X-Day Drill Pix Are UP

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I just got finished scanning my crop of snapshots from the Drill. If anyone's interested, look to:


Nothing fancy, just a page of text with links to the individual pix. Here's the text:

Brushwood Folklore Center
Sherman, New York

No stories here, just pix with commentary. I have a shitty camera that is literally held together by duct tape. You'll see.

* The Pagan Drummers were there and built a big sort of dome thing out of big branches. Pic of the dome and one of the big fields. Dig the pretty wildflowers - nice place, outstanding weather.

* Doktor DynaSoar arrives in the always-dying, never-dead Slackmobile.

* Upon arrival we found a sea of tents, and nary a place to camp. This situation was rectified in short order by Pope Phredrick Q. Armageddon, who managed to clear us a nice place by utilizing a hideous, unspeakable method which we won't go into here. Pic of Phred giving the "all-clear" sign.

* A bunch of people milling around and trying not to be the first to unload:
>From the left: Saint Andrew (sitting in the dark); QRoLaren; Mr. Lurch; John
"Talysman" Laviolette; Pope Lou Duchez; and Rev. Pee Kitty.

* The same bunch of people milling around, this time staying outside the Schwartzchild Radius of Pee Kitty's socks. Note the Dobbs shorts on Q.

* Mr. Lurch somehow causes a nice table to materialize out of thin air. From the left: QRoLaren's leg encased in "Bob" boxers; more rare footage of the reclusive Saint Andrew; Mr. Lurch; and the soon-to-be blood-smeared Talysman.

* Reverend Mutha TarlaStar and Possibly Pontifette MegaLiz pause for a little cheesecake. Plants wither at their feet.

* The Swingin' Love Corpses engage in a little freeform Anti-Music as Jesus chills in the background, searching for Souls.

* The Swingin' Love Corpses a bit later that night, with the excellent addition of Rev. Psychotronic Radionic 24/7 on the conga. Special guest appearance of the back of Otto J. Maleka's head.

* Blackmail time! A never-still Rev. Ivan Stang breates Rev. K'taden Legume for spending waaaaay too much time in the Prarie Squid Tent and not letting anyone else get in on the action. Bogart!

* Doktor DynaSoar chills out after his outstanding performance with Steve Slack, singing "Bob"ified versions of '60s oldies.

* Yours Truly after TarlaStar hit me with the 'Frop injector. Lurch keeps an eye on things lest they get out of hand. Tarla discreetly tucks away the Third Nipple(TM).


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