People stored on 1.44 Megabyte floppy disks?

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: > : James McGowan <> scribbled:
: >
: > : >I just heard this, but I find it difficult to believe.
: >
: > : >Some Japanese researcher has found a way to encode the
: > : >human body in such a way as to fit it on a single floppy
: > : >disk drive. Apparently, by use of recursive fractal
: > : >encoding, the design for the entire anatomy of an
: > : >individual can be compressed to 1,350,000 bytes of data.
: >

Alex Keene ( wrote:
: um.
: The human genome has about 3,000mbp or 3,000,000,000 PAIRS of bases
: (Adenine, Thymine, Guanine, Cytosine) so you have a total of one
: 6,000,000,000 four letter code: ATTCGTAACGTTCAA etc, much more information
: than can be stored on 1.44mb of disk. Because the pattern is random a fractal
: replica corresponding to it, especially a folded fractal is not very likely.
: Even if you take out all the DNA trash and separate the introns and exons the
: genetic code would still be too huge.

A four symbol code is represented by 2 bits. Given that the above figures
are close, that means I can upload myself to a 1.5 gig disk. Hell, with a
simple compression algorithm, I could fit on a CD!

An open invitation... anybody wants to send me their genome map, and
I'll burn few copies! Given a little technology, few ethics, and an
unlimited supply of fetal tissue, we could RULE THE WORLD.
Nah, sounds like work.


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