The 23 question

Newsgroups: alt.conspiracy,alt.conspiracy.area51,alt.illuminati,alt.slack (Dennis McClain-Furmanski) writes:

>Lets see. 23 is the only number which when added together 2+3 = 5
>AND (1+1) + (1+1+1) = 5, AND 1+11+11 = itself AND 11+12 = itself
>AND the 11 and 1 can be added together and regrouped BEHIND the 2 that's not
>used in that calculation, forming itself AGAIN!


<Scribble Calculations>


"But . . ."

<Scratch Head>

"Wha . . . ?"

>It's simple with SlackMath(tm).

Ooooooooh. Whyncha say so? I had my calculator in Conspiracy Mode, where
all the answers come ouut to be exactly what you expect them to, and the
math makes sense.


23 - 23 - 23 - 23 - 23 - 23 - 23

From: (Matthew Carey)

In a previous article, (Andrew Clegg) says:

>In article <> "Jesse Erlbaum" writes:
>> I think P-Orrige is one of the most successful humorist-cum-con-artists
>> of our generation. He's SOOO good at it, and I applaud him! So often
>> he's openly said what he was up to, but he's right -- people just ignore
>> what they don't want to hear, and listen to the "good" stuff. I admire
>> him for seeing the basic stupidity in so many people. Look how many
>> people have "joined" his "temple"... He FLAT OUT said on many an occasion
>> that he did it as a joke... That he liked having people attach a
>> religious title to his name. But does anyone take notice? Of course
>> not. Thousands of marching idiots, looking for something to follow...
>> willing to follow, like lemming, anyone who looks like they have some
>> answers, It's sad, really. But it's REALLY FUNNY, mostly.
>Maybe (just an idea as I have no connection to the Temple) the people who
>joined know it's not 100% serious and are going along with it because it's
>fun and because they like to be in on the joke too. Like the SubGenius and
>the Church of Bob and so on.

It's the Church of the SubGenius and "Bob" with quotes, and yes you are
right it's just a TRIVIAL JOKE which you should ignore because it's not
like 8 American Congressmen are SubGenii or 3 Nobel Prizewinners or even
a certain National League Baseball coach for that matter.


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