From: (Sphinx Drummond)


I was enjoying a great meal at my favorite Mexican Food eatin'
place. Guerro's, for the curious. When it came time to releave my
bladder I ventured forth into the Poquito Hombre's Room. So as I walk in
I notice this guy checking himself out in the mirror. Being the student
of human behavior that I am, I kept one eye on him while my other eye
made sure I didn't pee on my foot. The guy was close to being one of
those PRETTY BOY/MALE MODEL types and he was really primping. Then I
noticed his face was real shiney and HE HAD A HOLE WHERE HIS LEFT EYE
SHOULD BE. All of a sudden he spit his missing eye out onto his hand and
plopped into the empty socket! I couldn't really see how he did it but
it didn't take him more than a few seconds. As it were I kind of heebee
jeebed and peed a few drops on my foot as my body quaked a bit. THEN,
then he sqeezed on his nose and the WIPED HUMAN GREASE from his face on
the mirror with his fingers and walked out. I liked to died.

The thing is, I didn't think glass eyes plopped in and out like
that. He obviously had a version that did. Does anyone know much about
glass eyeballs? I am curious, enlighten me, please!

Col. Sphinxinxinx Drummondondond


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