Hour of Slack #1677 - You Can Kiss My Two Big Trumps


This one is a "normal" 2018-style Hour of Slack (HA HA) recorded "live" at Stang Ranch with Lonesome Cowboy Dave calling in. It also has your normal songs by The Rudy Schwartz Project and Bob Walkenhorst, your normal audio collages that Cool Hand Chris sent in, your normal LeMur cuts, and Stang reading a rant by somebody younger (in this case, Rev. Eddie Romanov). In the live part, Dr. G. Gordon Gordon reviews Dave's novel "Neighborworld" and Stang reviews John Shirley's excellent (and opposite!) books "The Other End" (an enlightened and inspirational answer to the Left Behind series) and "In Extremis" (an anthology of his sickest short stories). Also: The coming civil war and The Good Old Days; time machine problems; deadly vermin of Stang Ranch; and the story of "Bob" Dobbs vs. the chem toilets.

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1 Lemur: HOS Intro #916 - Eleven 11, Wonders 00:57
2 Lemur: PR Gnus #1925 00:29
3 Lemur Cred 00:10
4 The Rudy Schwartz Project - Moammars Tractor 02:15
5 Cred RSP-intro 00:21
6 Stang Reads Eddie Romanov's rant "Working Def of SubG" 03:39
7 Cool Hand Chris Track 09 04:56
8 Credit Cool hand Chris 00:17

9 Live Rant + Dave 40:10
Dave can hold his nuts - he's nuts! Look at my two big Trumps. GGG's review of Neighborworld. GGG moved to Portugal and got great healthcare. Dave knows others wanting to leave for Portugal, other countries, due to cheaper and more Slack. Portugese, Spanish, Italian, French and how easy they can get you into trouble if you don't really know any of them. If we were rough brigand revolutionaries. X-Day is coming but we're stuck in Texas. WeiMawMaw fell, and Buddy had paw surgery for a Dobbshead that had to be removed. Buddy in the post-surgery Punishment Cone. Stang whines about all his woes and needs -- must sell The Slackermansion! World ends July 5 yet Stang will pay off bills as reverse nobility spite. Not everybody gets to grow up to be a SubGenius. Coming civil war between haves and have-nots. Gun control back in the day -- every kid had a rifle and shot squirrels and ate 'em! Didn't hate women or classmates as much. (Hated black people.) "The Good Old Days." Dave the medicine man of the indigenous nation of him: the elder and the trainee. The Good Old Days when you could just get water free. When it was under 130 in the shade. Reached 100 degrees at Stang Ranch, successful test of DobbShed Climate Control System. ( Texas 100 degrees, the DobbShed Climate Control experiments; will leave; 80 degrees for the archives, 100 degrees -- gotta sell Cleveland House!! Soliciting the Cleveland House.) Dave saving up vegetables that haunt you. Carrot is one-celled critter and can be used to build a Time Machine. Stang's theory of Time Travel spacial problem - dislocating from Earth if you detach from time. Earth and Sun are moving far every second, plus rotation, etc. Everything's traveling so how do you attach your time machine to something? Light waves as wave furniture. "Bob" on Time Comtrol: Patience. What about Magic? Need patients for Time Control - you sacrifice enough of them and you travel forward in time. But you AGE. And it takes just as long. Stang feeling his age. J.R. "Bud" Dogg. Stang's limited diet - one bite only. X-Day's coming. What if this is the last X-Day? Stang's on Medicare and maybe he'll die and who would do it and maybe I should go? The indecisive would=be X-Day attendee. The "Left Behind" series and John Shirley's counter-novel "THE OTHER END" -- detailed description of John's book -- contrasts with his anthology of short stories, IN EXTREMIS, that are just the opposite: sick, twisted, extremely dark. Dave tries to describe Neighborworld as Stang leaves the studio to get the John Shirley books so he can give their proper titles. THE OTHER END (send-up of Left Behind) and IN EXTREMIS (sick short stories), two EXTREMELY opposite books. Stang's review of Neighborworld. Tarantulas in Stang Ranch and Global Swarming. Princess Wei's encounters with rattlesnakes while Stang was gone. Stang needs a gun that shoots knives. Snakes all have a place in God's creation. The Coral Snake Poem. Stang's corn snake. The human-derived end of the ecosystem -- try explaining that to poebuckers! How long it takes to replace animals niches after a cataclysm. Stang has to end show. Hal will be at Starwood and X-Day. All Texas preachers wanting people to pray them a fourth airplane. Jesus vs the money changers, "Bob" vs. the chem toilets. End of show.

10 Cool Hand Chris mix - woman griping about men 04:55
11 Bob Walkenhorst - Just Leaving 02:13
12 Walkenforst intro 00:07

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