X-DAY DRILL Rules and Requests

1. You are responsible for your own actions. Inebriation is no excuse.
Don't be an asshole, or we'll show you what a REAL asshole is! If you go into town, don't tease or feed the locals.
The X-Day Drill is not the only event at Brushwood this weekend. Do NOT attempt to "convert" the Drum Fest folks! Half of 'em already are converted, but they've heard ENOUGH "BOB" at Starwoods and suchlike. The "dome/teepee thing" is their traditional stomping ground. Don't desecrate it.

2. Parents, you are responsible for your hellspawn at all times.

3. Wear your X-Day Drill Citizen ID Security Pass at all times. NEVER take it off. Not even years after the event. You MUST wear it FOREVER.
Violators will be interrogated.

4. Ask questions first, take pictures later. If at all.
NO recording or videotaping for commercial purposes... except those immediately benefitting The SubGenius Foundation, Inc. Shoot like crazy -- just make sure you send a copy to Dallas!

5. Don't burn anything down.
NO Fires in the woods without prior permission by the owner. Don't leave fires unattended.

6. Obey the posted Brushwood regulations.
No noise/loud music past 10:30 PM in quiet camping (the area at the top of the hill, near the showers)
No nakedity, head launching, or squid business in areas near the highway.

7. No humans permitted at Yetinsyn Only workshops.

8. No minors at an overnight X-Day Drill without an accompanying adult.

9. Achieve SLACK, but play safe.
Sunscreen and squid debeaking tools are always a good idea.

10. TRASH -- use the appropriate recycling and garbage bins for the various glass, organic, plastic and metal trash. Burn your paper trash (carefully) or just haul it out of Brushwood when you leave. Wash dishes ONLY at the faucets outside the Field Four-Flusher Excremeditation Chambers. Make sure your campground is THOROUGHLY clean before you leave -- including cigaret butts, antidote pudding vials, etc.

Failure to comply with the above can result in your expulsion from the Pleasure Saucers with no refund.

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