More Orange Grains: 2nd Light (DRAFT)

More Orange Grains: 2nd Light (DRAFT)

From: (Matthew Carey)
Date: 23 Mar 1995 00:01:36 -0600

Here's some more Orange Grain stuff. Careful with it.

The Orange Grain System.
by Rev. Matthew A. Carey

Second Light

Manipulating the Components.

The components of the Three Grain Carriage have deep yet subtle effects
upon our lives. On the other side of the coin, the way we live our life
affects the components of the Carriage.

It is this sharing of cause and effect which leads to one of the
greatest, yet most erroneous, dualities of the human mind.

The standard illusion is that most of what happens happens to us, and is
out of our control.

This is true, but only partially. Through the understanding and
manipulation of the Three Carriage Scale we can change our "destiny,"
speed up our destiny, slow it down and even influence the behavior of

Concievably, any person with total understanding of the Three Carriage
Scale would have infinite power on the physical plane. However, no one
person has a total understanding of the Scale, and such an understanding
is not likely to be available to humans for a very long time.

There is quite a bit already known about the Scale, and how it can be
manipulated, though. Research is continually advancing. The methods
detailed in this writing will probably be outdated within a year's time

But they are powerful. These methods are powerful to the point that they
may even be dangerous. Certain among them may be done by beginning
students. Others should not be attempted without the assistance of a
certified bearer. These latter methods, the more experimental ones, will
be so noted within the text.

We provide them here for informational purposes, and with the hope that
they will entice you to seek out bearers for a greater brotherhood among
System Initiates.

Step One: Contacting the Members.

Please read this entire section before attempting the excercises.

The methods of the Orange Grain System can not be effective if the
Initiate does not have a general knowlege of the location and activities,
not to mention the personalities and tendencies of the other eight
members of his system.

It may seem like a daunting task locating eight entities that may be of
any shape and species and exist at any place in the universe. Do not
despair. The Carriage itself is the tool we will use to contact the members.

By running through six meditations, three of the Light Mind and three of
the Heavy Brain, the plane of the Scale can be tilted slightly to, in
effect, "roll" the other members toward you, either physically or
psychically, so that you may make note of who or what they are.

We will begin with the Light Mind meditations.

#1 Contact Meditation: Light Mind/Old Side.

Tools: 1 large dictionary. A quiet place to sit. A pad or pillow to
sit on.

Time: 4 hours, in 20 min. portions, throughout a week.

Desired effect: To make apparent members of your System whom you have
long known.


Open the dictionary to a random page and look. Find the word which is
strangest to you and read it aloud. Do not read the definition. Read
the pronunciation only if necessary.

Repeat the word to yourself only until you are confident that you will
not forget it. Repeating the word too many times at this point in the
meditation may spoil the effect.

Sit on your meditation pad. Get into a comfortable position, making sure
your back is as straight as you can make it.

In this sitting position, repeat the word to yourself.

Though you will probably not be 100 percent successful, attempt to think
only of the word. As other thoughts come into your mind, concentrate
harder on repeating the word.

You may repeat the word silently or aloud, or switch between the two as
necessary to maintain concentration.

As you repeat the word, the word will become less strange to you and
become more familiar. Within time the word will become as familiar to
you as the name of a friend or the name of a commonplace object.

If this occurs before the 20 minutes have passed, continue repeating the
word for the remainder of the time.

If you do not notice the above mentioned phenomina within the twenty
minutes continue repeating the word beyond the alloted time. If the word
remains strange to you after 30 minutes of meditation, discontinue the
excercise and add 10 minutes to your next meditation.

After the meditation is over, read the definition of the word and try to
use the word as often as possible for the next few days.

Repeat this meditation twice daily, in the morning and at night, for
seven days. Use a new
word at each sitting.


The effect of this meditation is to roll the Orange Grains from the new
side to the old side. By learning a new word and making it old within
your mind you are exerting a slight pressure on the Light Mind toward the
old side from the direction of the new side.

This pressure can be visualized as a slight breeze blowing from the old
side to the new side, and pushing at the balloon of the Light Mind as it
hovers tethered above the plain of the Three Carriages.

As the Grains and the Light Mind tip to the old side, so shall the Heavy

There is a limited amount of pressure that one person can exert on the
Light Mind that is shared by the nine members of the System of Nine.
However, a sustained and concentrated mental excercise, such as learning
new words and concentrating on them until they become old, will tip the
Scales so long as no other members are exerting a counter pressure.

After the seven days of meditation are over, members of your system who
you have known for a while will be directed to your physical location by
the movement of the Heavy Brain.

Keep aware of the fact that these members will come nearer to you in the
following days. Each time you suspect that someone you have known is a
member of your system, use one of the testing methods later in this
chapter to prove wether or not that person is a member.

(c) 1995 Rev. Matthew A. Carey

Rips on. Rev. Matthew A. Carey Rips off.
Vision Temple -- Tarzana, Calif.
"Words kill." Wilson/North '96 crunt


From: (Teenage Mutant Pizza Jesus)
Subject: Re: More Orange Grains: 2nd Light (DRAFT)

I hope you plan to add some sort of dietary requirements to the
scheme. This is going great, though. I nenver would have believed
anyone in alt.slack could come up with *there* *own* wierd New-Age
philosophy/cult/self-help program. All this seems so plausable.
I buy a copy of Connecting Link or Nexus every now and then so I've
read the stuff that the New-Age guru's are dealing out now.
But hey! Reverend Carey is innovating as strange *new* way
to "spirtual well-being." I can see that it's no easy task.
Keep going!

Food Color Number Sound Physical Psychic
Plane Plane
----- ----- ------ ------ -------- ---------
Fish Brown One "nu" Health Integrity of the Pysche
Eggs Red Five "ahh" Sexuality Ascension of the Pysche
Peas Yellow Eleven "doh" Wealth Immortality

So you could have a scheme where you gain wealth by just eating
the right food (peas) and meditating on the right number (11)
and repeating the right sound ("doh") all while sitting in a
room of the right color (yellow)...

Epopt of the Exploding Head of JFK. Licensed to blaspheme the Gods
My skull is bigger on the inside than the outside!
Send $1 to SubGenius Foundation, P.O. Box 140306, Dallas TX 75214



Food Color Number Sound Physical Psychic
Plane Plane
----- ----- ------ ------ -------- ---------
Toenail Brown Harvey "nu" Healf Integrity of the Pee
Eggs Reddy Fife "ahh" Sexiality Extention of the Pee
Peas Lellow Lebbun "doh" Clots Immorality



From: (Rev. Ivan Stang)

PHILO, YOU IDIOT!!! What're you doing helping Carey invent SERIOUS
COMPETITION FOR YOUR OWN COMPANY???!?!? Cripes, you're getting more like
"Bob" every day.

You and Dobbs expect me to make this thing turn a buck and you go and

Vreedeez is right, you guys smoke too much 'Frop.

Yr obt svt


Copyright 1995 by Rev. Ivan Stang / 1st Orthodox Stangian
MegaFisTemple Lodge of People's Covenant Church of the
Wrath of Dobbs Yeti, Resurrected / The SubGenius Foundation,Inc.
PO Box 140306 Dallas TX 75214 / Fax 214-320-1561 / PRABOB


From: (Captain Midnight)

Rev. Ivan Stang ( wrote:
: In article <3l7t8v$>, wrote:

: > Food Color Number Sound Physical Psychic
: > Plane Plane
: > ----- ----- ------ ------ -------- ---------
: > Toenail Brown Harvey "nu" Healf Integrity of the Pee
: > Eggs Reddy Fife "ahh" Sexiality Extention of the Pee
: > Peas Lellow Lebbun "doh" Clots Exaltation of the Pee
: > Squid Blew Nancy "pooh" Progeny Acension of the Pee
: > Nuts Greyn Luften "omba" Home Equity Release of the Pee
: > Oata Bwack Zeper "huu" Hair Loss Casting out of the Pee
: > Feces Wyte Nouta "yk" Cash Flow Retention of the Pee
: > Wheat Gulde Tuit "ii" Fame Return of the Pee

It's TOO LATE Reverend Ivan Stang, the Table of Pee is COMPLETE!
Our new religion stands vindicated. Soon we will be teaching the
world SUPREME TRUTH!!! "nu" "omba" "yk" "huu"

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