Websites of the Gods Part 3!
Websites of the GODS, PART THREE!






Tons of Sounds from Wandarer


Churchill in TrueSpeech:
Historical wavs in TrueSpeech:
Jerky Boyz:

John Trubee's Space and Time Tapes:

(Superb prank calls, music, rants.)

The Evolution Control Committee

The Sub-Atomic Opera -- the only weekly audio cartoon on the World-Wide Web! In mpeg sound
Tapes featuring "the expert use of tape loops, crank phone calls and synths":

This one's not a website, but reprints from an irregular newsletter about The Firesign Theater. Most of you snot-nosed brats probably never even heard of them, but their so-called 'comedy albums' from the late '60s and early '70s probably kept some of us older SubGenii from suicide. Right up there with Zappa and Zap Comix.

Low-Sodium Records,
home of Skyscape, the Hanslick Rebellion, and Wonderbus.


RealAudio concert bootlegs... Iggy Pop, etc. Cool layout.

Jello Biafra rants in TrueSpeech: House of the Rising Punk:

Mutato Muzika:

The Residents' Page:

The Goon Show Scripts:

Swinging Love Corpses:


OBE/Kings of Feedback:


Firesign Theatre: or

GWAR Slave Pit:


(good catalog of Firesign videos, tapes, links)

Captain Beefheart:


The Internet's Real Digital RockZine Experience

hendrix pix: (the "Official" home page)
(the hey-joe newsletter site w/ tons of multimedia)

Grateful Dead:


Combustible Edison stuff deep within (it's in the band directory).

[ Article crossposted from ]
[ Author was Gythyanki3 ]
For those of you who do not know, Wonderbus Is the greatest thing to
hit the music world in America since Jimi Hendrix. Wonderbus is made up of
5 Retarded idividuals who play Hard Rock Originals with their very own
retarded twist. This is the grimmest side of mental retardation, as the
muscians are mere pawns in a game controlled by the money hungry
management currently known as Gythyanki Entertainment. The five muscians,
prone to mistakes because of their mental conditions, are often punsihed
with harsh physical abuse on stage, ranging from beatings with lead pipes
to torture through the many devices the management has invented(The
Hamster Wheel, The Retard Vice, etc.) Crowd reactions were so positive to
the onstage sadism, it has become a regular part of the Wonderbus show and
lifestyle. Beatings have been incorporated into hilarious skits which the
band members participating in willingly, fearing harsher punishment
after the show. It is not uncommon for Wonderbus members to be forced
offstage into the pit, where they ride the crowd untill audience members
take over the managements' job, and dish out their own crude versions of
abuse. When available, additional Down's Syndrome suffers who have no
musical talent are often bound, gagged, and thrown in scores into a blood
hungry audience where their only defense is to cover their eyes. Wonderbus
has been received quite well by the public, and a full length cd on a
somewhat major label will be released shortly. For more information,
check out the Wonderbus Webpage which is still under construction at
or the official Wonderbus Homepage at


Goy Division Recordings & Online Disinformation Services

(or PO Box 650239, Austin, TX 78765-0239)
FINALLY A DECENT PRANK CALLS SITE!!! Excellent calls to Christian radio stations, Web-hearable full-length in TrueSpeech, and sold on CD. Home of Brother Russell's Radio Jihad. Contains a fine essay on pranking talk radio.

Phone Losers of America

An online Phone Pfreaks magazine, very well done, with attitude squirting from its pores. Look for the prank call links and reviews.

Great PRANKING instructions:

Pranks, Revenge, and General Mayhem
From "The Fixer's Collection"

"There are several methods of ruining your friends' lives via their answering machines. You can fill their incoming message tapes with bogus messages, you can turn them on/off remotely and hear/erase all the messages, and in some beauties, you can change the outgoing message. The latter is the most devastating of all answering machine methods, and it will get the most space here."

Most Prank Call websites are PROOF that democracy is flawwed, that not every drunken jock with a telephone and a Jerky Boys CD should be allowed freedom of speech, much less their own websites. Most of these are far from worthy of the great art form of telephone experimentation.

The Lars Prankcall Homepage
REVIEWS of prank calls. Inept presentation...
The best thing on here is their PARODY of the repulsive Crank Callers of America.

TUBE BAR Homepage.

The Tube Bar "Names" list

The Whole Tube Bar CD As Text

The Red Fan Club,
c/o Milk It To Death Productions,
1608 North Cahuenga Blvd, Ste. 232,
Los Angeles, CA 90028. USA.

The Ball Busters

Various Jerky Boys Home Pages (all nearly identical): -

One that stands out slightly is MadPhace's Jerky Boys Page


Tiny short useless excerpts of the calls' first few seconds as .au files. Nice layout, though.

Nate's Prank Call Page

Dedicated to new calls only. Originally presented as AIFF files, they're being converted to RealAudio -- still sounds like a teenaged kid with a bare minimum of originality. "Are they having intercourse?"; ATROCIOUS writing.

New Dog Studios

The Telephone Bandits

Phone Phun

.au files of the Jerky Boys, Musacha Tapes, The Tube Bar, others.

Phone Phun (other)

Don't even BOTHER with the shameful Crank Callers of America and The Perry Boys.



WFMU East Orange NJ - the world's first freeform radio station

Listen to the Latest Internet Technology: TECHBABBLE

Hour of Slack via CyberRadio 1!
WCSB (Cleveland) now broadcasts HoS at 6am and 9pm (Eastern) on Sundays!

WMPG, Portland, ME:

Hour of Slack is occasionally broadcast over the Net from WXYC, Chapel Hill NC:
<> (access with Maven)

WREK, Atlanta:

WZRD, Chicago: "We've done a bit of work on the Wizard Free Form Web, and added a few juicy sound samples including a brief rant by Charles Manson and the infamous Linda McCartney tape. Enjoy!"


WHUS: Storrs CT

MORE DEVO! (lyrics)


The Ultimate Band List: Devo


WWW Pages: MuteWeb
Per Henrik Johansen (
graphics, articles/interviews, samples etc

Spud Land
Aaron Gum (


AMAZING movies, 3D demos!!!:



3-D stuff of all kinds. Gorgeous.

You Won't Believe It:

Electric Elf Test Kitchen

Be sure to bring the 'ultra-vision' eyes to this one, it's jam
packed with visuals. We are a growing evolving entity
bent on blowing minds, dammit! Peace and whatever,

Hemp & Pagan 3D Screen Savers for Windows

WEIRD VIDEOS in the UK (PAL format)
Visionary Communications / Screen Edge


"Art gallery with a nifty collection of expressionist, and surrealist paintings. If you click the smoking skull-head in the upper left-hand corner, you will get the "collector's" hyper-diaper web page, although it's not for the faint-hearted computer (like mine is.) It reminds me of that guy who went to court over his zillion Christmas light display in Arkansas. However, just like the spouting tit fountains in Las Vegas, it's pretty good fun."

Edge Art Gallery

Derek Parr -- Computer Art

Some interesting 3-D (VRML, WRL) experiments

Synthetic Pleasures

"Is reality obsolete? From low-tech function like body piercing and
artificially-stocked fishing pools, to the latest in bionics and VR
gaming, this cyber-age intellectual survey - call it a *.DOCumentary -
downloads a Future Shockful of data and defines the parameters of advanced
technologies that delete nature and reprogram mankind. Cryonics defy
death; the Internet exists outside time and space; smart drugs and surgery
upgrade the mind and body. But are we headed toward human optimization, or
system crash? Timothy Leary, RU Sirius, Lisa Palac, John Barlow and others
offer sound bytes against a mesmerizing screen display of cutting edge
computer-graphics, location footage and archival clips."

Porno ad w/ Animated JaVagina!

Anyone using Netscape 2.0 can now see and produce cross-platform inline video on the web without plug-ins. SMART DUBBING Demo's at:
Smart Dubbing(TM) is a software utility which enables small videoclips to be played on a web page as they download. In contrast to AVI or QuickTime movies, they show their content as they load. Macintosh demo available.

VRML Slack!

From: Dave Walsh <>

VDOLive player:

Raytrace-begotten tilable images, located at:">Fanboy.
"Insane Creators Enterprises' site, ACiD's eternal rival since the ANSI days of '88." :
The Superunknown, a site covering much of the art, music and code of the PC demoscene. This community is international: it incorporates realtime, mostly-undocumented programming effects and modes with digital music and artwork...In short, everything you get on your screen is coming directly from the processor, not from an animation file-That makes these "demos" much faster and much more disturbing. Small wonder that half of the software industry wants to suppress these nuts while the other half tries to ignore them. The site itself-This site in particular, anyway-is well-designed and HUGE. It also covers some older ANSI and ASCII scene art.
You might want to use Netscape 2.0 beta to get the full effect(Multiple frames are used on the site).

Allen Bukoff>

Also, please visit another new site of mine, "The Bathrooms of Madison
County"--a love story/documentary in seven quick web pages:>

The VMPEG1.7 viewer, which combines .wav sound & MPEG video, and thus is good for playing the SubGenius videos on this website, is downloadable at:
The older version 1.6 viewer did not provide INSTANT multimediafaction. On fast machines (Pentiums or so), there's an easy way to fix lip-sync: just turn OFF the synch feature and play video at a flat 30 fps... apparently the video actually gets slowed down more when it's in synch mode, and so it falls behind.

VREAM Web-VR program:


"An attempt to create a 3-D virtual world for people to wander around in and annoy one another. It has "avatars", meaning you get to pick and choose your "appearance" from a collection of images."

Fractal Explorer:

Rev. Nutting's MutaBob stash:

"Art in the Public Interest" -- High Performance:

(various WEIRD PAINTINGS, etc.)


Heavy Water:

ACID Prod:

Survival Research Laboratories:


Pure Art:



Virtual Reality links from Camangin

Fractal Pictures and Animations:

Virtual Worlds FTP site: ftp:///


Wax Web:

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