Hour of Slack #1643 - Goodbye, Dammett

60:07 (Broadcast 59:38)

It's all about dogs. There's some great Swinging Love Corpses, The Rainmakers, and The Psycho Skeletons in this, and a sermon by Rev. deFalk, but mostly it's a tribute to our late, great SubGenius hound dog, Dammett, who boarded the Saucers at age 12 on Sept. 29, or St. Dammett / Bite the Mailman Day. (Thanks to Rev. Guimo for that idea.) We also ALMOST reveal MASSIVE Church secrets, and discuss the SubGenius Yard Sale which had ended just before this show started, but the best parts are about having and losing a great dog pal... our little boy, old as he was. The highlight is a recording of Dammett howl-dueling with a pack of coyotes in the dead of night.

Oh, and the BIG MYSTERY SECRET we were talking about can now be told: bit.ly/SlackOn

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1 Dammett howls 00:09
2 Lemur - HOS_IntroD 00:29
3 The Swinging Love Corpses - Save the Universe 03:52
4 The Rainmakers - Given Time 02:51
5 Rev. Watt deFalk - NewPreach X 03:45
6 the Psycho Skeletons - I Dropped the Eye Drops 02:48
7 The Swinging Love Corpses - High on Dokstock Mountain PG 04:44
8 Bob Walkenhorst - Lawyers Guns and Money X 03:12

9 Live WCSB 2017-10-8 34:54
"Warren Zevo." (Jesus!) Stang does credits while Dave waits. We're moving in 2 weeks to Dokstok Mountain. NEIGHBORWORLD is out and about at subgenius.com - bad news is that our old hound dog Dammett is not at home listening to the show, but on the Saucers with Pappy. St. Dammett's Day / Bite the Mailman Day: Sept. 29. The "Mad at Dammett" stage of grief. We're needy for a needy dog. We were well trained service humans and now our master is gone. Dammett's funny claw and the Dammett Club sign, the Black Fingernail. In SubGenius Dog Hell you can catch and kill cats over and over again. "Treeing Walker Coonhounds can live to be twelve years old." Spent more time on Facebook than usual. The SECRET new Church projects! Spacebook vs. Fakebook. Being in Dave's band. Journey to 20,000 Leagues Beneath My Sack. Babysitting the pouting screaming crybaby coward ever seen on TV; anything that makes smart people mad makes them real happy. We filmed Lonesome Cowboy Dave. When Mel Gibson played Dave in the movie CONSPIRACY THEORY. Replaced Dave w/ CGI Schwarzeneggr with clefts all over his face and palate. Some listen to show to hear things crawl out of Dave's mouth like a dead pig. Our long long weekend: filmed Dave for the SubGenius documentary camera, maybe can film G Gordon Gordon in Portugal. Some hints about the SubGenius Movie with Johnny Depp and Andy Cerkis as Dave in mo-cap. Stang will animate Ray Harryhausen's skeleton as "Bob." Shouldn't talk of my heroes that way. Why Stang must say certain things about Frank Zappa. Dave on Zappa. Sterno vs. Stang. Strange talk about Commander Beefheart. The movie FRANK is partly based on Beefheart. The "bloody big beef heart" line. SubGenius YARD Sale just about killed us. All the neighbors and customers so nice it was like a Utopian world of racial and class harmony -- totally opposite the world seen on the Internet. Except the rich lady that stole a ring, and the troublesome old drunk lady who wasted our time. Wei does British accent description of the idiot event. The yard sale ordeal. Comrade Forefinger. Dave on the drunk lady. Playing the concert by Dammett: "DAMMETT VS. THE COYOTES!" Coyotes and deer herdsin Cleveland Heights. Wolves and bears at Dave's. End of show. Intro The Rainmakers "Like Dogs."

10 The Rainmakers - Like Dogs X 03:15
11 1 Great Dammett Howl! 00:04

Background music: MAYAN RUINS

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