Hour of Slack #1652 - GASLIGHT THE WHOLE PLANET!

Live 2017-12-10 from Stang Ranch

59:09 broadcast; 71:38 Internet

A pretty crazy episode. Clearly confusing directions! Stang reads from our next publishing event, the novel EYELASH by Nikolai Kingsley. The Rainmakers, classics x 3. The history of Xists inventing Yetis, Yetis inventing humans, Why hide the edge of the Flat Earth? Where SubGeniuses come from. The Conspiracy destroyed Earth, switched with Mars - now we'll finish the job from a distance, seen in VR. "I don't care if I'm in the Matrix." Dave on THEY LIVE. Sell the Sonic BM buzz to Devo! People related by name. Repenting on the deathbed. That's how they destroyed Earth the first time! Emergentiles gone evil. THE CHURCH OF THE SENIOR SUBGENIUS. Internet-only bonus: Stang and his two grandsons hunt "Bob" in the Lost Cave.

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1 LeMur - HOS_Intro9 00:23
2 The Rainmakers - Another Guitar 03:35

3 Stang reads Nikolai Kingsley's EYELASH 09:35
Stang credits Rainmakers, introduces EYELASH, reads first two pages.

4 The Rainmakers - Mokkamann 03:13

5 Live Stang, Doe, Dave, Dec. 10 "2017" 38:47
Calling Dave - "The Buzz is Gone" - "You just called us! Turn your radio down!" Some say Dave is the Prince of Norway. A stoot liar. Pappy's List of Big Words. Unpacked, but don't know where we put stuff -- lost the soul cannisters - Souls sold to Xists. Planet X stuff so alien it's magic. So advanced they don't need science... it's just magic. The Yacatisma. Xist physical bodies that they don't need. The history of Xists inventing Yetis, Yetis invented humans. Where SubGeniuses come from. Destroyed Earth, switched with Mars - now we'll finish the job from a distance, seen in VR. Don't care if I'm in the Matrix. Dave on THEY LIVE, Rowdy Roddy Piper discovers the hideous skull-face alien Republicans. THEY LIVE subtle as a sledgehammer. Iconic John Carpenter movie with SubGenius-like theme. Dave memory or an implant? How would we know! We know for sure we're not sure what planet this is. Why hide the edge of the Flat Earth? Church of SubGenius is here to GASLIGHT THE WHOLE PLANET! Dave speaks metaphorically about his shoes. Slackful shoes. Gluteus Maximus too large for whaleboard. The Buzz came back! The buzz kicked in! The buzz carries the secret subliminal messages - comes and goes. When buzz happens Wei and the dog look like alien monsters, lifting the veil? Sell the buzz to Devo! And the Blues McGoos! Sonic BM. In search of the lost chord forever. Hiding the messages in the X-Day noise from the Beacon. Clearly confusing directions! Legume's dead thing from "Bob's" storage room, left it in Cleveland. People related by name. Repenting on deathbed - backfires. Grand Staircase Escalante has been half sold off for condos for the uranium miners. They'll find something to mine. That's how they destroyed Earth the first time. The top.00001% doing it - 5 people rulling world and they're all pathological sadists. Zuckerberg, do the right thing. Mission District in San Francisco changed to rich kid land. Hellraiser Onan Cenobite - kids do Pinhead to themselves to be cool. Cool now in Glen Rose, it's been old in New York and Paris. Trends hit small burgs late. When you have to burn a flag because you "accidentally" dropped it and tainted it. The power of symbols to get high school history teachers fired and entire schools turned from liberal to right wing. Symbolic things are real to people and people sure are dumb. The SubGenius knows he could be wrong but that thought never enters the Normal's head. We're better ONLY because we're different from them! Being different from the Normals is GOOD ENOUGH. World run by evil rogue unsaved SubGeniuses - Emergentiles gone evil, never saved by Slack! Every second it becomes ten times worse! MAD Magazine is the Real News. The Onion. The death of books. Our next novel to publish, Eyelash. WeiMawMaw sneezes so daintily. She has the wisdom of patience and Slack. "Patience is the only form of Time Control that we actually have available to us." (Oft-avoided Dobbs quote.) Rationality is freedom and patience is Time Control. THE CHURCH OF THE SENIOR SUBGENIUS ad and po box, end of show sign off- great with background music!! The magic of radio and Neighborworld! Origin of Tree Walking Brain Socket Doktors! We're Skull Farmers. Goodnight.

6 The Rainmakers - Spite 03:23

7 Live-Internet Only - Slack Friday 03:18
Okay they're not listening anymore. The part they don't like because it lasts another half hour. Got some feedback. Listeners, we're listening! Slack Friday two-fer-one ordainment sale! We live for the GRANDCHILDREN! Future of the SubG Race! Maleable minds.

8 Age 7 and Age 9 Hour of Slack Grandkids Episode 2 Excerpt 1 04:12
DeeDaw song. Sexcrocolis monster on the loose - The Curse of "Bob" - Who's "Bob"?

9 Strange slow end conversation 05:08
We can cut to kids there. The music was surging. Stang tired. Wei almost fell asleep at the mike like Dr. Hal. Wei falls asleep when movie gets to best part! Dave and eyebrow eating. Wei missed the grasshoppers crawling on photo of skyscrapers. / Could see BIG at Monster Bash in Pittsburgh. Baby weiners. Wanted posters of Dave. Vet hospital of alien wars Dave rant. Whatcha gone do? Cast fate to wind. Go get me a new Fate that works better. /

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