Hour of Slack #1660 - Hour of Slack Classics

59:35 broadcast; Internet version is 78:06

This is like the rerunniest show we ever done run! It was assembled around 2002 like a Frankenstein's monster from our favorite clips, extracted with great care out of the vast hoard of universally favorite SubGenius albums and tapes made since 1980. This one truly preserves, like flies in amber, the old-timers of the Church at their ostensible best in the first two decades of our mighty radio outreach -- before the brain damages and rheumatism set in. It's so dense that we shall just post the log here, below.

(NOTE: The broadcast version is only one hour long and has no cussing; this Internet version is almost 80 minutes!)

1. "The Bobacatto"—Rev. Mark Mothersbaugh / Hour of Slack Intro
Stang & G.G. Gordon: Show take off, crash
Dr. Howll Ritual Legal Open from KPFA show
"Subconscious message"

2. Time to be manipulated /Swaggart: Dead preachers preaching dead sermons
Moment of Noise (Stang at XX-Day) / The Sound itself has a stink to it!

(Stang 2018 intro)

3. MTV/SubGenius ad soundtrack

4. "Praise "Bob"" -- The Walk-Ins
Bob Tilton Dear Bob clip w/ DK Jones music
NPR "All Things Considered" SubG report
Buck Naked on "Bob," Mark Mothersbaugh, Janor "Mind in a Jar"
Hal Robins on KPFA: 1998, Yetis to Overmen

5. Stang and ESO: "No X-Day? We're Fanatics!"

6. Hal "We're a Fun Crowd" KPFA
INTRO BARRAGE (Stang and Rev. Bleepo Abernathy) "R U ABNORMAL7"
KPFA Hal "A liar, a SubGenius"

7. Bill T. Miller/Kings of Feedback: "Normal"

8. IntroBarrage con't: "Bob" Is a Way of Life to Millions, "New Destiny," "Fool Normals," "Here's My Money"

9. Sister Melodious Chopps: "My Wallet Belongs to "Bob""

10. Stang: Bhoddhisatva Dobbs rant
D.Lee Lama- "Bob" Will Protect You"

11. INTRO BARRAGE: "Wise Up! Find Out Who THEY Are"

12. "It's Not Just The..." -- G.Gordon Gordon in Greenhelle, Bolivia

13. Intro Barrage "Bob" is a Sex God" / KPFA/ Short Duration Wedding (Stang & ESO from Pufferdome Devival 99)

14. Intro Barrage: 'This New Church Air' / There's a Chaplain

15. "BOB's" Cosmic Rant from Book: Stang

16. "Dread Dobbs" -- Lost Souls Inc.

17. Now to Continue / Closing Moments / "THE B-OB"
"All Things Considered" on Church -- Pope Meyer, "Pay to Know What You Really Think," "Pull the Wool" / God Still Speaks /Philo Drummond "Don't Care"/Meyer "Crawl With Pride"

18. John Wayne: "Bible Beater"
Stang "Watch Out for Ol' Bobby"
New Hurricane Bob lines
"B.O.B." music by Onan Canobite
The Church's Divine RULES - Too much! - Pope David N. Meyer
"Fuck 'Em" Pope Meyer at Metro, Chicago: THE RULES
"Blowhole Sex Healing" Meyer at KPFA, Stang & Meyer: ""Slack is enough food," "If You Act Like a Dumbshit"

19. Stang and ESO at XX-Day: "Sex Day"

20. Then he said "Arise"!Stang ARISE narration on "Slack Undefinable"
MB 12 Slack conference w/ GGG, Buck Naked, Stang, Poonflang
What takes away your slack? - Pope of AAll New York David N. Meyer
Puzzling Evidence LIFE SUCKS/Rod Serling
Meyer & Stang on Conspiracy, No Typical SubG/ Rules R 4 the Fools

21. "Us and All Our Friends Are So Fucked Up" -- Einstein's Secret orchestra, Pufferdome (Starwood festival, 1999)

"Right, "Bob?' -- Buck Naked on Origin of Church: Kids Cutting Up in Church
KPFA: Gary G'broagfran on This Horrible World
"Conspiracy Song" -- Dr. Ahmed Fishmonger

23. Cleve Duncan "I AM A SUBGENIUS" RANT w/ DK Jones music

24. "Build Your Own Ship" -- Stang & ESO, XX-Day 99

25. "Praise Bob" The Walk-Ins
SMARMY PO BOX by DK Jones / Dry Heaves

26. Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Stang on "SubGenius Hell" at Starwood 99

27. "God Might Die" -- Stang, ESO

28. G. Gordon: Pull Wool Over Our Own Eyes... How We're Being Screwed

29. Stang, ESO XX-Day 99 End Rant

30. "You Can Be Deprogrammed" -- Pope Sternodox, Janor Hypercleats

31. "Grassy Knoll Wacky Zanos" -- Puzzling Evidence

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1 1-01Title.aif 02:20
2 1-03aMomentOfNoise.aif 00:48
3 1-04a-Stang 2018 intro 01:40
4 1-04SubGeniusAd2.aif 01:02
5 1-05aPraiseBob.aif 02:12
6 1-05bXXNoX-Day.aif 01:21
7 1-05c-RUAbnormal.aif 01:57
8 1-05dNormalBTM.aiff 04:16
9 1-06aIntroBarrage.aif 02:58
10 1-06bMyWalletBelongs2Bob.aif 03:26
11 1-06cBoddhisatvaProtect.aif 01:47
12 1-07WiseUp.aif 01:14
13 1-08NotJustThe.aif 02:57
14 1-09aWedding.aiff 05:00
15 1-09bChurchAir.aif 02:27
16 1-10aStangBobby.aif 00:47
17 1-11aDreadDobbs.aif 01:59
18 1-12TheBob.aif 02:39
19 2-1aChurchRules.aif 03:48
20 2-1bXXSexDay.aif 02:11
21 2-2aSlack.aif 03:18
22 2-2bPufUsAllFriends.aiff 04:15
23 2-3Themapods.aif 01:30
24 2-4aCleve.aif 03:29
25 2-4bXXBuildSHip.aif 02:02
26 2-5POBox.aif 01:41
27 2-6aPufSubGenius Hell.aiff 01:51
28 2-6bXXGodMightDie.aif 01:49
29 2-6cGordon.aif 03:41
30 2-6dXXEnd 01:44
31 2-8Deprogrammed.aif 01:13
32 2-9GrassyKnoll.aif 01:54
33 2-7Harvest.aif 02:35

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