BobSongs 5 - Time to Exhale


NOTICE: We are no longer sure of the identity of the composers of songs numbers 6 and 34. We're not sure if it is really "InvisoBob" or which of the InvisiBobs it is, if it is indeed ANY of them. The answer was within out grasp not that long ago, but it... slipped away...

Participants in the project who haven't heard from us should email and say where to mail your vast recompense.

1 BobFugue in D Minor - Rev. Mark Mothersbaugh 00:33
Bach done down.

2 "Bob"Squad - The Great Groovy Neptune 01:01
Cop Hop Rock from a beatnik frop god

3 99% Of Gargoyles Look Like "Bob" Dobbs - Half Man Half Biscuit 04:39
Very British, insane, polished.

4 Addicted to the Insex - Heart Ignition 01:42
Bug porn, cheap.

5 Bob Ditty - Rev. Mark Mothersbaugh 00:23
Uplifting and upthrusting.

6 A Place Called the Church of the SubGenii - by....? Inviso-Bob? 01:36
A Complete Mystery

7 Goin' To Dobbstown - Fernandinande LeMur 00:36
The great graphic artist of a.b.s. applies his Photoshop filters to pop songs.

8 B.O.B. Remix 1 - Dr. Onan's Wotan Band 05:50
An unreturn by Onan to his old classic -- completely hard-jacked.

9 BobSong05 - Fernandinande LeMur 00:36
Mortal use of the sampling keyboard for live sex.

10 Bobhaha - Popess Lilith 00:19
Sums it all up.

11 Bobo Homo - Rev. Mark Mothersbaugh 01:17
We Are Not Men.

12 Sins Of The Flock - Rev. Edfred 03:33
Danceable media barrage!

13 Frosty The Dobbshead - Fernandinande LeMur 00:33
The kids will sing this all day.

14 HellSlack (Pt. 2) - Heart Ignition 00:59
Infant Horrible of alt.binaries.slack in a spasm of gasm.

15 High On Dokstok Mountain - The Swingin' Love Corpses 04:44
Miraculously-preserved (though slightly damaged) recording of the only specifically SubGenius song by these rowdy mop-tops.

16 Inna Bobba Da Vida - Rev. Mark Mothersbaugh 00:12
Self explanatory.

17 Kill Me - Onan's Wotan Band 02:54
No animals were harmed much in the production of this studio recording.

18 "Bob"s Just Wanna Have Fun - Rev. Mark Mothersbaugh 00:27
The Connietite Theme

19 Beer Drinking "Bob" Sing-Along - Dr. Onan Canobite 04:32
Dr. onan leads the pew-packers at the Akron Devival of '02

20 BobSong06 - Fernandinande LeMur 00:38
Unseemly! From the Emperor of LeMuria (not to be confused with Lemuria)

21 Pick a Booger - The Swingin' Love Corpses 06:48
Live at Off Broadway, a duet by real-life brothers Sphinx and Philo Drummond.

22 Raised in an Environment of "Bob" - El Queso/Enturbulator 01:40
Harmful El Queso application.

23 Slack My Bitch - Saint N & Hellena Handbasket 04:16

24 Techno_B_O_B - DJ Epoch 02:29
Onan's Oldie remixed by aging youngster Epoch.

25 That's Right, Doktor - Dr. Onan's Wotan Band 04:21
Recorded in the 80s, and not played back until 2002.

26 Hooligans for "Bob" - The FC SubGenius Football Supporters for "Bob" 01:18
Pope Black and Lord Yeti lead the Euro-Subs at the Bad Pipe in Amsterdam, First Anal Frop Cup Devival

27 Think o Bob - Dr. Onan's Wotan Band 04:12
You'll be singing it at work.

28 Twinkies And Corndogs - Heart Ignition 02:55
Disturbing live recording of Heart Ignition's thinking.

29 UntoBob 2 - Heart Ignition 01:04
It's origin and purpose remain a total mystery.

30 Work - St. Al 02:01
You WON'T be singing this one at work.

31 Phloighd's Rap - Rev. Phloighd and Rev. Two Beans 03:40
Sharpen your ears for this one.

32 Werd - Heart Ignition 00:29

33 You Cant Always Get the Slack You Want - Fernandinande LeMur 01:27
Touching, down there.

34 You've Got a Friend in "Bob" - by....? Inviso-Bob? 03:44

35 "Bob" Dobbs Brought Me Here - Glassmadness 01:46
Recorded in late 80s by Glassmadness during his visit to Dobbstown II, G. Gordon Gordon's estate in Bolivia. The living room had excellent accoustics.

FRONT COVER by Stang BACK COVER by Fernandinande LeMur


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