Hour of Slack #1667 -"He Might Have Peed While We Weren't Looking"

LIVE 2018-03-25


One excellent section of this episode is the beautifully written "SubGenius Science: Unified Theory of Slack" by Joshua Scott Hotchkin, which Stang reads even though he disagrees with almost every sentence. There's a wonderful new instrumental by The Bishop called "Onward Slackful Soldiers," and NEW PR Gnus! The rest is a Lonesome Cowboy Dave call-in that dashes all over the harsh terrain, ruining the pads on its paws, later making it painful to get to the Soiling Area where the show can urinate. Yes, it's a fairly weird episode.

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1 Xposed 4Heads - Slack It Bumper4 00:21
2 The Bishop-KevinCovery -- Onward Slackful Soldiers 03:44
3 LeMur - PR_Gnus 1932 00:51
4 Credits 00:51

5 Stang reads "SubGenius Science: Unified Theory of Slack" by Joshua Scott Hotchkin 06:35

6 Live 2018-03-25 11:42
Dave on phone. Are You Shpongled? The theme of this show: "He Might Have Peed While We Weren't Looking". The Mighty Time of PeE doctrine. Stinky spam on the air with ubercheese. Spam in the email. Shpongle. Stang having trouble following conversation. Buddy heard in background chewing; Buddy the guard dog injured himself running too far and too long across Stang Ranch area, hurt his paw pads. Dave's horrible grandpa reverse psychology story. The injured Buddy has not peed all day THAT WE KNOW OF. Ways to help him pee. Which can you go without doing longest, eating or peeing? Dave is making sense in a Lonesome Cowboy Dave way. Detailed proofreading letter from devoted Neighborworld fan. Description of Of Oz the Wizard by Matt Bucy on Vimeo, alphabetically arranged version of the classic movie.

7 Excerpts from "Of Oz the Wizard" by Matt Bucy 01:07

8 Live 34:20
Stang discusses Obsessive Compulsive Superpower. /confused bit, cinnabun, the grandpirate vampire,/ Buddy wants to go PeE!Wei takes him. Dave on Buddy peeing. Buddy is the bloodthirsty opposite of "Bob." Rudy Schwartz Project-related dog "almost eaten" by coyote! It's risky to let a dog be a real dog - feral redneck cops - but do we want to deny this hunting dog his Slack? Pappy had a dozen dogs that ran loose... some died... most did okay. Skunks and Mexican-made Dawn Dishwashing Liquid, which also makes the best soap for blowing bubbles as per The Naked Bubble Man of Starwood. Can't use a Mexican maid or any other because they'd be taking my job. I'm a self-maid man. Stang is independent except for Wei's artistic ommelettes. Don't wanna talk about religion on this religion show. X-Day prophecy in a nutshell. The problem with string theory version of Slack. Just taking their word for it. Posing naked while blowing bubbles. Stang is wearing no pants and just a French maid outfit. Does that change the way you think of me? If I'm sitting here naked? The Take Away Our Guns March. Princess Wei is always nude when she does the show. BUDDY HAS PEED! Stang got in his first argument with the ubiquitous BIG red wasps and got stung. Left his stinger in Stang. They rip their asses off just like the government! The H. Ross Perot government! (--would have been better!) The Perot Museum in Dallas and the fracking exhibit. The Texas Memorial Museum at U.T. sexiest-ever collection of Texas marine fossils. The boringness and ironic smallness of Texas fossils and deer. Small life forms are monsters too! Stang's bad thumb makes him masturbate like a girl, Dave like a baseball pitcher. This is a religious show! "Bob" is buddies with the Old and New Gods. The vast differences between Trump and "Bob" -- "Bob" smiles and projects Slack while Trump projects no true Slack at all. "Bob" for World Overlord! The "I Voted for "Bob"" button. Blame is what makes religions. Perfect Pipe Placement and hard Ps with the time of Peas. THANKS PEAS! IT is all about him... Stang on Penn Jillette and upcoming trip to Las Vegas. That show BullSHIT. On college radio you can't cuss but you have to talk about Karl Marx in every class. Dave's college Hemphstra. Dave traffics in Alternative Facts. Evrything is fake facts vs. Science is True and rant by a SubGenius about that. Stang is hooked on Objective Realism. - Unknown Caller interrupts show! Stang not on the phone much; Stang is completely deaf. How Dave deals with spam callers. Starting to end show. It's almost like Subs can't stick to a schedule. The Time of PeE schedule. The Euclid Tavern men's room. All our bands played there. But Howard the Duck was shot in Sacramento as FAKE CLEVELAND! Whereas Marvel shoots NYC and Wash DC street battle scenes in Cleveland. For DC they have to remove buildings because the Washington Monument has to be the biggest DICK. Sudden end of show

9 End Ad Rant 06:51

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