Hour of Slack #1644 - Moving and Movie

Live 2017-10-15

70:07 (Broadcast 59:50

Last live show at WCSB until next summer; we're MOVING! This episode attacks the ins and outs of packing and prepping massive SubGenius media archives for transportation across 1000 miles of Pink territory in a disguised "moving van." We also discuss the documentary movie in progress, SLACKING TOWARDS BETHLEHEM, and urge all listeners to check out the Kickstarter page and trailer. Also: The Rainmakers cover Devo, The Swinging Love Corpses, and more of them kind pils.


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1 Xposed 4Heads - Slack It Bumper 4 00:21
2 Rev. David Boone / Roberto de la Rosa - MORE THEM KIND PILS-OHIO 00:34
3 The Rainmakers - Drinking on the Job - Medley - Rock and Roll Girls -Uncontrollable Urge by Rich (Kansas City Record Bar, Thanksgiving 2013 video) 06:24
4 All Doktorbands at Dokstok 2, 1884? -PILS-Drs 00:34
5 Ezekiel Verse 4 on Xists - Roberto de la Rosa is seeing Them - Flying Saucer Rock and Roll - NPR report on Church and X-Day with Pope David Meyer 02:51
6 The Swinging Love Corpses (live in St. Louis) - Nature - I Hate It 04:59
7 David Boone/Roberto de la Rosa - "Hard to Talk" - False Prophits of Slack - Banging Voices on Inside of Head 01:16

8 Credit David Boone to Rainmakers doing 16 tons 02:28
Stang explains David Boone's extremely early contributions to the Church and society, Credits on Rainmakers live shows, Dokstok 2, Swinging Love Corpses. Intro to "16 Tons" - we're MOVING.

9 The Rainmakers - 16 Tons (live at Knucklehead's Garage) 03:02

10 Live at WCSB - StangDoe and Dave - 2017-10-15 -Moving - Old Tech -Movie 16:10
Stang on The Rainmakers and Scandinavia, Bob Walkenhorst. 46 listeners. Stang has touched every recording in every format of SubGenius because we're moving. Difference between space taken up by old tech and new tech. When videos hadn't been invented. The smell of vinegar in old 16mm and 35mm film. Stang is Stanky from walking 75 floors and the bed of death. The media was huge and heavy; youngsters amazed at how anyone can have so much stuff. Pictures on paper, not online; 78 rpm records heavier than MP3s. Dave calls in. Stang's fingernail filth with ancient life forms. Boxes grow hair when you move them 8 times without opening them. Film negative from 1968. SO OLD! Our photos are on heavy paper; our albums are on heavy plastic. Bleepo suggested putting it all in an envelope. Censored hemorrhoids. Stang's X-rays with arthritis in the septic valves. Stang's operation is wearing off - has had to pee several times this year. Dave rant. Because of move we'll miss the WCSB Halloween Ball but we can go to Fossilmania. The Halloween Ball at the Beachland Ballroom. Projecting on bricks. "You're a brick." (THE MUMMY soundtrack rant)

We were gonna announce TWO world-shattering events but Stang insulted one. It doesn't add up. The OTHER event that we had to wait for: the big documentary movie. "SERIOUS" documentary vs. ARISE! You can see the trailer and fundraiser, http://bit.ly/SlackOn

The campaign is interesting, with weekly-daily reports and crazy message videos from wonderful SubGenii. Please don't get mad at me for misunderstanding you.

11 SLACKING TOWARDS BETHLEHEM documentary Kickstarter video soundtrack 02:54

12 Live WCSB-Oct 15 -moving and movie 29:15
DRS. 4 "BOB" instrumental versions in bg. The fake Dobbs of the trailer. Rev. David Boone was one of the first people interested in the Church; his widow Sandy Boone is directing this documentary. The true story of the Church is an amazing story. A tale worth wagging. A lot of wags in it. Stang discovered his back-arthritis thanks to the film. This is out last live show for 6 months, have to use Tarzan's Radio Station. Tech limitations of Texas shows. Dave rant. Drs. 4 "Bob" without the vocals. You can pick your prefs by prefrontal lobotomies. Why did they let the monkey go but blame the monkey wrench? - Walkenhorst lyric from "Rockin at the T-Dance" , about the Apollo launchpad disaster that killed Grissom, White and Chaffee. Reagan and the Challenger. Subs probably tired of Stang's ShorDurPerSav The Rainmakers. Strange parralells between Walkenhorst and Stang, one month apart in age. The phrase "Flirting with the Universe." Dave starts to cry. Stang emotional lately due to saying goodbye to house of 16 years. The Slackermansion has been wiped clean of personality now. Packed up the paintings by Dave, AP Ostacy fnord Tori, Legume. Stang doing 75 floors a day; time-lapse movies of the move on YouTube/revstang 2 Paintings by Legume. The last time you touched these boxes is when you moved 7 moves ago. Lost memories resurrected by movies. The way the baboons play - minds are sharp teeth. Stang worked as a mime. White people and white-face make-up. White people are afraid of clowns. Won't look at you. The day in white greasepaint when Stang's car broke down in front of the Salvation Army building. Best rants done that week. Can't do rants anymore. Full of Slack and beer. Plenty of Octoberfest in Texas. End of show... will just play Doktorz 4 "Bob" // Synaesthesia-CRAP RADIO preview and goodnight.


Drs. 4 "Bob" instrumental version of "The Explanation" - guitar by Rev. Gene Splice! Sterno on bass!

Drs. 4 "Bob" instrumental version of "Hey Joe" - guitar by Rev. Gene Splice! Sterno on bass

Stang credits Drs. 4 "Bob"

Elvis Costello and the Attractions - Goon Squad

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