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Those Who Have Inspired Us

ShorDurPerSav Lesson
Your Instructions Before Beginning

An irregular newsletter about The Firesign Theater. Most of you snot-nosed brats probably never even heard of them, but their so-called 'comedy albums' from the late '60s and early '70s probably kept some of us older SubGenii from suicide. Right up there with Zappa and Zap Comix.

What's Your ShorDurPerSav This Time?
A far-ranging alt.slack thread

How to Survive

Stang's update on Mark Motherbaugh's recent projects

Sterno's "BINNY" Transcript -- A Prank Call Marvel
Incredibly long.


Helios Creed?

NENSLO is QUALIFIED to be World Overlord

RA Wilson interview in Fortean Times #79

Raymond vs. Peter/Terrence McKenna/weird audio

Bad Sci-Fi Books

SG Xmas Gifts for Children


Are we fans of Dan? Fans of Dan are we. (was Re: god? why)

The FAQ for the Jihad against Barney the Dinosaur
Even longer.

Freak Szukalski appearances

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