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Hark! Jesse Scheck (jsh5+@andrew.cmu.edu) proclaimed the following:
% Anyone else know any inside Taco Bell dirt?

Taco Bell is part of the world wide conspiracy of Screaming Supernatural
Robot Nazi Hell Creatures From Beneath The Hollow Earth; Synthetic Food
Mind Control Division, and are allied with Hormel in their mission to
dominate the human race by violently altering our body chemistry through
the introduction of food-like substances. There is reason to believe that
at least 75% of all Taco Bell products contain at least one of the three
UnHoly food-like substances (SPAM, Cheez_Whiz, and Shake_N_Bake), and that

Hey! Wait a minute!

Sorry, I though that this was alt.conspiracy, oops!
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Subject: Re: Taco Bell experiences
From: PATRICK CRAIG <s002psc@discover>

Actually, I had heard that the Bell utilizes the brains of cows in their
meat products. Rumors abound that the "Cattle for Wotan" Thrill Kill
Cult And Disney Paraphenalia Franchise UFO Investigation Society supplied
the necessary cerebral cortex material for the tacos originally, only to
be replaced by force through a coup by ex-McDonald's employees under mind
control from the Con. Now the brains are synthesized at the Jet
Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, CA and shipped via AWACS to regional
distribution centers around the globe (except for Mexico, where the
supplies are carried by mule).

They're coming--I've got to get away! Praise "Bob" and keep the faith!

Charles Dexter Ward, Jr.
Not of The Cleaveland Clench


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