I'm "Bob's" Own

An X-Day hymn

To the tune of "On My Own" from Les Mis

On my own, pretending "Bob's" beside me.
In the dark, his dots and pipe they guide me
Without "Bob," I smell his 'frop around me,
and when I have no Slack I touch my gland and "Bob" has found me

On my job, the Normals act like dumbshits
Without Slack, the sweat runs down my armpits.
On X-day, I'll see the saucers coming,
And all I need is "Bob" and me forever and forever.

But until
I spend my thirty bucks
I'm just ranting to myself and not to "Bob."

And although
I know that I am fucked,
Still I say there's a day I'll pay...

I love "Bob," but when the Rupture's over,
He'll be gone... the earth will be in ruins.
Without him, the world around me changes,
The Conspiracy is everywhere, the malls are full of Pink Boys.

I love "Bob"
But every day I don't spend
That thirty bucks, I'm only just pretending.
Without me, "Bob's" world will go on burning.
On X-Day "Bob" will have the Slack that I will never know.

I love "Bob"... I love "Bob"... I love "Bob."
But only on my own....

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