Hour of Slack #1710 - In Search of The Fountain of Age with Bleepo and Philo


Lonesome Cowboy Dave called in sick, so Stang called in Doktors: Dr. Philo Drummond (co-SubFounder of the Church, OverMan First Degree), and Rev. Bleepo Abernathy, radio professional and character actor. The show starts with one ancient song by each, and then it's another of those "two old guys talking" shows, except it's three old guys with Captain Beefheart instrumentals in the background. We had technical problems at first, about one third of which is included in this edit, but then settled on a merged-call system that worked (FaceTime Audio). So we'll know what to do next time... Meanwhile this might be one of those episodes that makes some listeners yearn for more reruns from the lively barrage shows of the '90s. For those who happen to be greedy for Church Secrets and Church history, however, this one is a treasure trove. Admittedly, it's not so much a Fountain of Youth as a Fountain of Age. (Hey, there's a TITLE!) As always the episode is framed by LeMur tracks, which are somewhat like raccoon footprints, but louder and more exotic.

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1 LeMur - HOS_Intro887 00:36
2 Rev. Bleepo Abernathy - Frop Without Slack 01:51
3 The Swinging Love Corpses - Save the Universe EXCERPT 01:30
4 BLEEPO ABERNATHY and PHILO DRUMMOND on Tarzan's Radio Station, Jan. 13 "2019," Part I 54:08
Stang intro- Beefheart instrumentals - Philo and Stang on futzing and set-up - "better" = Path of Least resistance - merge Bleepo -- Beefheart - futzing, could cut ~6 min-7~ Is everybody named Philo, Bleepo, Sterno, Onano, Nenslo? Technical probs. Running my mouth, my phone ((cuts)) -talking all at once except for the ones eating. "Feed your head" - the dormouse didn't really say that. Rock stars channel Victorian authors. Mark Twain and The Eagles. "Merge is bad - try Facetime Audio. 12:40 - Old School SHIT - Can we say Cow Hockey? - We're Radio Pros! "Mary Magdalen had a really nice ASS." (13:22) "The donkey had his way with Mary Magdalen in front of a big crowd." When Jesus and Mags escaped to Southern France - I know several Merivingians. (Stang is really a Romanov.) DNA tests -- Stang and Philo both 4% Neanderthal. 15: STRUGGLE the Szukalski documentary - Stang describes Szukalski, great artist but crackpot scientist - Dallas Fantasy Fairs - How little power it takes to corrupt a human! They get so worked up over things that don't even exist! The word "Bobbies" like "sheeple" -- only Bobbies and sheeple call others those names. Origin of Bleepo, Stang, Philo names. Philo's skill at making up names; Stang practiced until he could to. The Lists we came up with. The influence of Evil Clowns. Will "Bob" kill us for being too blunt and plain? Not Bleepo, he has the Certificate. Our enemies, and the federal agencies listening to us. The phone company spies on everyone for the government, and Philo helped!The words "frop" and "trigger" trigger the robots. Bleepo is friends with Beefheart's drummer. Chuck McCann and Bleepo. Media Barrage inspirators: THE PROJECTIONIST, HEAD, and FRACTURED FLICKERS... J MEN FOREVER by Firesign Theatre. "Green Boi Official" -- great collage job, look for it on YouTube. Takes old footage and adds contemporary actors and dialog to it. Stang's conversation with a Robo-Jack Webb at Burning Man. Philo and K-Rob, able tp instantly pull up audio clips off Net. "Dragnet Soundboard." Philo posting old Puzzling Evidence shows. Philo's SubGenius ROKU channel! - with Bulldada Movie of the Wek, Joe Riley's THE HYPNOTIC EYE series, all the SubG videos old and new plus Ministry of Slack. And on vimeo/philodrummond...
Stang explains Bleepo's career. Dr. Hal was at Starwood, we got donation so he'll be at next X-Day! Gotta keep the donators secret! Bleepo intro continued. Problems of getting cast in Hollywood or even pizza delivery work. Bleepo worked on SOLVER, first feature by Stang's son Xandy Smith. Philo dragging a corpse around in the background. Bleepo surrounded by movie stars, Philo and Stang in isolation. Philo to grow hemp in Kentucky. More Republicans smoking pot. Frop is the FAVORABLE slippery slope. Frop is not a gateway drug but more of a BRIDGE. .. to Dokstok Mountain. Philo has a knob. Stang's (broken) TEAC 4-track just displayed to look cool. Bleepo's best reels of tape got ruined by neighbors flooding everything. But STANG has them! Vertical Helical Scan. Xandy is Stang's 40-year-old son. Stang had a beer gut but then a heart attack. "Well ya finally gave up, huh son?" Stang explains how much Stang would never have klnown without Philo. Philo knew "Bob" before anybody! How Philo got Stang on the Internet, pre-WWW. AOL, comcast etc. -- Freenet, Usenet, The reams of paper with unedited alt.slack. There were only four people on the Internet. When video replaced film and Net replaced video. Philo was early adapter yet non-nerd. Stang thanks Philo.

5 LeMur - Bob_Drum_Loop3 00:11
6 LeMur - PR Gnus #2008 00:21
7 LeMur - Quaaludelung_2 00:28
8 New Pastiche URL-PO box 00:28

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