Hour of Slack #1659 - Rampant Rectalism

Live at Tarzan's at Stang Ranch, 01-28-2018

60:06 broadcast; Internet version is 73:41

Typical recent "live" show with atypical music by The Rudy Schwartz Project, The Psycho Skeletons, Lothar and the Hand People, and The Rainmakers; includes a doomful old rant about the Masonic Conspiracies by Stang. Then it's yakdada all the way down. Soviet chimps in the suburbs; goodbad badfilm movies; Stang's strap-on toads; sensitive snowtard bloggers; farting in the sweat lodge; Young KimCarl Jung and Punk Freud; Cicus Apocalypse versus the baby weiners; build the Wall between Heaven and Hell and make Hell pay for it; escapee angels; fossil Devil Toenails; Onan and the Fappers; rampant Rectalism.

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1 Lemur - HOS intro 6 - Pipe O' Dobbs 02:02
2 The Rudy Schwartz Project - Im no prude BUT XX 02:42
3 The Rudy Schwartz Project - CrissCross 01:55
4 The Rainmakers - Wild Oats 03:15
5 Lothar and The Hand People - Sex and Violence 03:03
6 Stang Masonic Conspiracy Rant1 07:48

7 Stang-Doe-Dave - Live 2018-01-28 39:15
Show open and credits. Discussion of The Rudy Schwartz Project music videos on DVDs and how mind-breaking they are: "Meatloaf Taste Better Now" and "Blood Freak." RSP compared to Zontar videos. More credits. Calling Lonesome Cowboy Dave. The old show when Dave got too into character and grabbed Wei's chest. Soviet chimps in the suburbs. Jim Jarmusch movie "Dead Man" at X-Day Drills. SubGeniuses are not known not to be weird. Goodbad movies vs. good movies, and popcorn. WeiMawMaw's Popcorn ad. Dave's nasal areas are watering; delicious flu. Stang's Big Brother Syndrome, teasing Wei. Strap on a toad and get after her drawers. Stang paranoid - maybe they COULD come and get us! Election time in Glen Rose; libtard blogger of Somervell. Podcasters calling for interviews because they figure we're about to die. Stang just a snowtard. Paul Mavrides worried about hurting feelings at upcoming lecture at a sensitive snowflake college. LIES full of bad things! "Don't lie to your audience; they're smarter than you and they'll know." We never put people on. Background music: A Man Called Horse. Movie version of sun dance vs. actual sun dance in Lakota territory. Mini-vision in the sweat lodge. No farting in the sweat lodge. Stang's Lakota seance experience. Young Kill Bill Jung the mad psychoanalyst. Young Kim Carldashian Jung vs. Pink Freud and Punk Freud. Selling fake GG Allin microphones. Chicken John and Vermin Supreme. Dammit the Wonder Dog and Circus Apocalypse - flaming bikes and flaming baby weiners. Andrew the Impaled's simulated baby cocktail weiner excreting stunt, squeezing your weiner out of the casing. Sideshow marvel tricks - sewing lips together. Circus Apocalypse at X-Day Drills. Doesn't that hurt? "Not enough to come." BUILD THE WALL between Heaven and Hell and Make Hell Pay for It! Actually to keep the angels from trying to escape into Hell. We find fossil devil toenails all over Stang Ranch. Our complete fossil Prehistoric Devil Skeleton, Cave SubGeniuses "Adam and Steve." We await The Twins with The Scissors of Sight. You'll be rich after you die! Neighborworld and Neuromancer; smart phones. The urethra tube in your nasal. Testing Stang's spray pressure and Pres. Trump. Remember "Bob" Dobbs? The guy we hardly ever mention any more? Singing the Macapella while signing in deaf language by Onan the Onanist. Onan and the Fappers. Protection from rampant Rectalism with realism and bulldada.

8 The Psycho Skeletons - You're Projecting 02:45

9 Post-show Yak 10:52
Philo, Faux, Fidd and Peas. Podcast vs. broadcast. Night Flight is back and has SubGenius video! OPening liquid frop and squeezing out the baby weiners. Stang's new doctors and Obamacare. Obama's paying most of Stang's insurance. The STUPID DEMOCRATS! How dare they pay for my insurance! Fight power with power by sending $35! PO Box. Salute "Bob" or he'll torture us. Cover yourself with feces and praise "Bob"! The Soviet Chimps, great band, saw 'em in high school and got poo flung on me. Dave got his poo signed; they sign with poo on poo. Wei is disgustipated. It's performance art. Flushing the show down.

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