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[NOTE from Modemac: File this one right next to free energy sources,
anti-gravity and (maybe) oxygen therapy. (Any luck with your research
yet, Dynasor?)]

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William Shaw (wshaw@gate.net) wrote:

John Logajan (jlogajan@skypoint.com) wrote:
: Issues 1-3 were of the glossy 80 page variety. Issues 4-7 have been 32
: page non-glossy copies. The yearly subscription price is $98/year.
: The associate editor, Victor Lapuszynski, posts occasionally to this forum.
: Also, "Cold Fusion" now boasts an editorial board of:
: Bockris, Hagelstein, Illert, Li, Srinivasan, Sunden, Twain, and Wolff.

"This is great stuff. Thanks again for this information."

William Shaw is correct and smarter than many who proclaim
what they "think" is going on..
Despite the too often rabid attacks, cold fusion actually
now includes aqueous, gas, and solid-state systems.
($120. per year) is entirely dedicated to novel R&D in this field.
Four back issues are available, along with the current edition
1) volume #3, number #1 - $15
or 2) $39 for five (5) issues to celebrate the six (6th) anniversary of
the field consisting of Vol. 3 number 1 and four additional back issues
(Volumes 1 number 2, 3, 4 and Volume 2, number 1)
for a savings of ~86%! [*outside US. +$3.00 S+H , US funds only]

Dept. CSA
P.O. Box 81135
Wellesley Hills, Massachusetts 02181

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