Water Sports

ricky@usenet.nerdc.ufl.edu (Captain Midnight) says:
>: >How about Jesus on the cross peeing on the women below?

> ac118@lafn.org (Matthew Carey) wrote:

>: No. Not even. You know that part where the angels come and give him
>: something to drink?

ricky@nerix.nerdc.ufl.edu (St. Ain-Soph) writes:

>Come on. What does a person do at the moment of death? Vacates
>his bowels. It's physiological. I bet it's in the Xtian Holy
>Book as PROOF that the dude was really dead.

Rev.Moamosan sez:

Ultimately, bodily functions have no rational purpose. They just exist
to a) make us happy, and b) to piss us off. We "trick" ourselves into
believing that we are consumers (i.e., alive), but it all just FALLS
OUT THE BOTTOM, wasting our time and efforts--Do you see what I mean?
"BOB" sent Jesus down to earth just to play this trick on us, and we
fell for it HOOK, LINE & SINKER. We have not yet discovered the solar
fresh water shrimp fairy phillopods sent down to us by Uranus via the
Sun--but when the Enquirer gets a hold of that one, HOOOOO BOY look

I thank you for your time.


p.s. Ricky--your PromoPak is on its way!


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