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From: (Dennis McClain-Furmanski)
Date: 7 Aug 1995 04:26:49 GMT

On Wed. Aug 2, 1995, told All:

lwe> Did you ever stop to think that maybe mental illness was invented by
> or is caused by the Con?! They suppress any attempt to study it,
> because They don't want us to find out the TRUE nature of mental
> illness. (See alt.mindcontrol for details)

Ever since about 1960, when one of "Bob's" drinking buddies, Thomas Szasz,
went on a toot and wrote about it, we've known there's no such thing. _The
Myth Of Mental Illness_ spells it out pretty plainly.

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From: (Carlos May)
Subject: Re: WHOA

Dennis McClain-Furmanski ( wrote:
: My medical anthro prof showed me an ad for a gizmo which consisted of
: little more than a shaped cup and spout made of plastic. It was for female
: field workers, so they could pee without pulling their pants down and
: exposing themselves to mosquitoes in the jungle. I always wondered why
: they didn't catch on in the general population. A little adaptation and
: EVERYONE could write in the snow.

In San Francisco in 1989, there were ads in all the buses for
something called "Le funnel", which seemed to be this same device.
They were trying to market it as protection from catching disease
from public toilet seats.

-- Froggy once again ain't makin' this up.

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