subgenius
*** Mode change "+o PeeKat " on channel #subgenius by MissS
<MegEliz> I wanna be the anti-NENSLO
<Jesus> God FJ, your incredible.
<Gwendolyn> So, the men in black...
<DynaSoar> Cool, let me know when it's mixed.
<friday-j> Hot Tub baptisms next year! Followed by ice water!
<ogyr> Stang: I want the tape of you and Legume with the squid...
<P-Lil> Lose? Win? These are paltry words. Only SLACK, MONEY, FRAPPIE, SEX, and
ME have any intrinsic value.
<ICEKNIFE> I think I already AM the anti-nenslo... sorry
> My kids are DISGUSTED at their ma's behavior.
<friday-j> Who wants the tape of me and Legume with Susie?
*** Gwendolyn has left channel #subgenius
<Gordon> Okay Meliz you ARE the ANTI-NENSLO!
<MegEliz> I'll be the second banana anti-NENSLO
<friday-j> I'm JEALOUS of those nipples, Stang. They're much nicer than mine.
Go look at the tape and see.
<P-Lil> Stang: What she do this time?
<ogyr> Stang: what's the matter with your wife's nipples? I thought they were
rather nice...
<Jesus> Which men in black Gwen, Ours or Thiers. Their is a difference
> THE TAPE OF FRIDAY, LEGUME, SUSIE and the SQUID (and the needle) (and the
Zapper) are ONLY $20 each!!!
<crazykey> what happened Wheezer???
<friday-j> What about the Men In Really Dark Blue?
<DynaSoar> Banana Nenslo. Sounds like a wimpy assed fruit bar drink.
<MegEliz> I don't wanna hear about nipples. we have toomany as it is.
<MissS> Stang--they're a lot better than mine!
<ICEKNIFE> gwen went byb bye
> Is nothing sacred?
<Jesus> is NOTHING sacred
<ogyr> Stang: you have my $20... sendmesendmesendmesendme
<_dad_> never enough nipples
*** Action: unibomber thinks that ICEKNIFE is real sexxxy
*** P-Lil has changed the topic on channel #subgenius to Support Your Local
Chupacabra's Drug Habit!
<DynaSoar> Jesus: To the Zen, yes, it is.
<ICEKNIFE> Stop thinking Gordon... I THOUGHT something was burning...
<P-Lil> I worship nothing, Jesus.
<crazykey> lots o quits
<friday-j> Stang, your tongue is sacred to me.
<MegEliz> Black Russian NENSLO. Lunch Box NENSLO...
<friday-j> NENSLO's TONGUE
<Jesus> You will time.
<Gordon> Stang: what's the story of you and Dr Drummond in that little black
pyramid. Legume said you grunted for hours and came out all sweaty
<DynaSoar> coooooooooool, tall Nenslo with a TWISATER
<crazykey> musta had bad cyber-breath
> Poor Jesus is getting weird half-messages now on his machine... it'll
probably start happening to me any minute now.
<PeeKat> Quit on us there, guys?
<crazykey> insta-quit
<friday-j> Stay with us Stang!
<P-Lil> Jesus: Already do. I'm dead. Can't you tell? Feel my pulse.
<_dad_> what's with this Metronet anyway?
<Gordon> Always an excuse fer dodging the fuckin question Ivan
<MegEliz> Don't go! Everybody lose sleep!
> I'm still here... Jesus is LAGGING.
<crazykey> freaky
<DynaSoar> Jesus, try logging through the pittsburgh server
<friday-j> My damn server was also down all day ...
<friday-j> You know you're in trouble when even Friday Jones has a hard time
getting it up ...
<MissS> I'll be here... I have no life other than my computer anyhow...
<_dad_> Jesus is lagging instead of logging?
<friday-j> Jesus, SHOW US YOUR LOG!
> So... is this whole religion nothing but SLUTS? I certainly hope so. That
would be GREAT for sales.
<_dad_> it's big it's heavy it's wood
<Gordon> How far is the old Lag inn jesus
<DynaSoar> Jesus is wagging and the WHOLE WOLD'S hogging.
*** PeeKat has changed the topic on channel #subgenius to They're dropping like
lemmings in here!
<Jesus> Metronet must be run by "Bob". It's the only thing I can figure.
<P-Lil> Yeah, what about the black pyramid, Stang?
*** Action: ICEKNIFE invites you all to join him here during the week for The
Animal Sex PICS Show!
<MissS> Jesus, keep your log in your robe, thank you!
<P-Lil> Stang: You got it, bubie!
<_dad_> used sluts
> Metronet was originally run by SubGeniuses... that's why I used it.
<ogyr> Gordon: I was there, I saw it... Legume and Stang enganged in the
age-old Yeti tradition of Dick Wrestling. Legume tried pulling out his little
electrode thing for a dirty trick, but then in comes Philo and Nickie and both
of them saved Ivan @ the last min
<MissS> Friday--how much, and is there a sale?
<friday-j> I saw a beastiality film with a _tapir_ in it - ewww!
<ogyr> uyet
<crazykey> too fucking weird
<MegEliz> dad: yes?
*** P-Lil has changed the topic on channel #subgenius to Sluts stretch your
urethra over your head FOR YOU!
<friday-j> We're selling Stang first - realy cheap!
<MegEliz> P-lil: :)
<PeeKat> Hi Friday!
<friday-j> Tapir's dick looks like a hammer.
<_dad_> Meg, did I say something?
<friday-j> Hi PeeKat!
<MegEliz> Dad: no?
<PeeKat> Everyone back now?
<MissS> Friday--I'll give you a dollar for ol' Stangy...
<PeeKat> Everyone reading this?
*** Action: ogyr tosses Friday a nickle for Stang
<_dad_> uh, Meg...
<ogyr> yes peekat
*** Action: ICEKNIFE sings "If I had a Hammmmmer...
*** Signoff: Jesus (Read error to Jesus[]: Connection reset
by peer)
<MegEliz> A NICKIE for STANG?/
<Gordon> Yeah a similar thing happened in Chicago me and Sphinx had to use a
shovel, a set of jumper cables and a 24 volt aircraft battery to pry them
> Instead of "CHATTING" with you losers I could be looking at and saving for
display NAKED PICS of you losers!
<friday-j> We're auctioning off this slightly homely Texas woman ... now, wait
a minute, it's a GUY - for only
<MissS> Piss off, ogyr! He's mine!
<DynaSoar> PREACH ME dammit. I want my SALVATION
<P-Lil> MegEliz: Call 'em as I see 'em. Ain't that right, Icey?
<ogyr> Gordon: they should leave it to the professionals.
<_dad_> there goes Jeezus
*** Jesus has joined channel #subgenius
<friday-j> The pictures are forever, our flesh is fading fast ...
*** Mode change "+o Jesus " on channel #subgenius by Wheezer
<ogyr> Wanna wrassle for it, MissS?
> Hey, did ya'll see me in INDEPENDENCE DAY? I played the guy that runs Area
<MissS> Stang--you WISH you had nekkid pics of me!
<_dad_> whoze a loser?
<crazykey> tune in, turn on, drop out
<ICEKNIFE> leave me outta this...
<MissS> ogyr--You'd like that too much.
<MegEliz> Ind Day SUCKED.
> That's true, Sakamoto.
<ogyr> HA! That was Data from ST;THG
<friday-j> Stang, you were great in "ID4"! Nice FX too!
<Gordon> Yeah you know every time I leave or don't sho up for one of these gigs
this sort of shit happens.
<Jesus> MissS are you that funky little joker chick with the baby doll?
<MegEliz> It put my butt RIGHT to sleep
<P-Lil> Stang: I thought you were the one running for his life when the Empire
State Building went blammo.
<DynaSoar> WAKE UP, BUTT
<friday-j> ID$ is the "Pink" version of X-Day - it's just to give them hope ...
> Independence Day is a watered down version of the prophecy of the Yacatisma
arriving just before the Xists.
<ogyr> Stang: I got some nekkid pix of MissS... cheaptoo!
<MissS> See, I told you! You never see Stang, Brent Spiner, and Brad Pitt at
the same time!
<MegEliz> It's STILL asleep
<DynaSoar> No sleeping on IRC
> As Joe Mama pointed out, we WANT the pinks to think they can WIN.
<ogyr> Jesus: nope. the really tall AmAzon Woman chyk.
<MissS> ogyr--You wish!
<PeeKat> Hello? Everyone?
<unibomber> STANG: want some nude pics??
> Elsewise, as Legume said, if we give them no HOPE, what will we have to
<friday-j> It's too hot to wear clothes in Massachusetts - how's the weather
down in Dallas Stangums?
<ogyr> yes, peekat?
<DynaSoar> Butt: "SHUT UP" -- Nenslo
<MegEliz> PK? You lagged?
<P-Lil> Stang: No sales in that movie. Bad juju.
<crazykey> hmmm
<unibomber> okie
<ogyr> Dyna: "Shut Up!" - Jehova Hates Phred
<MegEliz> Dyna: It don't snore.
<unibomber> friday: youre in mass, too??
<friday-j> Better than Neener!
<_dad_> snoring butt- I get it
<crazykey> mondo connie
> You people are SO immature.
<ogyr> Stang: I got some nude pix of my dog pissing on a tree, you want them?
<MissS> Um, 6'0", brunette, kilt, garter, nose ring, "Bob" girlie tee, looked
half asleep most of the time. That's moi.
<MegEliz> You do not have it. It is mine.
*Gordon* So this is how this sort of thing works, I got my software thi9os
evening...did you get my pix???
<ogyr> Stang: What is the law?!?!
<ICEKNIFE> nuh-uh, YOU are!
<friday-j> Stang you old fart, not everyone can be as decrepit as you
<_dad_> I've got one of my own
<P-Lil> MissS: I'm going to steal your heart if you keep that up, young lady.
<friday-j> Not to endlessly chant the law, THAT is the law
> GORDON -- DO NOT private-message me. I can't hack it.
<crazykey> I feel funny
<MegEliz> I have a spare, but it's customized.
<friday-j> Can I feel you?
<P-Lil> MissS: Hell, that sounded like a description of ME for a second.
<Gordon> you look funny and smell funny too
<ICEKNIFE> you don't look so good either
<DynaSoar> *I* am NOT immature. I'm an OLD FART and I can act STOOPID if I WANT
<MegEliz> Stang: I don't know HOW to.
<friday-j> PeeKat - When and where, with who, and why?
<ogyr> Gordon: if you can't say it in front of the whole class, don't say it.
<Gordon> fuck you if you can't take a joke Ivan
> GGG -- but yes, I did get your KPFA pic and something else, some other
perverted thing, as usual.
<MissS> Stang's kinda sexy for an old fart who looks like a crazed Brent Spiner
with a bad wig...
<crazykey> What happened to all that sweet OOZSQUIRT?????
<friday-j> Stang, is "Bob" giving you Slack?
<MegEliz> Friday: no reason needed.
<ogyr> Gordon: that's better.
<friday-j> Stang, did you watch my porno movie yet?
> "Bob" does not exactly "GIVE" anybody Slack...
<ICEKNIFE> ewwww, I wouldn't fuck that old ratbag with YOUR alledged dick!
<friday-j> Not the movie I'm in, but the Chinese film I gave you
<Jesus> Which Porno movie is that fj?
<ogyr> crazy: P-LiL, Friday, MegEliz, and MissS have it.
<crazykey> The strong and the silent . . .
<DynaSoar> PREACH ME
<MegEliz> Friday: your father will have to kill him if he does.
<P-Lil> I always thought Stang looked like a sexier John Carradine.
<friday-j> "Chinese Torture Chamber Story" - get it from Stang!
<MissS> Have what?
<ogyr> friday: does it have stang's children in it?
<crazykey> silence is golden??
> No, Friday, I have not yet had a chance to see Chinese Torture Chamber
STory.... waiting for new Pils shipment first.
<Jesus> Damn, he gets ALL the good stuff.
<MegEliz> Stang looks sexier than Peter Lorre.
<Gordon> P-lil: you are right about that, that ain't the only thing stangky
caint haque
<P-Lil> I got the oozquirt, only $50.
<friday-j> Ydnax, COME TO ME NOW
> Hell, I'm probably even cuter than LON CHANEY, JR.!!
<ICEKNIFE> silent showers? ick
<_dad_> come on Stang, don't start with this defining slack stuff again
<MegEliz> yah.
<_dad_> probly
<Gordon> Liz: who is making this value judgement
<friday-j> Stang, are you sure you want to watch that film under the influence
of Pils? someone else may never forgive me ...
<Jesus> Today we were talking about fun ways to have Stang die. Any
<crazykey> I am not the net-con ok
<MegEliz> Who's Liz?
<MissS> But not quite as sexy as Alan Cumming, the voice of Black Beauty!
<friday-j> Stang, you're cuter than "Bob"'s Wattle!
<ICEKNIFE> Sex with Bob Dean
<MissS> Fuck 'em to death!
> I don't care how I die, as long as it's made to look like a Conspiracy hit
after the fact.
<friday-j> Stang should be forced to suck his own dick till he drowns
<crazykey> this is really, really strange
<Gordon> how about Stang gets gangraped by thomas K Odell, phil Daigle and
<_dad_> shoot a cannonball through Stang's belly
<ogyr> Jesus: Have friday fuck him to death with 16 squids while I inflict pain
on 10 french poodles.
*** CTCP: PeeKat sent a command: PING 837399261
<MegEliz> Sexier than Steven Hawking.
<friday-j> Ooooh - I would take a long, looong time to fuck Stang to death ...
> Hey, Jesus and someone else and I met with Jane Browne, the Sacred Agent this
morning. She said that soon we will OWN Simon & Schuster... even VIACOM!
<PeeKat> FINALLY! It breaks through!
<P-Lil> Gordon: You mean it hasn't already happened?
<friday-j> Sivet for dessert?
<ICEKNIFE> Have Buck drive him to work...
<Gordon> Nah that's all FUN to Ivan, you gotta get down to the humiliation
level or he just has fun when you kill him
<friday-j> Stang: Just don't buy Image ENtertainment, and my job will be safe.
<ogyr> ice: ROTFL
<P-Lil> Stang: Yeah, but no gold card for you, baybee.
> Crazykey -- you're right, it IS really strange, even when you've been doing
it for 16 years.
<Jesus> FJ: And you haven't EVEN SEEN the dogs yet!
<crazykey> . . . . . . whew!!
<PeeKat> I want the tape remix of Someone Else's nipples, Sivet's nipples, and
Stang's thingee.
<P-Lil> Sexier than Dan Rather.
<friday-j> Jesus, have you made me that copy of the front door key yet?
<P-Lil> Sexier than Bill Clinton.
*** Action: DynaSoar 's head is almost full now.
<MegEliz> Dyna: More RAM?
> GGG -- I want you to notice how nicely Friday is treating me. Why can't you
be more like Friday Jones?
<Jesus> It's on it's way FJ as soon as I get your third instalment.
<MegEliz> Too much CRAM?
<MissS> Stang--complain, complain. Let us kill you and get it over with!
<P-Lil> Sexier than W. C. Fields.
> This is SICK, SICK, SICK!!!
<Gordon> whew indeed Ivan few of us can claid to have 'done it' for sixteen
years without rest
<friday-j> Stang is sexier than THIS COMPUTER, Power MacIntosh 7100!
<ICEKNIFE> He knows you
<MissS> Sexier than HILLARY Clinton, but not Chelsea.
<ogyr> stang: you've been doing it for 16 years? Mein Gott IN Himmel! SUch
stanima the lieks of which even GOD has never seen!
<ogyr> Stang: GGG don't have such nice tits.
<friday-j> Gordon - I do have a leetle blonde mustache ..
<DynaSoar> Meg: No, almost time to work.
<P-Lil> Friday: No fucking way! Stang sexier than a Power Mac?!?
<MissS> ogyr--You haven't SEEN stamina yet (heh heh heh)...
<MegEliz> Stang is sexier than his socks.
<friday-j> OK Jesus - what will you bid for the 4th and 5th?
<Gordon> Ivan, I've had your lithe frame spread out below me for too many times
to ever be nice to you
<MissS> Sexier than a Power Mac, but not an Acer Aspire...
<_dad_> Stang is NOT sexier than a powermac
<_dad_> no way
<P-Lil> Stang is sexier than Stang Himself.
> Um... reallly now folks....
<MissS> But not PeeKat's socks!
<friday-j> Gordon, did you videotape that spreading of the lithe form?
<ogyr> yeah, but JANOR's the SEXIEST, MAN!
> Janor IS the Rasputin of the Church. Well,.... he WAS.
<Gordon> Stang is about as sexy as a lizard with both hemipenes extended
<ogyr> huh huh huh... she said spread
<friday-j> Oooh, LIZARD!
<MissS> But not Sivet herself.
<P-Lil> Gordon: You almost made me swoon.
<Jesus> Stang is much sexier then myself, of course I'm second.. but Stang is
truely the Sexiest
<friday-j> I need my Janor fix soooonnnn
<_dad_> Janor is sitting right here next to me
<ICEKNIFE> Jnaor's WART is sexiest... don't get confused... in fact, the wart
IS JANOR... the rest is a guy named Dave...
<MegEliz> For the record: I do NOT want to FUCK Stang.
<MegEliz> No way.
<Gordon> Yeah Friday. look for us on alt.binaries.erotica.multimedia
<ogyr> dad: impossible! I just fucked janor an hour ago!
<MegEliz> All for Friday.
> I'm gonna tell Connie on ALL of you perverts.
<friday-j> GODRON: COunt on it!
<DynaSoar> WHICH Janor?
<P-Lil> Janor and I once got into a big dick contest--I won. It was sad.
<MegEliz> Connie left me.
<_dad_> well ogyr, he kinda gets around
<friday-j> Can Connie and I do the dirty deed while you watch Stang?
> Now MegEliz is starting to get my attention.
<P-Lil> Stang: Good, then she can join us.
<ogyr> dad: well, which Janor?
<MissS> ogyr--Wait, that was you on Janor? Oh, shit...
<MegEliz> uh oh
<Jesus> Now let's not bring Connie into this.
<_dad_> the Janor in the box
<friday-j> I'll protect you Mom!
<Jesus> Stang and his family is one thing......
<ogyr> MissS: Yup. 'Fraid so. I had a Janor attached to my dick 5 years ago.
<MissS> Too late!
<MegEliz> I'm not ascared.
<DynaSoar> Jesus! Hold the old guy back!
<MegEliz> I'm ascii.
<Gordon> Yeah lil but you only won because janor was so ingorant he didn't know
the difference between a dick and a clit
<MissS> I thought something felt funny...
<MegEliz> I'm invincible!
<friday-j> Stang first, family second, Jesus for dessert
<Jesus> I had 5 Janors attached to my dick 1 year year ago.
<MegEliz> Jesus should be barbequed
<MissS> Friday--can I join in?
<friday-j> MegEliz - GRAB HIS WATTLE!
<P-Lil> Gordon: I told him I could use mine to kill feminists. He couldn't top
<ogyr> shit... being disconnected, and it's time for me to head homeward...
<MegEliz> There's more than ONE janor?
<friday-j> BYE!
<_dad_> nite ogyr
<Jesus> I had 23 Janors attached by dicks, attached to my dick 69 years ago.
<MegEliz> ni-ni!
<friday-j> Many Janors - a secret SubGenius paradise ...
> You freaks will come to ANYTHING!
<DynaSoar> nitey!
*** Action: ogyr dissappears in a puff of logic
*** Signoff: crazykey (Blacksburg.VA.US.Undernet.Org
*** Signoff: PeeKat (Blacksburg.VA.US.Undernet.Org
*** Signoff: ogyr (Leaving)
<ICEKNIFE> cannibals say the best part of any person is the underarm and lat
muscle of a white woman
<friday-j> We'll even come on you!
*** P-Lil has changed the topic on channel #subgenius to Conversion rates,
7/14/96: 1 Dick=50 Janors.
<friday-j> Stang, how do I get into a privbate chat room with you?
<MissS> Now I'm lonely!
<friday-j> We'll just talk about "Bob" and money.
> You know, there was a time when the Church of the SubGenius was a bastion of
intelligence and maturity. I'll admit that was before my time, but... still.
*** Action: _dad_ notices everybody is leaving
*** Signoff: Wheezer (But not dead (yet))
<MegEliz> Don't be lonely, Miss S. We'll take GOOD care of you.
<friday-j> Miss Sakamoto, you're beautiful!
<Gordon> I like the new new topic lil
<P-Lil> Stang: We freaks will come ON anything.
<MissS> Friday--liar, liar, pants on fire!
<_dad_> and socks
<friday-j> STANG: LOL!
<Jesus> That will be $25 dollars for the first 3 minutes FJ.
<MissS> Friday--thank you!
<Jesus> Send me your credit card and I'll hook it up.
<friday-j> You're welcome Miss S.
> Don't you "LOL" me, Friday.
<P-Lil> Stang: I met some of the old-timers from the intelligence-and-maturity
days. They were lousy fucks.
<MegEliz> Send ME your credit card and I'll use it up.
*** PeeKat has joined channel #subgenius
*** crazykey has joined channel #subgenius
<Jesus> I don't care, I'll sell him like a ho.
<ICEKNIFE> Then YOU and PHILO fucked it all UP for the REST of us... THANKS
*** Mode change "+o PeeKat " on channel #subgenius by
<friday-j> Can I loll on you instead Stang?
<MissS> Glad someone thinks that way!
<MegEliz> PK! HOWDY!
<Gordon> what does lol mean
> P-Lil -- NO COMMENT.
<DynaSoar> re PK
*** Signoff: PeeKat (Connection reset by pear)
<P-Lil> LOL=Laugh Out Loud
*** crazykey has left channel #subgenius
<friday-j> No one wants to give me a credit card ... when will there be an
official SubG credit card?
<_dad_> GG: you don't know
<DynaSoar> rebye PK
<ICEKNIFE> LOL= Loosening Our Loins
<Jesus> Soon FJ I AM working on it.
<MegEliz> LOL=Lots of LUCK
<_dad_> yeah, a credit car with a big pic o' "Bob"
<Gordon> No I fuckin don't you're getting my chat cherry tonight you cybergeeks
<MegEliz> ice: better.
<friday-j> A credit car? Does it run on Slack?
<MissS> LOL=Licks Old Ladies
<P-Lil> LOL=Losing Our Lunches
<DynaSoar> LOL = Lambada Over Louisville
<_dad_> actually it runs on credit
> Well, this is getting less and less perverted. I want to go back to my
solitary sad geeking and fucking with my equipment and other less troublesome
*** Modemac has joined channel #subgenius
<MegEliz> MODE!
<friday-j> Praise Jesus! Finally this Church isn't dependent on old man
Stang's arthritic butt!
<_dad_> hey modemac
<P-Lil> Gordon: We like new flesh.
*** Mode change "+o Modemac " on channel #subgenius by MissS
<ICEKNIFE> Don't you START with that NAMBLA SPAM shit DENNIS!
<DynaSoar> rehi Modemac
<Gordon> Hail the mode
<ICEKNIFE> Hey Modemac
<Modemac> God DAMN it. I HATGE this fucking IRC that takes a full HOUR to
connecvt to...
<friday-j> Stang I want you to lick my breasts all over - they're so weaty ...
<Jesus> Hey het, don't make fun of the cash cow.
> It does kinda make me wish I could read and type faster.
<MegEliz> wEATY?
<DynaSoar> SPAMBLA
<friday-j> Hi Modemac! How's your tits?
<P-Lil> Stang: You do that. You're just not in the spirit. Sniff.
<Gordon> Stang, don't weenie out on us, I haven't splooted yet
<_dad_> weaty?
<Jesus> Well back to the cave......
<friday-j> Wheaties on tits! A healthy SubGenius breakfast!
<MegEliz> Friday's weaty everybody run.
<DynaSoar> TIME'S UP
<Jesus> You ready BatMan?
<MegEliz> crunchy.
<MissS> Stang--you better do what Friday says... Wheat will keep you regular...
> Friday, I refuse to get into a live sex act with you again.
*** crazykey has joined channel #subgenius
<friday-j> Stang, tell me all your fantasies ...
<Modemac> Friday: Hot and sweaty, just like the rest of me. Of course, being
in 85-degree weather and high humidity has something to do with it.
<Jesus> Want to say good bye "Hot Tub"?
<friday-j> Come on Stang - think of the sales potential! Maybe someone will
join up next time ...
> I was gonna put all my fantasies into Revelation X but Vreedeez and Gordon
and Philo made me cut that part... said it wasd too "limited."
<friday-j> Hot Tub! We miss you!
<_dad_> hot and sweaty yeast infection...
<Jesus> No she fears you all.
<Jesus> I tried.
<Gordon> Yeah Ivan, your rear on teevee
<friday-j> Please send me your fantasies!
*** MissS has changed the topic on channel #subgenius to Friday's Breasts-Full
of Wheat Goodnes
*** Action: Modemac is still cranky. Ten-to-one this damn IRC client will
freeze in 10 minutes, and I won't be able to get back here for another hour.
*** michcont has joined channel #subgenius
<friday-j> We'll be very nice to Hot Tub and kiss her feet and then work our
way up ,,,
*** P-Lil has changed the topic on channel #subgenius to NAMBLA SPAM VERBOTEN
<MegEliz> Only wholesome wheaty sex.
<Jesus> Thanks for not crucifing me this year.....
<MissS> Dyna--Not even with Stangy?
> Modemac, DON'T start bitching about YOUR WEATHER. It was 106 here the whole
week we were GONE... eh eh eh...
<Jesus> see ya.
<friday-j> We're HOT asn SWEATY SUBS!
*** crazykey has left channel #subgenius
*** ICEKNIFE has changed the topic on channel #subgenius to JEWFAGS FOR THAT
"Bob" GUY!!!
<MegEliz> night Jesus.
<friday-j> Jesus, we'll nail you next time! hah hah!
<DynaSoar> MissS: No, unless it's CASH
*** michcont has left channel #subgenius
<Modemac> If it was 106 when you weren't there, why are you complaining about
*** Signoff: Jesus (Jesus)
<DynaSoar> Bye J!
<ICEKNIFE> Later devilboy
<friday-j> Stang, will you show us your tan lines?
<MegEliz> I missed the hot tub.
> Yeah, it's about time Jesus got back to WORK. He spent most of the day at a
gun show and then crashed out on MY BED!!
<Gordon> Well Ivan, it was limited, limited to your sick little fetishitic
fantasies...made my stomach turn, worsr than anything on
<P-Lil> Stang: Hey, that's OK... there's room enough in this world for Little
Lulu fetishists.
<MissS> Weather? I haven't even left my house in a week!
<friday-j> The hot tub was LIQUID SLACK!
*** KraZy4u has joined channel #subgenius
<friday-j> Did you take advantage of Jesus, Stang?
<MegEliz> Where was it?
<KraZy4u> hey you all suck
<_dad_> well gang, I think I've done enough praying for one night - I'm out of
> Yeah... Little Lulu... now you're talking.
<DynaSoar> I love to do that to them.
<unibomber> NO SEX???
<friday-j> Bye Dad!
*** MegEliz has changed the topic on channel #subgenius to NO SEX IN HERE
<MissS> I didn't do the hot tub...
<Gordon> Lil: Little Lulu, shit it was Blondie and Daisy last I heard
<unibomber> IM OUT OF HERE!
<P-Lil> Dad: Salut! And send more tapes.
*** Signoff: _dad_ (Read error to _dad_[]: Connection reset by
> Only us old wrinkled people did the hot tub.
<friday-j> Stang, let's be celibate together!
<Modemac> KraZy4yu: huh huh huh, like wow, I'm so offended.
<KraZy4u> you all are dorky///
<MegEliz> I have wrinkles!
<KraZy4u> modemac you should be with a name like that
<friday-j> I did the tub with someone else and Jesus and Anderw The Impaled's
scary genitals!
<MissS> That explains a lot, but Heather was hardly old and wrinkled...
<MegEliz> Do I qualify for free goodies?
> Friday, could you see your way to wearing a Little Lulu mask while I ...
spanked... you?
<DynaSoar> I'm wrinkled and I didn't get to do the hot tub
<KraZy4u> friday, you're sick
<P-Lil> Gordon: Oh? How about Broomhilda? She's stacked, you know.
<friday-j> Stang, will you share the hot tub with me next time? Chastely, of
course ...
<friday-j> I'll chaste you all around it!
<MissS> Do stretch marks count for wrinkles?
<friday-j> Yes, Stang, I'll wear the mask. And the stockings.
<P-Lil> Cray-Z-4-Glue
<Gordon> Stang likes em...shall I say 'boyish'
<ICEKNIFE> someone claim Krazy4u? If not, it's going in 5
<MegEliz> You don't have stretch marks, unless are they on your ears?
<friday-j> Spank me hard Stang! Make my breasts shudder and my buttocks flame!
<DynaSoar> GO
<Modemac> DON'T KICK HIM!
<unibomber> ill take it!
> Friday, that guy with the huge cock bars wasn't Andrew the Impaled. It was...
well he wants to remain mysterious.
<Modemac> Haven't you guys learned ANYTHING yet?!?
<DynaSoar> aw
<MegEliz> ice: 1?
<DynaSoar> NO, WHY
<Gordon> we haven't even got a dor
<P-Lil> Gordon: That explains why my Mary Worth comics are now mildewy.
<friday-j> But chastely.
<MissS> How did you know they were on my ears?!?
<Modemac> Are you REALLY such pussies that you can't even stand a flame from a
<KraZy4u> friday you're a disgusting group..of perverts, bye
<MegEliz> It WAS Andrew.
<Gordon> Yep
<Modemac> But NOOOOO! All YOU wanna do is KICK him and miss the FUN!
<friday-j> I am a pervert - thanks to the Con!
<DynaSoar> Do we HAVE to be such pussies that we HAVE TO?
<MegEliz> praise perverts!
<KraZy4u> bye suckers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
<friday-j> We all have pussies, but they aren't all that we are.
*** ABobbie has joined channel #subgenius
<MissS> Friday--you're hardly perverted!
> Well, maybe Andrew the Impaled has a big bar in his pecker too. Christ, I
don't pay attention I guess.
<ICEKNIFE> you want REAL marks? there's a FUN way to do that...
<MegEliz> Hardly
<friday-j> I am HARD and PERVERTED.
*** KraZy4u has left channel #subgenius
<MissS> ABobbie--cute name.
<DynaSoar> oooooooooo A Bobbie
*** P-Lil has changed the topic on channel #subgenius to If you got money we
got spam dildoes.
<friday-j> Andrew just has a ball stretcher. Cute.
> All I know, I'm damn glad that when I was young all you neeeded to be cool
was long hair.
<MegEliz> Andrew has one. This I know. 'cause the RevJack told me so.
<ABobbie> sup???
<DynaSoar> spam dildos?
<Gordon> Friday; why do you bait Ivan so, he has a very weak prostate gland you
<MegEliz> It's gonna blow!
<MissS> Stang--you're still hip, old man!
<friday-j> Stang, you are still very cool. Can I comb your hair again next
> It's very obvious that the Broomstick in the Ass fashion statement is right
around the corner.
*** ICEKNIFE has changed the topic on channel #subgenius to FREE!!! ANIMAL SEX
PICS! TYPE !horse, !dog, or !Scat !!!
<MissS> Gordon--how lovely! That rhymed!
<Modemac> See what I mean? Why should we stoop to KICKING losers when they
leave on their own?
<friday-j> Stang, you can have one of my prostate glands if you want.
<P-Lil> Friday: Not to mention the bladder problems.
<DynaSoar> Why the hell SHOULDN'T we?
<friday-j> I'll tie his mouth shut then.
*** PeeKat has joined channel #subgenius
<P-Lil> MegEliz: Um... want to be a showgirl? *digs a spam dildo out of the
<MegEliz> Sew it.
*** MissS has changed the topic on channel #subgenius to Ivan Stang is the Sex
God of Ohio!
<friday-j> I like older men. Much older. Much, much older ...
> Will you guys leave my glands out of this? No wonder Dobbs never messes with
this church anymore. It's EMBARRASSING!
*** Mode change "+o PeeKat " on channel #subgenius by MissS
<DynaSoar> FUCK 'EM if they can't take a /kick.
<friday-j> Ivan Stang is the Sex God of Dallas!
<P-Lil> Stang: Fucking pervert. We love you.
> Friday, then you would love GGGordon.
<ICEKNIFE> it's great when people come in and type !horse or !dog...
<friday-j> Stang, tell us what to say to make you happy.
> He's even older than me or Dynasoar.
<MegEliz> what happens if you type !dog?
<PeeKat> You guys aren't all using the server are
<MissS> Friday--I have dibs on Stang, and since I'm in Ohio, not Texas...
<Gordon> Only on Ivan's tongue
<DynaSoar> !ICEKNIFE
<friday-j> GGGordon is a charming gentleman from all accounts, with many robust
<MegEliz> I"m on DC
<ICEKNIFE> NO ONE is older than STANG
<friday-j> All I want is Stang's HAIR and FEET.
> Look, I cannot take this much longer. I need to get up and walk the dogs and
watch them take dumps or something.
> I am leaving now... Friday, you have my permission to save and log the
remainder of this for me. So I can read your hideous gossip after I sign
> Goodbye... goodbye... goodbye... (angelic music, flash of light, puff of

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