ECCENTRICS: The Results of the Study

From: (John F. Woods)

Date: 12 Apr 1995 13:42:47 -0400

In <3m8ql6$> (Steve Lamont) writes:
> A psychologist at the University of Edinburgh, David Weeks, has
> made a career of studying "eccentrics." He concludes that
> "oddballs" are happier than Normals. Not only that, he suggests
> that Normals can become "eccentric" with some amount of effort.
> Says Weeks, "Why should we continue to groom ourselves properly
> and comport ourselves according to social convention while those
> who flout convention seem to be having the time of their life?"
> According to Weeks, the best way to begin to become "eccentric" is
> to become unemployed: you need a lot of leisure time to be an
> "eccentric."

This is, of course, an obvious Conspiracy trap. "Yes, you too with a great
deal of effort can become abnormal. But remember, it's a full time job, so
you may want to purchase a timeclock first to make sure you're being diligent

The real message, of course, is "CONFORM, IT'S THE EASY THING TO DO!" Those
Normals who don't get the real message also serve the Conspiracy by creating
an army of shambling faux-mutants whose forced eccentricity makes college
freshmen spouting Monty Python look like a fountain of brilliant original
humor, who will serve to reassure the rest of the Normals that there really
isn't anything different or interesting in the ranks of the genuine mutants.

And pity the poor latent SubG who, having adopted a false image of normality
takes the advice to diligently construct a false image of quaint eccentricity
to hide the false image of normality that is hiding the fact that he or she

"Becoming eccentric" isn't "slack"; "giving in to eccentricity and letting it
spew forth from every pore like connecting a firehose to a Martian Popping
Thing" is, or at least might be, "slack".

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Subject: Re: The Results of the Study

From: (NENSLO)

Note: I saw this article in a tabloid over five years ago. It's
probably still making the rounds because it promotes a "cute and silly"
form of antisocial behavior which we, the allegedly sane and hardworking
readers will laugh at and never actually DO. HA HA HA.

Nenslo says; the best way to become an eccentric is to BE BORN
(and be just smart enough to notice,but not smart enough to do anything
about them) OR SUFFER A SERIOUS HEAD INJURY. Typical leftbrain
scientific fallacy at the end of the article - confusing symptom with
cause. Eccentricity is not the result of unemployment - UNEMPLOYMENT IS
THE RESULT OF ECCENTRICITY. That's the same type of fallacious thinking
that teaches us the best way to help a drug addict is to cut off the
source and put them in jail, instead of finding the ENORMOUS HOLE in
their lives they are trying to fill. Normals are IDIOTS, aren't they?

Funny old "eccentric" NENSLO
Can't hold a job, isn't that quaint?
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