Hour of Slack #1692 - God Must Be a Cowboy

60:03 (Radio: 59:00)


A classic from March, 1991 (#275, on cassette) crossed with a 2003 WCSB show (#887) featuring some amazing off-the-cuff improvisations in song and word from a 2003 ESO Swamp Radio show (Prof. Chas Smith, Lonesome Cowboy Dave, Rev. Stang, Princess Wei). That ancient cassette also happened to have GREAT Desert Storm riffs by Puzzling Evidence, Dr. Howl, Gary G'broagfran and Papa Joe Mama. Like all that 1991 stuff, as long as Dan Quayle isn't mentioned, it's perfectly timely! The war never having ended, apparently. Reruns are not actually that easy to do, since they almost always have numerous embarrassing moments that must be replaced according to strict SubGenius rules of Hot-Swappable Prophecy.

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1 HoSlack 275a- "Moby Dick / KPFA collage, Old Title 03:10
2 MTV-SubG Commercial soundtrack (new transfer) 01:00
3 Stang's INTRO to show 01:41
4 Puzzling Evidence KPFA (HoS 275b) - "War and Budro Beer" 01:41
5 Talk Show w/ Iraqi Hate Call 01:03
6 Puzzling Evidence KPFA (HoS 275d) - "Papa Joe War Scramble" 03:38
7 ESO Radio 4-18-03 - "Green Berets Teat of Horror" 02:08
8 Puzzling Evidence KPFA (HoS 275d) - "Gary G'Broagfran Kills Jesus 02:08
9 Dad's New Slacks Show, WPMG - Rev. Rogue, SubSoldier 02:11
10 ESO Radio 4-25-03 - "God Must Be A Cowboy" w/ Dave, Stang rants 05:53
11 ESO Radio 4-25-03 - "NO!" song, "30 Dollars - 30 Days" 10:02
12 Puzzling Evidence KPFA (HoS 275i) - "War Leprechauns"/Dad's New Slacks: "Bob" and SubGenius Military 06:53
13 Puzzling Evidence KPFA (HoS 275k) - "Hippie War Freak" 01:00
14 ESO Radio 4-25-03 - "Wake Me Shake Me" X-Day 02:21
15 Stang at Winterstar '03 - "Death of The End Times" 04:11
16 HoSlack 275a- "Moby Dick GodBob Collage" 00:43
17 "I don't Hear God Laughing" 00:15
18 ESO Radio 4-25-03 - "God Hurts; Parakkeet Voices" 02:24
19 Chaz Smith: "Every Now and Then" 02:46
20 Bleepo on "Bob" 00:23
21 ESO Radio 4-25-03 - "Cow God X-Day End!" 03:46

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