Hour of Slack #1698 - Heaven and Hell, Uncut, from Revelation X First Draft

59:39 or 1:05:09

This is a rerun from 1993 of Episode #414, when Stang got caught with his pants down without special prepared radio-ready edits, at the station KNON in Dallas... so, between music cuts, he read long stretches of the uncut, first draft version of the Hell chapter from the second SubGenius bible, Revelation X. Much of this revelatory material about the Afterlives and Beforelives was subsequently cut from the chapter for security reasons, so this is the first time that those early basic censored holy SubGenius tenets have been re-revealed in 25 years. This is an especially appropriate old show, because so many of us have been dying lately.

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From 1993: Squeaky Chair Show Intro
From 2018: Stang's explanation for this particular rerun and Hate of Diseases rant.
1993: Stang explanation of work running late on the book Revelation X and impending deadline in thirty days.

THE RAINMAKERS - "Thirty Days"

Stang reads from uncut Hell chapter of Revelation X, which got cut by half, so there's much previously secret or ignored doctrine here. Background music by Jay Condom on album "Zombo FropLand." Starts with Big Quotes, then the rant on death and life and afterlife and beforelife. OBE experiences! WOULD YOU BE READY? The Meat Shell and legends of the Afterlife. The Christian Hell and Heaven.

"THE JUDGEMENT" excerpt -- radio theater play from some church in Oklahoma, depicting the Day of Judgment as soul after soul are judged -- after being forced to hear reel-to-reel tape recordings of their sins in life.

Stang reads from uncut manuscript about the SubGenius Hell compared to the Christian Hell. Scary Satan rant. Constant upgrades of Hell; circles of Hell.

THE FUNKY BARDOS -- Ohio performance group's version of The Book of the Dead.

Stang reads of West Heck, sex in Hell, the Shit Tick Hell.


DEVO - "Patterns"

Stang reads of "Bob" in Hell, his many escapes and reincarnations. No escape from heaven. The boring Christian Heaven vs. the great SubGenius Heaven.

THE RAINMAKERS - "Wages of Sin"

Stang reads Revelation X censored sections about the cannibalism of souls, excerpts from Kyle Griffith's "War In Heaven."

"THE JUDGMENT" continued

Stang/DK Jones SubGenius Hell improvs, DK Jones old PO Box blurb, "Real Bad Show," the Tevis line of fine men's undergarments.

"The Beat" by...? (cain't remember and there's no paper log from that century)

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